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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Okay, so we are almost one month into "spring" and I (we) are just thinking about cleaning. For some reason it just came to me that there are some areas of the house that need the attention of organization and a good "going through".

We are starting in the master bedroom closet -- the one that has shelves of items that we no longer have any idea of what is there. We carefully placed the items there when we moved in and have not addressed them -- until now.

There is some order to the items on the shelves, but we have already found several items that we did not know that we had and others that we have purchased duplicates of . . .

We would like the inside of this closet to eventually look as orderly as a garden flower box, maybe not ours but the ones that you find in magazines.

We may have overdone it a bit yesterday as we both were exhausted after an hour or so -- we now have a folding table filled with closet items that we have to "do something with". So that will begin again today . . .

I have to admit that part of the problem is my hobby -- that of working on family history some most of my free time . . .

So, while, sometimes my desk area could resemble the above to others, I generally know where everything is and I eventually "get to it".

After the master closet, I, we'll attack the office area . . . even though I do get it back to bare wood at times, there are a lot of things that have accumulated that I need to attend to -- I keep reminding myself of how "good" I'll feel once it is done.

It reminds me of the days of elementary school when on the last day you had to clean out the desk that you had been using all semester -- thank goodness for that little round hole in the bottom of the desk to push out remnants and crumbs.

Besides the obvious "piles" there still are boxes of what used to be piles and are now "neatly" stored in the garage -- this process never ends . . .

I did take a "break" on Friday of this week to participate in Legacy Family Tree's 500th presentation of a webinar.

The webinar was on Photo Restoration which is an activity that I enjoy doing. It was excellent and I learned a lot. There were also links to pursue other classes on the subject.

As part of the celebration of the 500th, Legacy Family Tree Webinars has granted free access this weekend to all 500 of the webinars. The webinars when viewed live are free and available for a few days afterwards -- then they are archived and available for a charge or with a membership.

So, it is a good time to view the huge library of webinars and select some to view -- and learn.

Then I'll be taking another break to watch a favorite show -- WDYTYA this Sunday evening.

This night they will be featuring some family history details of John Stamos. And as I have mentioned before -- to me I am interested in every person that they feature, maybe some more than others, but this one looks very interesting.

I know that I'll learn from the presentation something that will carry over to my own search. One thing that I notice on the show is that "physically" visiting the repositories seems to be a key for success.

I would love to have the resources to just "head off to wherever" and meet key genealogists who were working on my tree . . . I will keep trying to duplicate those trips, online . . .

Another reason I dislike the process of preparing
our taxes is that I feel so relieved after I "push the button" to file online that I look for things to do like "cleaning out closets" . . .

If you haven't finished your taxes -- normally today, the 15th would have been the deadline to file. But holidays in the DC area gave us all a

But, our return has already been accepted by both the feds and the state -- which was really faster than usual.

Income tax is either something I'm doing or dreading doing the whole year long.

I think I'm not alone in that . . .

And lastly -- we wish all a Happy Easter!  We have the obligatory
"B.A." ham (as Letterman used to refer to) and the most delicious dessert ever -- a lemon drenched sponge cake.

The lemons were from our tree, but transposed into something truly special by our neighbor to whom we gave a couple bags of lemons.

We tried out the dessert already (life is short, eat dessert first) and we think it just might be the best one ever!

So, that is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few" !

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