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Saturday, May 13, 2017

And It's Great Sleeping Weather Too !

This week the weather started out hot, but then went cool and especially at night. With the windows wide open and a little warmth from the electric blankets, conditions were great for sleeping, at night and even a late-afternoon nap.

The days have been mostly sunny and breezy and have nurtured the trees and plants all over our yard. There are even little apples appearing on the recently pruned apple trees. It looks like another bumper crop. The lemon tree though still just has blossoms -- but that will change.

The two left side pics show the newly produced apples, as they looked this morning. The rest are various flowering plants around the yard.

Over our fence, just beyond the apple tree, a little league game was going on earlier this morning.

The intermittent cheering can be heard mingling with the cheering from a second game on the other diamond.

We do hear cheering during the week as well when the youngsters are out for recess. That will end soon and it is amazing that this school year is almost over.

During this week one of the things that took up my "spare" time was searching in the old newspapers for articles -- Hiles articles mostly.

To the left is just some of the more than fifty or so tidbits of Hiles newsy items that I located this week.

Now the job is to deal with each one, i.e. filing each one and connecting each to the correct family members -- a fun, but time-consuming activity.

An early Mother's day gift arrived for Gail the other day and is pictured to the right.

It came from Aura who worked with Gail for many years and has remained a good friend over the years.

It is a Gardenia and will eventually have fragrant blossoms covering the foliage.

It will enjoy a prominent place for all to enjoy.

Speaking of baseball, this has to do with not over-our-fence baseball, but baseball "over-the-top".

Yikes ! For $4, a four-ounce serving of apparently delicious fried grasshoppers can be munched on while watching a Seattle Mariner's game . . .

What will they think of next -- I'd have a really hard time getting those down, I think.

I enjoy the traditional "Cracker Jack" or peanuts and this might call for a change in the lyrics of "Take Me out to the Ballgame" . . .

Since currently, the Giants are the losingest team in baseball, maybe besides shaking up the lineup they can make the snacking menu more crunchy.

Happy Mother's Day and the following fits my sentiments:

Well, that's a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

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