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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Estival & Other Celebrations

Having to do with "things summer". And the collage does have summer in mind. We are either in the 4th or 5th day of summer, depending on how it is calculated. And, thank goodness for summer, maybe now we will get some respite from the heat . . .

Today is actually the coolest day in about five or six days of 100° heat -- and last Sunday, Father's Day was 111° in Healdsburg, a record going back over 100 years.

On the left, the thermometer shows a bit over 100°, I didn't catch the highest point -- too hot to venture outside. The other items are the center of a sunflower, a very appetizing summer salad of avocado and veggies and lastly images reminiscent of quiet times in rowboats on the lake.

And the other celebration?  Gail celebrates her 76th summer today. The 24th of June is also "midsummer day" celebrated in several countries around the world -- representing the halfway point in the planting and harvesting season.

Off to the right is Gail, surrounded by the gift stash that showed up today.

A few highlighted gifts are the Liberty large piece puzzle to be enjoyed after completing the current puzzle.

A couple of new books (thanks, Lisa & Bob) that really look interesting and may even "bump" and take precedence over our current read.

And -- take notice that the new "Vans" are already being proudly worn and lookin' good.

We are going to have a special dinner tonight as well and will be enjoying all of Gail's favorite Chinese food -- mine too.

Happy Birthday, Gail!

Now, a dilemma. Gail received the beautiful fruit basket pictured to the left.

Nice basket, nice varieties of fruit and some crackers, nuts, and cheese dip included.

It arrived securely shipped from Amazon in a nicely constructed, protective box advising that perishables were inside.

Instructions to the delivery person were to knock or ring the bell to advise.

What's missing?  The identity of the person(s) that sent it -- the Gift Card attached to the basket is a blank inside.

We called Amazon and they could not tell us who sent it (for privacy reasons of course). So, if anyone out there reading this post sent the basket, let us know so we can properly thank you.

Failing to identify the sender, we will first -- enjoy all the goodies and place the basket in a respectable viewing place and then refer to this as the "gift from the unknown" and then attribute it to maybe various folks as we think about them saying "maybe it was so-and-so" that sent the gift.

So, what is on our nightstand?

Currently, we are reading the book off to the right.

We are only into the first couple of years of the diary, about 1980. So we have a long way to go.

These are diary entries and some are more interesting than others. We assume that we will be able to picture and read about a maturing person over time.

I wish that I had kept a diary of my young trials and tribulations so that I could go back and refer to them if I dared.

As it is, I can only rely on a memory of "how things were" if I wanted to write about them.

It may be just me reading this on my own time as Gail, so far is questioning the book . . . we'll see.

There was a webinar this week that I started viewing and then because of appointments I had to miss it--but it is recorded and I will be able to revisit it.

It is put on by a couple of well-known folks in the genealogy world and the subject is definitely interesting to me.

I pretty much have given up on trying to plan a physical family reunion -- but a virtual reunion sounds doable.

So, in the next coming days, I plan to watch this webinar to "get-the-skinny".

 The "script" letter "B" is to remind me that this week I have continued
my searching in the Bumgardner branch.

It is always interesting to me how names are so often spelled in a variety of ways -- even within the same family.

Many times it is reported that a family spells their name a certain way and then it is reported that the offspring spell it differently.

An example is "Bum vs Baum" and  . . . gardner vs garner.

I have the same dilemma with "Gillett" and "Gillette". Many times I just have to ignore those spelling differences because the families "fit" even though the spelling does not.

That is a bit of our week -- again, happy birthday to my wife, Gail !  See you all "in a few".

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