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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Beauty & The Poppy

Every year it is amazing that the transition from blandness in the garden to blooming color takes place so quickly.

At the beginning of this week when I took Dino out (each morning) I noticed the garden bed was a sea of green with the exception of ONE California Poppy.

By Friday of this week there were twenty some poppies:

For awhile though there was just the single flower. In the coming days there will be many many more. And there are some herb plants that will alternately find their way to the surface as well.

The weather this week has gone through ups and downs, with today being a bit of the down and cooler temperatures. Earlier this week we should have turned the a/c on but opted to enjoy the fresh breezes via the open windows and doors.

Yesterday we took advantage of the grayness to pick every lemon from our tree. We have several bags of beautiful lemons (we gave a couple of bags to neighbors) and the rest we are taking to the food bank.

Last post I mentioned some of the books that we had read recently and that we were going to start reading "The Stranger in My Genes" that night.

We did start that book and we found it to be an incredible story.

The author, Bill Griffeth is a current anchorman on CNBC and has written other books as well. But for me this one was so intriguing that I read well past our usual nighttime sessions and finished it this week.

Of course the book has to do with DNA and the amazing results that Bill received and for sure changed his life forever. I have submitted my DNA for testing to three different companies and have experienced nothing like what Bill did. Maybe I had better take another look . . .

We were so taken with that book, we ordered another similar sounding scenario book and that is "Finding Family" by Richard Hill. And we are part way through that one and are finding it to be as intriguing as the first book.

Both books detail the genealogical detective efforts that brings satisfaction to the authors and impacts them and their families mostly in positive ways, but at first it did not appear that that would be the case.

Since we read every night before drifting off we have enjoyed looking forward to each read, some more than others though. With the current two books I have looked forward to the reading session with a lot more anticipation -- and in view of that have pre-ordered a book due to be released the first week of April:  "The Foundling" by Paul Joseph Fronczak.  We hope that it too lives up to the same level of intrigue and interest as the others.

Sad news to report. This week while doing my usual searching for news about members of our family tree, I uncovered the obituary shown to the left.

Larry Hart was a shirt-tail relative in that we were not directly related, but related in a way.

Larry was the nephew of my 1st cousin Gale Hiles' wife, Vivian Hart.

Larry and I exchanged many emails over a few years and I will miss his insight on tree members and his "take" on life.

The Hart family was prominent in Wisconsin and many of that branch populate the Hiles Family Tree.

Larry lived in a variety of places and eventually wound up in Mississippi where his wife still lives.

I'm not sure how "breaking" it is but spring here in Northern California arrives officially on Monday the 20th of March.

We have been told that it will be a mixed weather week with more possible rain forecast. We like that, I'll hold off watering the lawn for a few days.

An amazing tree across the street has gone from buds to blossoms to almost completely leafed out in the last few days -- how much more spring-like can you get.

Next week I'm sure to have other spring-like results e.g. March Madness results.

Now, this IS more "breaking news" for me anyway. Amazon Prime is introducing "One-Day" and maybe even "Same-Day" service in our area.
Since I do order frequently from Amazon, this is very good news.

I use Amazon to fill in for many items that I used to buy on trips to the various stores within driving range. And sometimes I like to order "jit" or just in time as needed.

I also use "Google Express" to fill in for items that used to require a visit to a "brick & mortar" store.
These delivered products are examples of why we hear of so many store closings -- a bunch just this week. And Google Express almost always delivers your items the next day.

I'm sure enjoying having "WDYTYA" back on TV. It is of course on TLC on Sunday evening.

We of course record it and watch it when we want to.

This week features Jennifer Grey, the actress. And it looks to be another very interesting peek into a celebrity's family tree.

I watched a "sneak preview" of the show on Dick Eastman's blog.

And lastly,

I can not imagine having to do "that" (walking to the TV) ever again.

We do watch a fair amount of TV, it is our primary source of entertainment during the week.

The remote is an extremely valuable device. Along with the DVR it has revolutionized TV watching for us.

Growing up -- after we finally got a TV, we did have to walk up to the set and turn a "clunky" dial to change channels and adjust the sound as well with another button.

At one point (around 7th grade) we lived in an apartment while waiting for our house to be built. There were not enough bedrooms for everyone, so I had to sleep on the couch in the living room.

The TV was in the living room and after my parents went to bed, I would turn on the TV and watch some of the programs like, "I Led Three Lives" starring Herb Philbrick and others. The problem would be that if I wanted to change the channel, I had to ever-so-carefully ease the channel selector to the next channel because it would make a clunking noise and that would wake my father and that would put an end to TV watching for that night . . .

That is a bit of our week. See you all, "in a few"!

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