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Saturday, April 1, 2017


This weekend unbelievably has some weather extremes. While it is a beautiful, warm and sunny day here in Northern California, there are parts of the the NE that are blanketed in freshly fallen snow.

While it is not for certain, it is reported that there are thunder snow storms currently going on in the Northeastern part of the United States.

Thundersnow happens when there typically is lightning and thunder accompanying snowfall. A rare but certainly possible happening.

On the left are photos from Healdsburg (Plaza) and on the right is the weather map showing where the "thundersnow" is located.

Unfortunately, this week's post is one of mixed feelings. After 344 posts over the last almost nine years -- this will be the last post for the foreseeable future.

Too much is going on at the current time to devote time to the "Healdsburg Heritage Hound". We started this with our first post back on the 8th of October 2008.

We had no idea where the many posts would take us and how many tree folks we would uncover. But certainly in that time period we have gone from approximately three thousand folks in our tree to over fifteen thousand today.

We have included numerous stories and photos of a lot of "cousins" and even met other relatives due to responses to articles.

So, it goes almost without saying, I'll miss the opportunity to jot down some of the current week's happenings and discoveries and put them into a post.

I'll continue the "search" each week, just won't be reporting any of the findings. We'll continue watching genealogy shows like -- Who Do You Think You Are? -- And I'll be attending Webinars related to genealogy, DNA, and other family history topics.

That's a bit of our week -- see you all "in a few" !

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