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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Storage Reduction Success -- Cousin Mailbag

Somewhere I heard that "it has been a busy week" and that is certainly the case here. When we obtained the two storage units we resolved that we would not keep them "forever" and this week unbelievably we swept out the second unit and are even getting a small refund . . . HOWEVER, now all the boxes that were so neatly stacked in the storage unit are stacked throughout the house . . . we are working on them.

We took our first walk to town last week and along the way we spotted a "photo-op". A couple of years ago amid much controversy our down-town local Post Office burnt to the ground. Within days the rubble was removed and an attractive fence placed around the perimeter. Since that time improvements to the property include the scene seen here:

We felt it worthy of publishing this view -- while it is an improvement over the previous structure we anticipate additional items for our walking and viewing pleasure to appear from time to time -- maybe even a new structure of some sort.

From the Cousin Mailbag

A few weeks ago I received the following pictures from our cousin Bruce (New Jersey). The pictures show their dog Mattie going for a ride with Rosa (Bruce's wife). Bruce claims that someone must have doctored the picture on the right . . . thanks for sending them:

Maybe Mattie has spotted some postal pics . . .

Meanwhile, back to the storage reduction program. We removed numerous banker's boxes from storage. Among them were twelve really heavy boxes -- all twelve were filled with cookbooks -- just cookbooks. Our dilemma is that we have room for about two boxes of cookbooks at the most.

We have spent a couple of days going through the books and deciding on which ones to keep. First we kept favorites and the ones we use "all of the time". Then we saved the ones that were signed by the authors and finally a few others that we were sure that we would be using "in the near future" . . .

But one of the fun things going through the books was to find one that held special memories for Gail. It is a collection of handwritten recipes put into a spiral bound edition including recipes from both her Mother, Myrtle, and her Grand Aunt Inez:

As you can see (click to enlarge) Gail's Mother had two recipes in there -- neither of which Gail can recall ever eating or even seeing them prepared.  Her Aunt Inez had a couple of bread type recipes as well. Needless to say -- this cookbook is a "keeper"!  We intend to try the "chop suey" . . .

Here is where these two recipe contributors fit into the family tree:

Major Genealogical Event

The countdown to the release of the 1940 Federal Census is getting closer. It takes 72 years from the original date of the census before the release of personal information. Aggregate information of course has been released -- but now (after April 2nd of next year) we will begin to see the personal information of many of our family members as they were in 1940:

I borrowed the above poster from the EOGN (Dick Eastman) blog -- thank you very much. But the release of the census will be exciting because two of my siblings should be listed along with numerous family members allowing us the snapshot of that period.

Try Explaining This

The "Cousin Connection" is confusing enough, but this week I was sent this -- rather simple -- path to identifying another of my here-to-fore not known relative. Chances are if you are reading this she is your relative as well. Let me know your "take" on this . . .

The above was sent to me from and clearly -- click on the chart -- you can see where you might fit in as well.

It is Saturday and again a beautiful day here -- we will be watching another Giant's game later this evening all while enjoying our favorite -- SLIDERS . . .

This was part of our week, see you all in a few.

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