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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sounds/Smell, Lawn -- Crape Myrtles

Driving through our town this morning gave every indication of a holiday. There were tons of tourists wandering the streets, going to the plaza for the Art Show and generally enjoying what is considered the "last" holiday weekend of the summer . . .

I remember growing up that the adults in my life did in fact look forward to taking the day off AND to Labor Day itself -- for a variety of reasons, the main one being that "us kids" were going back to school. Going back to school always was the day after Labor Day for me. Today of course, schools in our town have already been in session for a couple of weeks.

Being retired for the last several years means partially that one day blends into the other and so "to take the day off" doesn't have the same impact that it used to. For our ancestors beginning in the 1880s and becoming a Federal Holiday in the 1890s,  Labor Day has meant a lot.

I know that for some of the women in our family tree, Labor Day meant the end of the season to wear white clothing and included some pastel colors as well.  Today, especially here in California that notion really sounds archaic.

For us football fans, Labor Day marks the end of pre-season football and we look with great anticipation to the Thursday game (after Labor Day) for the official start of the season. I have to say though that I enjoyed the final pre-season game . . .

Taking the day off has not totally hit our neighborhood -- the unmistakable sounds of a lawn mower permeate the air as does the beautiful smell of freshly mowed lawn. I can remember 50 years ago experiencing the same sounds & smells and the really nice feeling that it was "someone" else doing the doing, and so it is today.

We are still going back and forth between two houses. Today we checked out our garden at the old house -- the tomatoes are really starting to ripen now. And the squash and zucchini are doing really well, plus we have one pumpkin that may or may not be ready for Halloween.

Just beneath the yellow squash is a large zucchini ready to be picked and turned into bread or biscuits. The squash we saute along with onions and a little garlic. We'll miss that garden -- but we have plans for a new one.

One tree that we did not have while growing up in the Midwest was the Crape Myrtle (or Crepe Myrtle). It is in evidence all throughout our town. From the window of my office I look out at one that is really beautiful and is a good example of how it looks in the evening sunlight.

The sun was hitting the top portion of the tree while the long shadows formed across the lawns and street.

Cousin Connection

I did communicate with a couple of cousins this week. Hopefully with the exchange of emails will come some family trivia or data that will help to break through some of the "brick walls" that have been looming for some time.

For me, it would really be a step forward if I knew from what country my direct paternal line originated. I do have knowledge of some of the maternal originating countries e.g. Sweden, Norway (my Dad's maternal line) and way way back -- thousands of years -- Africa . . .

And so it goes for another week. I wish you all a relaxing holiday weekend.

For us, we will enjoy a freshly made batch of sliders tonight . . .

See you in a few.

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