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Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 -- What's New? Raining Dogs 'N' Cats

We've had a lot of rain this week so far, but according to the weather sources we will be getting about four more inches of rain here in the Healdsburg area this weekend.

We love it and the pool has been topped off again without the use of the faucet. Also some of the nights and mornings have been actually cold with ice forming a rink on the back deck.

Dino has to be teased and rewarded for making his "business trips" the last few days. Often he sits by the door (which is his signal that he needs out) and then just stares out back and only moves when nudged a bit. I can't blame him for that. I try to watch for a "break" in the weather and then hustle him out.

The Russian River in town is rising and will be up several feet this weekend -- there are some places that will reach flood levels. The town is offering sand which can be bagged for those in need. All of this rain translates to feet of snow in the higher elevations -- we'll skip the temptation to check it out.

This is where I am spending my available free time this week and the next several.

For a long time I have (in the back of my mind) wanted to do some writing about family history and this course I hope will facilitate that.

The class is made up of 30 some members and we "meet" via Facebook.

So far the other night I was awakened by swirling thoughts of growing up and other family interactions -- and "had to get up" and do some writing. I wrote for a couple of hours and paid for that the next day, having to catch up with a couple of naps.

I do look forward to making headway on the goals that we establish for ourselves and the interaction with the other class members and instructors.

I'll hopefully post something each week about the progress of this class.I have to keep the boots polished too . . .

Last week I wrote about houses -- Lisa & Bob's new house and then a view of the "painted ladies" in San Francisco.

This week I happened to catch a very depressing view of some houses that happen to be located in Detroit.

The four houses were captured via Google's street view and show the deterioration over the last few years. Unbelievable.

The neighborhood at the top looks very similar to the one where my maternal grandparents lived (in Chicago though).

What will the next series of pictures show . . .

One sad part of these photos is that for each house there is family somewhere that has memories invested in those houses which will soon be gone.

On a more positive note, there are some new and exciting things and discoveries going on in 2017:

How about a new organ -- not a Wurlitzer -- a real body organ. How could there be a "new" organ.

My first reaction to this depiction was -- these wings need a bit more BBQ sauce.

The organ has a name -- mesentery and is attached in the middle of our bodies performing a variety of functions.

But why weren't we told about this before now -- doctors have known about it for a long time. Apparently there may be a whole separate medical practice established (like there is for neurology)
and of course we'll be starting to be sent to these specialists . . .

Well, are there any other organ mysteries that we should be aware of . . .

Now here is some other very exciting news and one that I think is worthy of our attention:

How many times have you hungered for a pizza just when all the pizzerias are closed or you don't want to drive over to that distant location.

Now, coming soon maybe to your neighborhood will be a Pizza ATM -- when I heard of it I was sure that it had to be a joke --but no.

Xavier University was the first U.S. site for this ATM and has been very successful. Now there are applications in 20 or more additional states to get one of these devices.

The Pizza ATM makes a fresh pizza in about three minutes and comes out of the machine in a cardboard box, hot and ready to eat.

There are a variety of toppings available and the whole concept is unreal. I haven't heard of the price per pie -- but if the students at Xavier bought them -- it must be reasonable enough.

I'm guessing our town will not approve, for after all this is Healdsburg and this sort of thing would not be acceptable here unless they could figure out how to deliver local wines with the pie . . .

And lastly this week, while I feel the NFL (SF49ers in particular) has let us down I still have some interest in watching some of the playoff games. Here is the schedule for this season:

On the far left of the chart are the games this weekend for the AFC and on the far right are the games this weekend for the NFC.  We'll try to catch some of a couple of them . . .

As far as the San Francisco Forty-Niners are concerned, they have canned the head coach and the general manager just after their last season game -- now if they do not renew the contract for the quarterback, CK, things will look a little better.

That's a bit of our first week of this year. Happy New Year!  See you all "in a few" !

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