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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dog Days of Summer -- Just Saying . . .

No other way to describe the last week or so here in Healdsburg as to the weather . . . dog days. Currently, it has been hot and muggy. Muggy is not something we have a lot and it is reminiscent of the August days in the Midwest.

But the lavender is out in abundance and along with that the ever industrious bee population, which we love to see. I suppose we could harvest some and use some throughout the year, but we don't ever seem to get around to doing that.

 Speaking of the "Dog Days" here are a few photos of our parents holding their dogs of the day:

I seem to remember Beau-Beau (3rd pic) and maybe the pup my mother is holding, but the names of the dogs that Gail's folks are holding -- I'll have to check with her to see if she recalls them . . . it seems to me I have heard "Scrubby & Doc" but I am not sure.

I Remember . . . growing up, school usually got out around 3:20 or so and I would walk home in a hurry to maybe catch the last few innings of the "Cubs" game on Channel 9 (WGN) in Chicago.                                                                                                                   The Cubs in those days only played day games due to the fact that Wrigley Field had no lights. My mother usually had the game on and might have been ironing or preparing dinner. But we would watch the last inning or so and enjoy the game -- and if I was lucky the game would go into extra innings.

The Cubs are coming to San Francisco next week -- who should I root for ...? Not a hard choice -- I'll root for the team that plays the best and/or the team that still has a chance of getting into the playoffs.

If you are out and about (in the Ozarks area . . .) you can check out "bargains galore64" started by Linda & Frank Hiles -- not known if they are relatives -- but who doesn't love bargains.

So, it is next Thursday through Sunday along miles and miles of route 64. I can't imagine a "store" that big.  Leave it to those Hiles to create the world's almost longest shop.

And the big news in the genealogical world is that My Heritage purchased Legacy Family Tree this week. Legacy is the site that produces the many webinars that I watch almost every week.

Supposedly there will be enhanced features available for upcoming webinars and a host of other new things made available with the deeper pockets of My Heritage -- we'll look forward to that.

They did offer a promotion of "half-off" the yearly subscription price during this weekend -- so I did take advantage of that . . .


While watching "Jeopardy" the other night we heard a contestant mention that she was a volunteer for an organization that asks genealogists to aid in searching for the next of kin for folks that pass away with no known relatives.

Since I really enjoy the "search" part of genealogy I checked out the group and I chose to volunteer as well -- I'm just getting my feet wet with the process but hopefully, it will be a mutually beneficial endeavor -- I'll report about that in a future post.

And lastly, I have continued the search this week on a variety of branches from the tree and have made headway into cleaning up the files in both Family Tree Maker (2017) and in RootsMagic 7.

And we are happy that it is a "never ending search" . . .

That is a bit of our week, see you all "in a few"!

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