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Saturday, May 6, 2017

What's Up With Blue (& Gold) ?

Like a lot of folks, BLUE is a favorite color of mine. Back in 2009 a couple of scientists in Oregon discovered a new vibrant shade of blue. It seems to me that every shade of every color would have already been identified -- but no. YinMn is the scientific name assigned to it.

It has become commercially available in 2016 and now is beginning to appear more and more.

The pigment color is shown second from the left. It appears in the next photo as well. The Gold coins are a favorite design of many, including me. The "American Buffalo" one-ounce gold proof coin complements the new blue nicely -- unfortunately, I will settle for pictures of the coin to enjoy . . .

Now, I may be able to enjoy owning some of the "new blue" though. Crayola is replacing "Dandelion" with the new blue
soon so we can all enjoy it.

They are also holding a contest to name the new color. The winner to be announced in September of this year.

Continuing to speak of "blue", Kentucky is "The Bluegrass State" and while we do not have too many folks in the tree from Kentucky (we'll have to work on that), there is a lot to like about the blueness of the state. 

The music for one, I have always enjoyed "bluegrass" music. And then later this afternoon, about 3:45 California time is the 143rd running of the derby:

The "Kentucky Derby" has been running at Churchill Downs in Louisville since approximately 10 years after the Civil War. The TV coverage today goes on for hours -- the race takes about two minutes . . . we record it though and usually just watch a portion of the pre-race and then the race itself.

The Dog of the Week:    BLUE  Buttercup

This dog belongs to Lisa and Bob up Seattle way and they snapped her picture on their new "Oriental Rug".

The picture looks great as does Buttercup. Could there be treats involved?  That's the look that Dino gets when he hears the treat bag crinkling or the treat bowl cover . . .

While there is no blue in the photo, the shade of red looks great as does the complementing white of Buttercup.

Maybe the scientists are working on finding another red pigment, could happen.

So, the second webinar this week was about the brand new "9" version of Legacy Family Tree's genealogy program.

It offers a lot of new features and there is a learning curve to adjust to them. (Very nice Blue logo)

I spent some time investigating and look forward to utilizing the power of the features.

This webinar was on Friday, the Wednesday webinar I was lucky enough to win one of the door prizes that were offered -- a book entitled  "150 Years Later: Broken Ties Mended" an historical mystery solved encouraging a great family reunion . . . more about that later.

And lastly this week:

Costeaux French Bakery in town had a "drive-in" visitor. Fortunately for all, no one was injured.

There are seating tables right where that car entered and people nearby -- we have eaten and sat at that exact spot ourselves . . .

It just proves that "anything is possible" and in this case it was.

So, that is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few" !

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