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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Beautiful Outside -- Today

Today is gorgeous outside, clear, sunny, bright and balmy. But tomorrow is supposed to be another story again. The prediction is three or four days of storms next week. So we are just going to enjoy the moment.

Monday, happens to be Presidents Day, the 20th of February. We celebrate traditionally George Washington's Birthday (22nd) and also Abraham Lincoln's birthday (12th).

Additionally, Presidents Day can be a celebration of any of the people who have been the president of the United States.

It is a nice holiday requiring no gifting or the sending of cards or anything. A chance to pause and think about those presidents.

February 20th happens also to be my mother's birthday or what
would have been her 107th birthday.

She is pictured off to the right in about 1930 when she was about eighteen or nineteen years old.

I believe that at the time of the picture she was in nurses training in Chicago and as yet unmarried.

I will be writing more of her story in coming posts.

Speaking of writing, I finished up the first session of Genealogy Intensive -- The Write Stuff, earlier this week.

I will be starting Genealogy Intensive -- The Write Stuff II,  this week and look forward to that.

There will be a mix of students in The Write Stuff II in that some from the class that I just finished will be attending and then some from earlier classes will be joining as well.

It is a whole new experience for me as I have not taken classes for some time and I have never used social media (Facebook) as much either to attend class and to exchange material.

I already have shared some peeks at my homework from the first session and I plan to do the same from this session.  One thing that I have learned is that I need to make sure that I have all the required facts together before writing. I have discovered in the middle of writing something that I did not have all the information that was needed and I had to go searching for it . . .

Some things coming up to look forward to:

First there is the return of "Who Do You Think You Are?". This is one of my favorite genealogy shows.

This season there will be at least eight celebrities who will have their genealogical facts shared with them and us viewers.

I am always amazed at the things that are disclosed and would love to be on the receiving end of that kind of material.

So, on March 5, 2017 look for this show on channel TLC.

And then:

It hardly seems possible being that it is only mid-February, but MLB spring training has started.

Off to the left are the teams and the locations of their spring training camps.

We try to watch as many of the SF Giant's games throughout the season and we are planning on that this year as well.

We are fortunate in that I believe every Giant's game is televised including their pre-season games.
Already we are hearing of the changes being made to the roster. Some we approve of and some we are disappointed with -- but that is the business of MLB.

And lastly -- the one constant so far in my daily routine -- genealogy:

I have to say that I relate often with the events described in "Pickles" and the cast of Earl, Opal, Nelson and the others. I've been studying "Jeannie" for some time now and no one is the wiser . . .

That's a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Flag's Out / Pool's Glassy

That can mean only one thing -- it isn't raining. It rained heavily all week and thank goodness we do not live "in the hills" or under the umbrella of the many oaks of our previous home . . .

It is supposed to be sunny and dry for the next several days with rain coming later in the week. The grass was cut yesterday and going outside the fragrance of freshly cut grass hit me and flooded my mind with all sorts of memories.

We are flying the flag today for the first time in about a week. Throughout the neighborhood there are numerous flags making for a nice display.

Last Sunday we watched one of the most lack luster Super Bowl games ever -- until the last part of the 4th quarter!

The Patriots came from behind, way behind to put the game into "OT". The first time ever for a Super Bowl game.

Needless to say, the Patriots won the game with the Falcons scratching their collective heads. One good thing for the Falcons Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Stranahan, he got a new job as the head coach of the San Francisco Forty-Niners.

We'll see if this 4th head coach in as many years is a good thing for the Niners, time will tell.

So 2017 is done for the NFL and next year's Super Bowl is scheduled for 4 Feb 2018 in Minnesota.

Another "done deal" is Roots Tech for this year.

I still have to go over some (all) of the recorded presentations and the reports are that the event was great.

Every year I think that maybe "next" year will be the year that I make it back to Salt Lake City and to rootstech . . .

For now, I'll make do with watching the recorded videos and the online discussions of the event.

The instructors for the class that I'm taking attended the event and are winging their way back home as I write this.

And speaking of the class, "Genealogy Intensive, The Write Stuff" we will wrap up this session next week with an online get-together via Facebook and "Go To Training".

I have written about things and stories that I recall from the many that my mother told to me over the years.

This week, I wrote about a period of time before my parents were married. My mother had recently graduated from Lake View High School (1929) and for this time period, she was in nursing school.

My father at the time was a soldier stationed at Fort Sheridan and was attached to the 14th Cavalry Unit there.

Even though Fort Sheridan is not that far from where my mother lived with her parents and siblings in the Logan Square area of Chicago, they communicated via letter frequently. And they apparently saw each other maybe on the weekends when possible.

My mother always had a lot of friends and was always doing or going somewhere with one of them. On one occasion, she and a girl friend -- for whatever reason, just a lark -- decided to visit a fortune teller.

The fortune teller began with my mother and related many fairly obvious things to her and then she stated that she knew that my mother was corresponding with some one by letter. She then said that someone was intercepting those letters before the intended person (my father) received them and of course reading them. My mother just put all the information given to her from the fortune teller in the back of her mind and probably dismissed most of it.

Then it was her friend's turn and the fortune teller told her many obvious things as well. But she then added a last bit of information -- she told my mother's friend that she could see a piece of furniture that she had in her bedroom, a dresser that had been left to her from a grandmother who had passed away. And she ended the session telling her that her grandmother on one evening would "appear" next to the dresser.

Both young ladies (18 or 19 years of age) enjoyed the visit and went about their everyday life. A short time later my mother was either visiting my father in person or communicating again by letter when my father asked my mother to put "sealing wax" on any future letters sent to him as he suspected they were being opened and read before he received them.

There actually was the possibility that another soldier -- who had been writing back and forth to my mother -- could be the culprit. But we do not know that for sure. At any rate, my mother thought back to what the fortune teller had told her and was taken aback a bit. My father had no knowledge of the fortune teller and was just stating the facts as he knew them.

Subsequently, my mother shared the story with the friend that had accompanied her to see the fortune teller. The friend was visibly struck with the news. She immediately went home and had the dresser removed ( and maybe destroyed) from her bedroom and was taking no chances that during some night her grandmother would appear next to it . . .

My mother loved telling stories (just ask my older brother) like the one above -- and I believe that it was factual. I for one have never visited a fortune teller and have no plans to do so . . . I have a few others to relate at a future time.

And so how else did I spend my time this week:

The dreaded search for the missing pieces for the income tax puzzle.

We receive the pieces in so many different ways that it takes forever to locate all of them.

Some documents are sent by email -- one of three different emails. Some come by the physical mail.

Some are obscured because they are automatically either paid or received via banking accounts (but which one) and others are handled by financial advisor accounts -- it is just a nightmare. So I do a little at a time.

The actual preparing of the tax forms is quite simple once you have the puzzle pieces to enter into them. It will be very interesting to see how taxes will be simplified -- I hope it is not by eliminating certain deductions . . .

And as far as the "teach your children about tax" by eating 30% of their ice cream -- not a bad idea.
A thought about children or dependents entered on a tax form -- it was not always the law that a dependent have a social security number (like now) and once the law was passed the number of dependents dropped by a large number.

And finally -- next week -- Tuesday, Valentine's Day:

I remember in elementary school that we gave Valentines to every child in our class and hopefully received one from every child as well. Is that still practiced today . . .

That's a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Eve of SuperBowl & RootsTech

There was (and is) a lot of rain this week. Going out to get the mail, paper and/or trash cans required timing. We'd look outside and hope for a break and when we got one we'd complete the task. Sometimes we didn't quite make it and suffered the consequences . . . but no one is complaining here in Northern California.

The weather allowed me more time to work on the trees -- family trees i.e. The week has flown by and with little in the news -- NOT -- okay lots in the news . . .

The above are the subjects of recent work. And throughout the coming weeks I'll be focusing on the top row for writing material and of course including some from the other rows as well.

The focus of today and tomorrow though are on the 51st Super Bowl or "Super Bowl LI" as the news calls it:

It is nice to hear that George H W Bush and Barbara will be attending the game as they had been hoping to do. Which team will they be rooting for or for that matter. which team will we be rooting for . . . we'll root for the team that plays the best, I suspect.

And we'll do it from the low cost seats at our convenience. If we were going to the game, and driving, the financial impact range is printed above. How could an average working family afford to attend a game at those prices . . .

We forgot to buy avocados this week and I suspect that it is too late to do so today -- so we'll have a bowl of buttered popcorn. And we might have a Digiorno if we like -- otherwise burger & fries . . .

We just hope that the game is a good one, and that we don't have to listen to anything politically motivated either from players or half-time entertainers. Let us enjoy the day and the game. And rejoice in the savings from watching at home.

Of course earlier this week we celebrated "Woodchuck Day" or is more commonly known, "Groundhog Day".

Apparently there will be 6 more cords of wood figured at a cord per each of the remaining 6 weeks of winter. That's how much wood a woodchuck should chuck . . .

Since when did we get our predictions from large furry rodents. Maybe they can be used to make other predictions.

But for me, it does not matter if there are 6 more or no more weeks of winter. We just deal with it, granted we don't usually have to shovel anything or freeze our selves here.

This class is going well and is just how I wanted to start the new year -- with a change of pace and outlook.

It has gotten me a bit "out of the box" in that it uses social media (Facebook) more than I was used to. The class members can compare notes and make comments on the other students' writing and that is helpful. I've signed up for the next series of lessons in The Write Stuff II.

This week, in my assignment I again drew on childhood memories for my material.

Growing up, sometimes, if we were lucky, we as a family would go on rides on a Sunday afternoon.

We would usually head west -- not that far west, but to drive the back-roads  (there wasn't really any other kinds) and tour through places like Batavia, Aurora or Elgin and like that.

Our parents would ooh and ahh over houses and farms and cities as we drove around them and in them. My siblings and I would hear all that and still find other ways to amuse ourselves like counting certain things.

Usually after about a couple of hours we would head towards home, and most of the times I remember that we would stop at a "Prince Castle". I think these were only in northern Illinois, but they were the forerunner of places like McDonalds.

We usually got ice cream cones and if we were relatively close to home, we might bring home some hand packed ice cream for later. When we got home, it was usually my father who made a bee-line to the house (he only had one kidney) and we only had one bathroom . . .

Looking forward to this week -- "RootsTech". Wednesday the 8th through Saturday the 11th.I would love to attend, but I am glad that I can see and hear some of the many events via streaming.

Anyone or anything that is Genealogy related will be in attendance. It is held in Salt Lake City, a city that I have been to many times in previous years for work -- mostly. There are always a variety of speakers and classes and sometimes major announcements -- we'll see how this year goes.

And the dreaded Tax Season is in full swing:

 A few years ago, and for ten seasons, I participated in tax season as a "tax pro" as did Gail for 32 seasons.  Now we join the ranks of those who have to just "do" our taxes without the benefit of fresh schooling and knowledge from attending tax classes.

This year though we do get three extra days to file -- that's a break due to the fact that the 15th of April is on Saturday which would move the date to Monday, but that is a holiday in D.C. so taxes are due on Tuesday the 18th . . . let's find more holidays.

So, we have started doing the taxes as it looks like we have received most of our documents and can begin entering the data. Will this be the year of tax-reform, I think we have to be careful what we wish for though.

That is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few" !

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Congratulations! Wishing You the best of Wealth!

It is the celebration of the Chinese New Year. When we lived in San Francisco (now 18 years ago) it was a highlight of the year. We do not see it celebrated as prominently here in Healdsburg. But we still have the sense of the the festivities and especially of the food featured throughout the many days.

Obviously, it is the year of the "rooster". And prior to the 70s I was not that aware of the personality of a rooster other than the usual characterization given in nursery books or school books. But we bought a rooster and several hens and quickly learned the barnyard behavior of these interesting birds.

The sentiment expressed in this celebration hopefully ties into the start of the new administration we have in the country. Hopefully the parallel of "wishing you the best of wealth" will spill over in many forms as the year progresses.

While I was born under the sign of the "tiger", Donald Trump was born under the sign of the "fire dog", and I can see that. Well I take it all in stride and really wish that Healdsburg had a "dim sum" restaurant, I miss the days when we had multiple choices of Chinese restaurants within a few minutes of where we lived.

Again this week, in between regular duties, I have squeezed in writing assignments for the class I'm taking online.

There are between 30 and 40 of us students and 2 instructors giving us guidance and critiques.

Of course I use examples from the "Hiles Family Tree" for inspiration. Specifically this week, I have concentrated on writing a little bit about what I know of Dayton Bumgardner and his journey through his younger years.

I'll excerpt some of the things that I wrote about.

Here is a picture of Spirit Lake, Iowa in 1902.

I love the car. I believe that Dayton and his parents and siblings lived in this area starting about 1885.

While his parents remained in the Spirit Lake area, Dayton left about 1905 to live in Chicago.

In the photo above, notice the sidewalks. They are raised wooden ones that would eventually play a significant role in the life of the Bumgardners. About 4 years after Dayton left town, his father Charles, while walking along one of these sidewalks, would step on a weakened or damaged walkway causing him to fall and break his leg. That broken leg eventually caused his death in 1909.

In 1910, another tragic event occurred -- Dayton's oldest brother, Gilbert (Woody) would drown in Silver Lake while ice skating in November of that year. Woody himself a widower with one living son, Keith ( my mother's favorite cousin).

Dayton, while living in Chicago and employed as a book keeper at a Dental Manufacturing firm for almost 5 years, felt the need to return to Spirit Lake (Lake Park) to comfort and assist his mother.
He did so in December of 1910 with mixed results -- on the one hand he helped his mother and on the other hand, the firm he worked for could not wait for his return, so replaced him . . .

But -- all of the above played a big part in the next stage of his life:

Above is an envelope containing a letter to Hildred Nelson, written December 14, 1910 and post marked December 15, 1910.  Below that is a excerpted transcription of the letter itself.

Surprising to me in reading that letter was the fact that it did not seem that there were definite plans in place for Dayton's and Hildred's relationship to advance "to the next level", but in a few weeks, they were married.

Also, I had read that letter a few times before, but had not tied it to the events that caused Dayton to go back home to comfort his mother.

And now, a segue almost as surprising as Dayton and Hildred's :

Recently I posted a brief look at the Pizza ATM, and last week I posted about the new family of Big Macs at McDonald's.

This week -- it is all about the Big Mac ATM -- what can they possibly think of next . . .

McDonald's is introducing a test ATM in Boston for one day only -- January 31.

From this machine will emerge the requested Big mac of one's choice -- wow! There's another ATM that won't be found in Healdsburg . . . too bad though.

It's all "food for thought" and for some the real thing. We did enjoy the two new Big Mac sizes earlier this week -- a reward after a doctor's visit, go figure.

And lastly, I imagine this might be the reaction if I was seeking employment (which of course I'm not). I do feel bad though that earlier in my career I did not seek employment in the genealogical spectrum of job opportunities.

Finding and working within a career that was fueled with passion would have been so satisfying.

And that is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Parallels to the 45th

Of course there was "other" news -- but for sure one news event dominated this week's TV and newspaper coverage.

Already there are parallels being suggested and DJT has hit the ground running. Today is his first full day in office and his schedule would have completely exhausted some of us for sure. I had the feeling that while watching the Inaugural Prayer Service, attended  by Trump/Pence and their families this morning, that at least for Trump, he was anxious to get on with other appointments.

Inauguration day was filled with interesting events, people and commentary. It was and is always interesting to me to observe how the interaction took place between folks from the different parties and holding different views.

And watching the expressions of the families involved was fascinating to say the least. This new president as all new presidents, needs to be given the chance to succeed and to hopefully impact our country in positive ways.

Of particular interest to me was observing the presidents as they changed places and trying to imagine what they were really thinking as they started on their new paths.

We of course will hear in detail of Trump's day today -- I have not heard what Obama is doing today -- but I think he is in Palm Springs.

I can't imagine how I would face either's new day.

What did I spend most of my time on this week -- well besides watching and listening to the pre-inauguration day events I tried to knuckle down and do my homework for the class I'm taking.

Of course I'm talking about "Genealogy Intensive", "The Write Stuff". This is a virtual class in that we all meet on the net mostly through Facebook.

I struggle with some of the things I need to do to get assignments, post assignments and to communicate with other class mates via Facebook.

It is a "Private Group" on Facebook so at least the things I say or write about supposedly are not seen by the general public -- at least I think that.

Complicating this week for me anyway is that I am also attempting to learn the software "Scrivener" shown above.

I'm finding a very steep learning curve with that program and have done very little so far within the program.

What makes it more difficult for me is that I have not used word processing or software like it very much. But, one of the things that I wanted to do this year was to "get outside of the box that I have been in" for a while.

It is so nice that I can take this course without worrying about grades as in my old school days. This class is for my own benefit and my grade will be whether I accomplish what I set out to do.

Scrivener is a top rated writer's software and I am determined to learn about and use the features that it offers. The interesting thing is that when I turn to the provided tutorials, they are often presented by "English" speakers -- all well and good except I have a real problem understanding what they say most of the time. It is not like on TV where I can turn on or off the subtitles to assist.

I have to say that Scrivener was not and is not a requirement for the class -- it was just offered as a possibility -- but I liked what I saw about it, even though I am still resorting to pen & paper and other ways of accomplishing assignments at times.

I don't think that there is a "timing" coincidence here, but this week McDonald's announced the introduction of two additional iterations of one of my favorites at McDonald's and that has to do with the "Big Mac".

I have enjoyed eating at McDonald's since the 1950s, when they first appeared in the Chicago suburbs.

It was not until some time in the 60s that the Big Mac was introduced and for me it was love at first taste.

In the 50s, my mother had just learned to drive and to supplement meal choice and diversity she would drive us the 3 or 4 miles to the nearest McD's and for under a dollar, each one of us kids could have a burger, fries and beverage. We did this about every two weeks or so.

Now, every once in a while, Gail and I stop and take a Big Mac home for lunch -- this new introduction will give us a choice as our (her's) eating needs have lessened somewhat.

I say, just like the new administration, this introduction needs to be given a chance to succeed.
As a matter of fact, I could eat one of those right now -- maybe I will . . .

So, what to do tomorrow. Well starting early in the afternoon here on the West Coast we'll be watching the NFL Championship games. Maybe that would be a good time for a "Big Mac" . . .

But it looks like a good break from political events. I think it might be the "Packers" and the "Pats" who will end up in the Super Bowl on 5 February in Houston, but anything could happen and it has before.

President George H W Bush, who is currently in the hospital, has a goal of attending the Super Bowl game which is only a few miles from where he is right now. I wish him the best and I hope that he can attend along with Barbara.

And, so that is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Full Moon Saturday Morning

It was a sight that I often do not see -- a full moon in the morning hanging in the western sky. I had gone out early to retrieve the morning paper and upon turning around to come back in, the moon was just there, bright and round as ever. Often the cloud cover is such that if the moon IS there, it is obscured, but not so today:

The moon in the morning, and the floral arrangement for mourning . . . this was a memorable day.

A  public final farewell was given yesterday to Eleanor, who passed away two days after Christmas. A gathering in the local Episcopal Church was attending by many far and near.

This "Milestones" appeared in our local paper two days prior:

It is events like the above that cause us to reflect on our own lives and the frangibility of life itself.

One thing that we've done is to instigate a New Year's Resolution -- okay two weeks late, but hopefully "in time" . . .

In my growing up days I remember once after my father had spent a few days in our local hospital for some procedure, he came home with a new found belief. As a result of this new awareness, we were all going to eat more "meatless entrees" from the likes of Loma Linda Foods.

The Hinsdale Hospital was run by the Seventh-day Adventists like many hospitals throughout the country. They don't eat or serve meat (unless your doctor prescribes it). My father came home a believer. The church group members lead very health conscious lives and usually enjoy long life.

I'm not sure how long the vegetarian diet in our household lasted -- but it wasn't for very long. "Veggie Links" just couldn't replace the taste of the "real deal" and so that resolution did not last in our house.

So, we too are going to look at something that we think we'll want to adopt more of -- Hygge . . .
There is a lot of Norwegian on my side of the family and there is a lot of Danish on Gail's.

Clicking on the above, you can read the description of what Hygge (pronounced Hoo--gah) is all about. On weekends like the current one the description sounds "pretty good". We've ordered a book on Hygge and will look forward to reading that in the coming days and nights.

And we have not forgotten about Dino. He actually is getting very used to his new "Hygge" inspired bed:

We were not sure if Dino would ever use this new bed in the way it was described -- but has he ever!

Gail sat with him and encouraged him to climb inside and little by little he did -- and now he sometimes does it all by himself and totally snuggles in and drifts off to a snore infested slumber.

We are pleased at the result of this bed for Dino. He must feel the warmth and security of being in such a warm and inviting space.

We don't envision getting a people version, but we hope to embrace more of the positives surrounding our days and finding as much happiness in our everyday lives through the reading of the hints in the Hygge book.  We'll see.

What else has occupied our time. One is making "comfort" style food like the large pot of pea soup that we made this week. The soup has given us several meals and is reminiscent of the bowls of "Pea Soup Andersen's" soup that we always stop for whenever we drive through the Solvang, California area.

We also made a large pulled pork roast that provided the basis for several dinners as well. The pork shoulder roast is so easy to fix and is one of the most inexpensive cuts to buy these days.

We have enjoyed watching some of the NFL playoff games -- the one we were disappointed in was the loss to Atlanta by Seattle . . . once a Seahawk fan . . . we'll see what Greenbay does later today.

And finally I am still attending class, though since the classes are virtual it is easy to be tempted to skip at times -- but I am finding the material really valuable and interesting.

And so, that is a bit of our week.  See you all "in a few"!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 -- What's New? Raining Dogs 'N' Cats

We've had a lot of rain this week so far, but according to the weather sources we will be getting about four more inches of rain here in the Healdsburg area this weekend.

We love it and the pool has been topped off again without the use of the faucet. Also some of the nights and mornings have been actually cold with ice forming a rink on the back deck.

Dino has to be teased and rewarded for making his "business trips" the last few days. Often he sits by the door (which is his signal that he needs out) and then just stares out back and only moves when nudged a bit. I can't blame him for that. I try to watch for a "break" in the weather and then hustle him out.

The Russian River in town is rising and will be up several feet this weekend -- there are some places that will reach flood levels. The town is offering sand which can be bagged for those in need. All of this rain translates to feet of snow in the higher elevations -- we'll skip the temptation to check it out.

This is where I am spending my available free time this week and the next several.

For a long time I have (in the back of my mind) wanted to do some writing about family history and this course I hope will facilitate that.

The class is made up of 30 some members and we "meet" via Facebook.

So far the other night I was awakened by swirling thoughts of growing up and other family interactions -- and "had to get up" and do some writing. I wrote for a couple of hours and paid for that the next day, having to catch up with a couple of naps.

I do look forward to making headway on the goals that we establish for ourselves and the interaction with the other class members and instructors.

I'll hopefully post something each week about the progress of this class.I have to keep the boots polished too . . .

Last week I wrote about houses -- Lisa & Bob's new house and then a view of the "painted ladies" in San Francisco.

This week I happened to catch a very depressing view of some houses that happen to be located in Detroit.

The four houses were captured via Google's street view and show the deterioration over the last few years. Unbelievable.

The neighborhood at the top looks very similar to the one where my maternal grandparents lived (in Chicago though).

What will the next series of pictures show . . .

One sad part of these photos is that for each house there is family somewhere that has memories invested in those houses which will soon be gone.

On a more positive note, there are some new and exciting things and discoveries going on in 2017:

How about a new organ -- not a Wurlitzer -- a real body organ. How could there be a "new" organ.

My first reaction to this depiction was -- these wings need a bit more BBQ sauce.

The organ has a name -- mesentery and is attached in the middle of our bodies performing a variety of functions.

But why weren't we told about this before now -- doctors have known about it for a long time. Apparently there may be a whole separate medical practice established (like there is for neurology)
and of course we'll be starting to be sent to these specialists . . .

Well, are there any other organ mysteries that we should be aware of . . .

Now here is some other very exciting news and one that I think is worthy of our attention:

How many times have you hungered for a pizza just when all the pizzerias are closed or you don't want to drive over to that distant location.

Now, coming soon maybe to your neighborhood will be a Pizza ATM -- when I heard of it I was sure that it had to be a joke --but no.

Xavier University was the first U.S. site for this ATM and has been very successful. Now there are applications in 20 or more additional states to get one of these devices.

The Pizza ATM makes a fresh pizza in about three minutes and comes out of the machine in a cardboard box, hot and ready to eat.

There are a variety of toppings available and the whole concept is unreal. I haven't heard of the price per pie -- but if the students at Xavier bought them -- it must be reasonable enough.

I'm guessing our town will not approve, for after all this is Healdsburg and this sort of thing would not be acceptable here unless they could figure out how to deliver local wines with the pie . . .

And lastly this week, while I feel the NFL (SF49ers in particular) has let us down I still have some interest in watching some of the playoff games. Here is the schedule for this season:

On the far left of the chart are the games this weekend for the AFC and on the far right are the games this weekend for the NFC.  We'll try to catch some of a couple of them . . .

As far as the San Francisco Forty-Niners are concerned, they have canned the head coach and the general manager just after their last season game -- now if they do not renew the contract for the quarterback, CK, things will look a little better.

That's a bit of our first week of this year. Happy New Year!  See you all "in a few" !