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Saturday, April 8, 2017

It's Baaack . . . Wintry Weather, For One

So, back came the rain, back came the cold and back came HHH (Healdsburg Heritage Hound). It is the "foreseeable future" now. Judging from the responses and the inquiries, most all readers of this blog connected the date of last week's post (April 1) to the substance and had it figured out. At least some of it anyway but also kept the options open.

Sorry about my attempt at levity, and it'll not happen again -- at least in the same form. So on we continue. The weather this week is just like winter. We've turned on the heat and the electric blankets for awhile. And then we have periods of sunshine with rain not far away from the forecast.

I do have to say though that the rainy conditions have spurred the dogwood trees to blossom handsomely this week -- not to mention the apple trees as well. I love the fact that I have not had to water the grass or plants so far this year. It would be nice if we could have rain every so often during the year -- like we used to get in the Midwest.

The trees are not the only blossoming going on though -- DNA and all the matches and coordinating reports are everywhere.

Daily, I receive notice that I (we) have new matches and new ways to deal with trying to figure out how these matches fit into our tree.

DNA advances keep coming and with more and more folks testing the results will continue to explode. I am overwhelmed with where and who to work with next. I have attended several DNA webinars so far this year with another scheduled on April 22.

As a matter of fact, on our nightstand right now we are reading a new book -- guess the topic -- a DNA related success story.

"The Foundling" by Paul Joseph Fronczak and Alex Tresniowski
is the true story of a baby who is kidnapped from his hospital nursery (1964) and two years later returned to the birth parents -- or so they thought . . .

We are just beginning the book so we do not know the details as yet -- but look forward to finding out.

The previous two books that we have read are also DNA success stories. So fascinating to follow the details of how DNA played a role in determining the facts and uncovering amazing events.

As far as I know, the facts of my DNA testing have not uncovered anything earth shattering like the above tales -- except that the test
has revealed that Gail and I are approximately 4th cousins -- but I have not been able (yet) to figure the connection point.

We have five beds in the house for Dino. He goes from room to room and tries each one at various times throughout the day -- but at night -- he sleeps in the bed, by our bed:

This is a special bed, designed for dogs to enjoy a dog-cave experience.

Dino, at bedtime, crawls into the bed and twists and turns to get it just right and then most of the time stays there until morning.

He is snuggled-in like a bug-in-a-rug. and he loves it. Gail helped train him to get used to it
by climbing in giving him a couple of treats and reassuring him that he was doing the right thing.

Now, I just prop up the top a bit before nighttime and he just crawls in . . .

Talk about spoiled -- I think back to the dogs we had growing up -- they had to make do with a couple of towels or an old piece of rug to curl up upon at night. They seemed happy too though.

What genealogically to look forward to this week on TV?

Last week's episode was exciting and I look forward to finding out about Smokey Robinson and his family on this week's show. It is too bad that there are so many commercials because in the U.S. we see about 40 minutes of program where in the U.K. they see a full hour of WDYTYA.

Never-the-less, I love the show and feel bad when the season is over for the year.

And lastly, another "thing" that is baaack is Major League Baseball. And so far we have watched at least part of each game that the Giants have played.

Way down to the bottom right hand corner you can see the Giant's ranking. Of the five games that they have played, they have been leading in each one seemingly on their way to a "win", but four of the five games went to the opponent. Meaning, the Giants have the poorest record in MLB.

But, that fact does not stop us from watching because we have the feeling that soon "things will turn around". And if they don't -- there is "always next year".

So, that is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

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