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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Young Dogwoods, Dog & A Slivery Moon

It's here this week!  Summery weather for sure, high 70s to the low 90s, coming up and no sign of rain for the next several days. In the evening just after sunset, a low hanging sliver of a moon off in the western sky.

That's the good news . . . the other news is that it means that I'll have to test run the sprinklers and then put them on a regimen. Unlike the last two years when we could only water on Tuesday evening and on Friday evening, this year (with the drought over we think) we can again choose our schedule of watering.

The dogwoods (two of them) are flowering beautifully -- along with a couple of other plants. They are about the same age as Dino (5 1/2) and looking fine! These are the skies this morning and there is not a single cloud in the sky.

And the moon -- hopefully it will be hanging out back again later this evening -- is remarkable.

This is the 119th day of the year, about 32% has been used up in 2017. But for whatever reason, this marks a significant day in the Presidential term of DJT -- 100th day or about 7% of the first term.

To me, it will be most important to see what the remaining 1360 days bring during this term. There are so many concerns that have to be dealt with -- some more serious than others.

Donald Trump is officially the oldest person starting a first term Presidency. He already has served over three times as long as William Harrison did (who may be related to us).

I can only imagine the stress and pressure of having such an important job at his age. I am a few years older but would find it extremely difficult to keep such a schedule and such a high profile as he does. I get uptight when the scheduling of the DVR goes awry . . .

Legacy Family Trees Webinars presented two webinars this week, shown to  the left.

The first was about "land ownership maps". Very impressive presentation and useful as well. I just wish more of our ancestors could be found "owning land", so many were tenants.

The second webinar also was very fascinating in that it dealt with how to research criminal records -- not that folks in our tree would be involved . . .

I am sure that with some research we could uncover a few folks that fell outside the legal norms, but so far I have uncovered very little -- which is a good thing for sure.

Falling well within legal boundaries though this week would be a couple of activities that Gail (and I) have engaged in.

Gail especially has rekindled her interest in working puzzles and is engaged with that activity as I write.

The Liberty Puzzles that offer such beautiful wooden pieces are being constantly arranged so that they fit together in the likeness of the cover picture by Gail.

And every day, we play Quiddler in the late afternoon. It is such a quick paced game and a learning experience as well. We both use the dictionary on several of the hands. Gail continues to win a majority of the games -- but I have somewhat of an excuse as I am usually fixing dinner while we are playing . . .

Sadly, the finale show appeared last Monday -- but it was a great episode.

It was about Liv Tyler (Steven Tyler's daughter)

The facts and people that were uncovered in her family were amazing.

Even Steven was blown away by the discoveries. Very much fun to watch.

We hope that the show returns next year -- and we can hardly wait.

In the meantime, the search goes on. I have to say though that "spring cleaning" has gotten a bit into the scene as we have systematically attacked now two closets. Later today, we will be making a "Goodwill" run and I shutter to think as we move forward of the things that we will find . . .

And for that I'm thankful. Everyday, I work on some aspect of genealogy and am continually enthused and invigorated by this hobby . . .

That's a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

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