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Saturday, March 21, 2015


This has been a full week -- so what does that mean -- all weeks are full to some extent. But I mean that my week has been filled with a variety of things. And a lot seems to be happening. It actually has finally reached springtime:

First of all the dogwood tree(s) in our yard are happening. One of the three is filled with blossoms that it seems overnight have popped open.

And then there is the moon. We watched the overcast skies yesterday and remarked about the strange color emanating from the skies. It all apparently had to do with the eclipse, the one that we did not see, but it happened.

Here we are in the second day of spring and the weather is cooler than earlier this year -- but of course not as cool as we see on the news from some of the back east cities.

There were a lot of "other" things happening this week as well.

To Bracket or not Bracket

I have to say that each year during "March Madness" I intend to participate from the start of the action by filling in the brackets as they are called . . . but somehow that goes by the wayside and I become an observer more -- of the brackets filled out by others including the POTUS.

When I view the blank March Madness Chart it reminds me so much of the "Bow-Tie Pedigree Chart" and then my mind wanders back to my genealogical endeavors.

This week has been filled to the brim with genealogical endeavors. I was able to fill in a bit of the chart for a cousin in my line of HILES':

On the bottom left my newly met "4th cousin once removed" is represented, with parents and my 3rd cousin and his wife are on the chart.

To view a more detailed chart, please visit this chart at HILES WEBSITE  where I have been very busy this week.

It is exciting to meet a new cousin and I look forward to "getting to know them more" in the coming months.

Some Break in the Action

Unfortunately, some of my "research" time this week was taken up by working a bit on the tax return. It would be nice to know if we owe or are getting some sort of refund . . .

I say working a bit because I promised myself that nest week I would commit most of my time to wrapping up this very pesky bit of every year life.

I also took a break by attending a webinar and watching WDYTYA. Both are related to genealogy so that was not a total break -- it did encourage me to get back to researching though.

The Focus of my Research This Week

Thinking back to the most recent weeks, it seems that a great deal of my time has been spent on the Rufus Calhoun family.

He is a very interesting person from one of the branches in Gail's tree.

Then for some reason I began thinking about some of the names in that branch -- e.g. some of the first names . . .

Gail's father's name was Millard, Millard Calhoun Bouldron. For whatever reason, he chose to be called "Jim". I can understand that -- Millard Calhoun Bouldron would be pretty heavy duty to deal with at school and other places.

Then there are a ton of "Fillmore" first names in the branch as well. And so I began to think about once and for all getting to the "bottom" of the naming convention.

For years there has been the rumor that the family was related to "Millard Fillmore" the 13th President of the U.S.  But I could not see any connection.

But I was intrigued because of the many first names of Millard and Fillmore that populated the tree. I realize that many families name their children after well-known and well-loved presidents, but Millard Fillmore, at least to me was not well-known, I don't know yet about well-loved.

So -- off I went "on the mission" to uncover any link to Millard Fillmore the president to Gail's family.

And I feel as though now I am watching a segment of WDYTYA or the Genealogy Roadshow except that I am doing the research.

And guess what -- I accomplished my goal!

Gail and her family ARE related to Millard Fillmore and by clicking on the above chart, you can see how.

When I started the research last week, I only had one Fillmore in my tree -- Sarah Ann Fillmore, the wife of Rufus Calhoun. I now have hundreds of Fillmore's after this week's work.

In the chart above, start with Sarah Ann Fillmore and go up the chart. At the top, the two men named John Fillmore are actually the same person -- that John married more than once. Sarah (and Gail) descend from one of those marriages and Millard Fillmore descends from a second marriage -- hence the half-cousin relationship.

This week's work was very satisfying. Now I have another "possible presidential rumor" to work on -- this one in my branch.

That was a bit of our week -- next week looks to be exciting, except for the "tax" part . . .

It is Saturday and that may mean "burger & fries".  See you all in a few!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

PI in the Sky

The days this week have been mostly warm & sunny. Today is a little cloudy but that is okay for a change. It did rain ever-so-slightly the other day and it feels a little humid now as well.

The week has been a mixture of scrambling for tax-related documents so that we can "run the numbers" and file on time -- a real challenge this year for whatever reasons and basic researching.

So today is a special "number" day. I prefer to think of the other pie and specifically lemon meringue.

That just might be on the list of things to do today. Earlier this week we did go to the plaza to visit and to just relax:

We enjoyed the plaza, the dress shop and the park benches. There was a ton of activity as there was a wine-tasting event going as well. We met some very nice folks -- thanks to Dino.

What About Research

The research absorbed my time a great deal though I don't have a lot to exhibit. Mostly I tried to stay involved in the genealogical detective work so that I did not have to do the tax related detective work.

I did uncover a 1st cousin of Gail's:

Looking at the chart you can see that she
is the daughter of Jessie Calhoun and Mitchel
Llewellyn Drake.
I was lucky enough to find an Olympic High
School photo of her from the year 1929.
So their most recent common relative is Isaac Pine Calhoun.
I do not believe that Gail and Lexie ever met.

Then, I tried using the new "Charting Companion" software and came up with several possible chart views.

The one on the left shows Gail's Grandparents, Parents and her siblings and those
of us married to them.

There are many possibilities with this new program and I look forward to making more charts that I can share with folks from the tree.

You can click on the chart to make it a bit easier to see.

There are at least two more generations of descendants that we can show.

I'll be updating these as time goes on.

I also began editing a lot of the pictures that I had already included in the tree.
This will hopefully give photos that are a bit clearer and more uniform.

The chart on the right is an example of the updated photos.

Each one pretty much fills the space and features can be seen better.

Part of the problem of course is that I am missing a lot of pictures -- I may have the photos though and not know it because people are not always identified.

Photos and photo management take up a tremendous amount of time.

A Surprise Visit

Yesterday afternoon we had a surprise visit from Susan who had called the day before and mentioned that she was driving down from Seattle to ultimately visit with her brother in La Quinta, California.

We actually did sit down and visit for a couple of hours. We enjoyed hearing news from Seattle and of folks -- relatives and friends.

She was "on a mission" to keep driving so she continued on her way and stayed in the Mill Valley area until Saturday morning when she again resumed her drive.

She may stop by again on her return trip and she plans to be gone for a month or so. We'll get the pool-house ready just-in-case.

TV Genealogy

Last Sunday the new season of WDYTYA began on TLC.

The show featured Julie Chen and it was very interesting because of the Chinese research.

Julie found out things about her relatives that she had no idea previously.

It was an exciting result for her and her family.

Tomorrow night Josh Groban will be featured and it will be interesting to see what is uncovered in his family.

I would love to have the resources to do research the way Ancestry does these shows -- they must spare no expense.

So What is on our Nightstand ?

We just finished the memoirs of Carl Reiner and found that book to be so well written and enjoyable to read.

We learned a lot about many of the entertainers involved in TV during our younger years and ones that we enjoyed watching.

Last night we began reading Al Michaels' book (on the right).

We enjoy the broadcasting of Michaels on Sunday Night Football and other events that we have seen him do.

His story so far is fascinating as he describes his growing up days and just how he came to get into the business.

We will finish the book probably just before the start of pre-season football which will come fast.

Baseball spring training is upon us now and that seemed to sneak up
on us a bit.

So, that is a bit of our week. It is Saturday and dinner has not been decided on yet -- but we do plan to do some grocery shopping later today -- so maybe that lemon meringue pie is still a possibility or maybe even a lemon tart . . .

See you all in a few!

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Okay so the sounds of the day today would depend on what part of the country you are in . . . as I write this post I can hear the sounds of aluminum striking a solid round object (baseball) while I can only imagine the sounds of aluminum striking solid or frozen snow . . .

And soon (tomorrow) both those sounds will have more daylight to help the activity. I grew up in snowy conditions in the winter months but have enjoyed the warmer climates for many years now.

Project Done -- Project Begun

For many months -- or parts of many months, maybe even a couple of years, Gail has worked off and on a current needlepoint work. She often needle points while watching sports on TV -- either football or baseball.

She put the finishing touches on the above left canvass just yesterday and as you can imagine after such a long time it will be refreshing to begin a new canvass. She had the difficult task of going through her inventory of needlepoints-to-do and deciding which one that she will work on.

Above, on the right is her decision, though there is also a handheld one that she make work on to break up some of the tedious times. We have her framed work in every room in the house -- nice!

Meanwhile -- My Projects

Last post I shared the find I had gotten regarding the "will" of Rufus Calhoun, Gail's Great Great Grandfather. The will seemed somewhat unusual in some respects and I thought it would be fun to see if we could find more insight into Rufus.

And we did:

Shortly after the death of Captain Rufus Calhoun, an article was written in the Evening Bulletin in Honolulu that did illustrate some more about Rufus. Click on the above and you will be able to read the story -- I sure hope that we can find other stories like the above as well.

So, needless to say, my week was filled searching around the Rufus Calhoun branch. Specifically I found myself investigating the family of his son Isaac Pine Calhoun.

Isaac married Lexie Leath Firth and they had 11 children, 5 boys (3 lived to adulthood) and 6 girls who all lived to adulthood. Gail descends from this branch.

Above is a descendant "fan" showing some of the generations of descendants of Rufus & Sarah. Below the fan are some of the individual branches spawned from the 11 children.

Gail's immediate family is on the right. There are many more folks that I have to attach pictures to and it all just takes time . . .

But each of Isaac Pine Calhoun's six daughters married and all had children, except for Lexie. The other five daughters helped start 5 other surnames -- from Calhoun to Shaffer, to Drake, to Bouldron, to Jorgensen and to Kean.

There are tons of stories generated from the above and hopefully we'll get to a lot of them.

At the same time, while searching for Calhoun stories I did manage to find some insight into one of the relatives from my side -- Paul Clifton:

Paul was the husband of my favorite aunt Muriel, my father's sister. Growing up we did get a few chances to be around Uncle Paul & Aunt Muriel and they were great!

So, finding the articles about Paul was a fun thing and it gave insight into who he was. I always enjoyed being around him (and especially Muriel). They lived in Texas and as a family we never made the trip to visit them -- though my sister did when she was a young teenager.

I remember at least two visits that Paul, Muriel, Helen, Doris & Ruth made to our family in the late forties and early fifties. Pleasant memories.

While the Research & Needlepoint Work . . .

was going on, the indoor garden kept progressing
every day. To the right is what it looks like after
three weeks.

We better get the pruning shears ready and the dehydrator . . .


It hardly seems possible that there are less than 300 days left to this year and that winter is almost over -- well at least for some of us.

Remember if you want to watch WDYTYA the new season starts tomorrow night. There are eight celebrities being featured this year.

I have sooo much work to do (not to mention income taxes) and it is Saturday  and it looks like a chicken in every pot -- or at least our pot for tonight.

A timely reminder above AND we'll see you all "in a few"!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Indoor/Outdoor Sun

It has been a nondescript weather week here. We see on the news that weather in the Midwest, East, and Southern areas of the country has been anything but.

After two full weeks the indoor plants are thriving. All 7 have visible growth though some are much faster growers than others.

To keep up we'll have to make sure what the next steps are to cultivate and use these herbs. The unit comes on automatically and stays on for 17 hours. It got a little thrown off when we had an hour and a half power outage.

Oscar Power

As is our custom we watched the Oscars again this year. We know that we have not seen any of the current films up for awards AND we don't think that we have seen any of last year's either.  We are so "out of it" . . .

But for us this year one of the more memorable presentations was that of Lady Gaga -- which was a total surprise to us.

We had no idea that she could deliver such an engaging tribute to "The Sound of Music". We thoroughly enjoyed her singing -- which for us was surprising. We have seen her recently performing with Tony Bennett and have enjoyed that as well.

Who will be next to change our opinions?

The Newspaper Search Continues

I have again been into some old newspapers and find myself enveloped by the page after page of possible "golden" tidbits.

I have written before about Gail's Great Great Grandfather, Rufus Calhoun, the Sea Captain whose house we visited up in Port Townsend, Washington.

Click on the image to the left to see the Family Group Sheet for Rufus and Sarah (Fillmore).

There were eight children in the family and there have been several articles in the HHH about some of them.

We were excited to visit Port Townsend a few years ago and visit places that were familiar to Rufus.

He was born in Canada, died in San Francisco and had seven siblings.

He and his brothers were engaged in shipbuilding in Port Townsend. One of the ships that they built and Rufus captained for awhile was the "Alaska":

Click on the above image to read some of the facts about the "Alaska". Rufus was 39 years old when he and his brothers built the ship. Just two short years later when Rufus was 41 and Captain of that ship -- it was wrecked while carrying a load of lumber bound for Hawaii.

The ship was later salvaged and repaired and went on to working in the Bering Sea in the Cod industry. The ship was lost in the Bering Sea about 1885.

Now this week while nosing around the old newspapers and in the "Port Townsend Leader" specifically the January 2, 1904 edition, I spotted the following regarding Rufus who had less than a month earlier, died:

Neither Gail nor I had seen this before and were surprised at finding it. There were specific instructions and bequeaths to be sure. The "Will" certainly begs for "follow-up".

Genealogy Related TV -- This Week & Next

This week we saw another edition of "The Genealogy Roadshow" on PBS. The shows are fascinating and usually highlights several stories surrounding regular folks and their family histories.

The show is in it's second season and is about through for this year -- but their is a casting call for season three:

If you have a unique question regarding family history go to the above URL and fill out the form and send it in -- you never know . . . maybe we'll be watching your story next year.

Then a week from this Sunday, the new season of WDYTYA begins on TLC:

We have watched and enjoyed every episode of this show -- too bad that it is not on PBS where there would not be commercials so that more genealogical content would be shown . . .

Never-the-less we'll be watching (recording) the shows and looking forward to the celebrities who are featured.

What Else is New (to me anyway)

I read Dick Eastman's blog every day and always learn new things about what is going on in the world of genealogy. This week Dick had a blurb on a podcast that has been around a couple of years that I had not heard of before.

I listened to one show and found it to be really professional and very interesting.

I hope that I can go back and listen to the shows that I missed.

I appreciate Dick Eastman sharing and highlighting this show.

You can check it out by going to the URl at the left.

It appears that there is something for all who are interested in genealogy to listen to and enjoy.

Available on iHeartRadio.

And an immediate "thank you" to Fisher of "Extreme Gens" for the family plaque to the right.

I have to agree that "our family" too certainly fits into the realm of "normal", it does doesn't it?

And that is a bit of our week -- see you all in a few!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Siberian Pineapples

The weather this week alternated between warm, fairly warm, cool, fairly cool and somewhere in between. Not of course to the coastal extremes that we see on the news. Eight feet of snow in some cities back East while very little snow pack here in the West:

These are some examples of the night sky off in the west this week. On the left and right are pics of a crescent moon with (click to enlarge) Mars & Venus appearing brightly in the early evening sky.

We haven't seen such a clear vision of this type of moon in some time with the two planets so close to one another.

The picture in the middle silhouettes our pelican weather vane with a brilliant red sky at night display. None of the above stays around for very long so Dino gets antsy with me taking snaps while he is about his business . . .

One of the negatives to having so much warm weather this early in the year is why we received this warning picture to the right.

While we have not seen any of these creatures in our yard -- I half expect to at any given moment -- probably not going to happen.

I only came semi face to face once with a rattler in my yard and that was down in Southern California . . . but I have not forgotten that experience.

It is also the reason that I stopped treading through the overgrown areas of our local cemetery when I would receive a photo request from Find-a-Grave.

I have to be certain that among the uncared for tombstones are numerous rattler families.

What to Do, What to Do

When we were in our career days we used to dream of the days when we did not have to report to an employer.

We are now very much in those days. And it is so important that we have meaningful and rewarding activities to fill our days.

One of Gail's is needlepoint work. Her current project is shown above.

Another of Gail's is working jigsaw puzzles. She has a procedure when beginning a new one as seen to the right.

She is starting a great San Francisco based puzzle and this is what the beginning steps look like -- and she declares that she will "never" be able to do this one . . .

And to the left after one full week of beginning her new indoor gardening project -- sprouts can be seen in three of the seven plants.

Cilantro in the front left and right behind them are two types of basil that have come into view.

It is an interesting project and next we might attempt to grow some flowers.

For me, I could spend most of the day working on genealogical things. And I have to say that I agree with "Deidre" expressing what I know to be true quite often.

I am not sure if there is any insurance coverage for ADGD as yet or if there are any remedies.

I am almost to the point where I just have fun and let it happen . . .

Some Uncovered Tidbits

I have written about my First Cousin John C Hiles a few times in earlier posts. You can always do a search to check it out or other facts as well.

When you see charts like this it is easy to accept the information and move on. But this week I received something (from a very good genealogy sleuth) that sheds some light on the above -- actually sheds a lot of light on the above.

John C Hiles from the chart above had two wives -- nothing earth shattering as many people have had two spouses -- but the article to the left put that whole new light on the matter.

Without the article,  I would have just assumed that John and his first wife just decided to part ways and new lives and families were started.

I have seen newspaper articles offering rewards for information and or the return of things (even slaves).

This article seeks information so that John would be able to reunite with his 14 year old daughter -- he does not mention the reuniting with his wife.

I have traced some of the whereabouts of his daughter and will share some of that in another post.

I have NO idea if there was any reward given but I do know that both
John and his 1st wife remarried and had additional families . . .

Another Newspaper Find This Week

And while noodling around in "Chronicling America" I happened onto the little tiny bitsy
tidbit to the right.

I had not seen this before and felt very lucky to
have uncovered this record.

From that article hopefully we will be able to determine the actual address or maybe even a picture of the house where the family lived at that point.

This is an example of where ADGD actually got me "a lot to show for it".


I couldn't resist putting this image in the post -- it reminds me so much of when Gail and  I raised Dino while in the GuideDogs for the Blind program.

The above photo came from the Southeastern Guide Dogs program and could easily have been one of Dino and a sibling.

That was a bit of our week. See you all in a few!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Very Warm Valentine Day Greeting

The sun is working overtime this week in Northern California. The days are warm and sunny -- it does not do much for the drought, but it is very pleasant.

This week has been filled with sessions -- sessions from the world's largest genealogy event held in Salt Lake City -- ROOTSTECH:

As I have mentioned before -- I would love to attend "rootstech" but during the last three days I have done the next best thing by watching live streaming sessions of selected sessions.

Earlier in the week I also attended a Family Tree Webinar on "Zigzagging Through German Church Records" which as usual I was able to glean many worthwhile research points.

But I have to say that the streaming sessions from Rootstech have been super -- and I just finished the last one a few minutes ago:

Above you can get some of the flavor of the sessions. There were several "keynote" speakers and several classroom type presentations. Without a doubt, for me, the very best session was the keynote address from Donny Osmond.

Donny Osmond presented a wonderful "story", one that I will remember for a long time. I hope that they have recordings available of it because I would like to view it again. He is so very accomplished and able to make a remarkable recollection of events from his personal life as well as translate that to be meaningful to others.

Particularly when he spoke about the early days of his father and mother's marriage and the start of their family you could feel the emotion and admiration for family in his words and presence.

Some Researching Too

I actually did achieve some success in my researching as well this week. With the collaboration of another cousin (you know who you are . . .) we have pretty much determined one more child of my 3rd Great Grandfather -- John Hiles Jr.

I have read that between his two wives that he had 16 children, three with Nancy Crosby and I now have 12 to list with Charity Reed. The last one is Hannah Hiles. that leaves one more to identify.

On the left above you can see the list of children from John & Charity, Each one of the kids would be either a 3rd Great Aunt or a 3rd Great Uncle. So it is nice to see that with the addition of Hannah and her marriage to John (James) Perrigo the numerous newly identified 1st cousins and 2nd cousins so far.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that we can find the one more Great Aunt of Uncle and the cousins from that person as well.

It truly is "one more piece of the puzzle" that keeps us enthused and moving on.

Speaking of Puzzles

Genealogy is very much like working on a jigsaw puzzle. And of course as we have mentioned many times before -- Gail works jigsaw puzzles regularly:

Over to the right you can see the Valentine Puzzle that she got a couple of weeks ago. My thinking was that it would carry her into the week of Valentine's Day . . . I would be wrong.

Gail put in a lot of effort and finished the very complicated border to complete the heart-shaped valentine early last week . . .

That meant that she could enjoy viewing her work, but precluded her from the puzzle activity.

The solution was simply to pull out another puzzle and work on that as well.

So that is just what she did:

The American Express Train is another Liberty Wooden Puzzle that has a lot of appeal.

It also generated a drive in Gail to finish it as soon as she could -- so that means not only did she complete the Valentine's puzzle, she finished the Train puzzle as well.

I can attest that these are "not that easy" to do. But they are addictive. Kind of like the genealogy puzzles for me.

I just wish that there was some sort of sense of completion every once in a while in genealogy like in the completion of wooden jigsaw puzzles.


Gail has been talking about putting in a
garden. So today, in between Rootstech
sessions (for me) and her needle pointing,
she did.

Started a garden in the dining room. Indoor
herb growing and later can be flowers.

There are seven types of seeds starting to germinate that will provide us with some
herbs in a few weeks -- we hope.

More to follow on the progress of her gardening as the weeks go by.

That was a part of our week. Have a great Valentine's Day and we'll see you all in a few!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pineapple Express -- Umbrella Down

All week we were being warned of the pending storm to hit Northern California. After many days of "nothing" to speak of in terms of weather -- it arrived on Friday:

Apparently this weather has a definite channel right from Hawaii to us here in California. Actually we felt the warm breezes a bit -- the thermometer was a few degrees warmer right before the rains began.

For practical reasons we usually set up a large umbrella at one of the back doors and then one stationed near a front door. While watching TV we did notice the sounds of heavier than normal winds.

When we went to go outside this morning to take Dino on his "business trip" we did not realize how much the wind had interacted with our back-deck umbrella. Walking down the stairs I was immediately presented with a submerged umbrella in the shallow end of the pool.

Dino found it a curiosity but quickly ignored it enough to complete his mission. We just laughed at how that umbrella must have struggled with the wind as we had somewhat secured it between the porch gliders.

Thinking back to our previous residence (under several oaks) we are really glad to not have the worry of falling branches and/or limbs when experiencing winds. We see plenty of that happening on the local news.

Memories of the Super Bowl

Thoughts of the Super Bowl are still lingering with us almost a week later -- but for some -- those lingering thoughts will be there for a long long time.

When we open the fridge there is a small amount of leftover Super Bowl treats still there which as of today will be gone.

We had "Philly Cheese Steak Dip" and a generous bowl of guacamole with chips.

Dino enjoyed one of his favorite treats -- ice cubes . . . go figure.

We managed to put away a fair amount of the above, enough so that dinner was not required after the game.

Next Super Bowl will be played in Levi Stadium, right here in Northern California and maybe we'll recognize a team or two.

Webinars This Week

This week it seemed that I had more webinars than ever to watch -- and I did. It is so nice to be able to enjoy these events:

I learn something from each webinar even when it may sound that it couldn't apply to our genealogy.

For example, finding Confederate Soldiers, the methodology very much applies to finding Union Soldiers as well -- but we do have both in our tree.

There are a couple coming next week -- but the real attention will be on the largest genealogical event of the year:

I will be attending as many of the available presentations as possible. This is a great chance to see what is happening in the genealogy world.

One day maybe I'll even attend in person, though it is kind of like attending large sporting events -- I often find it more beneficial to attend via TV or online.

Research Results This Week

Off to the right you can view a screen shot from the Hiles Website.

This one features Elma Ann Green, a second cousin of mine (ours).

Her Grandmother is the sister to our Grandfather, Lloyd Hampton Hiles.

Her mother, Dorothy, married Carl Green. And together they had two children, Elma Ann and
John Allen Green.

Up to this week I did not have a photo of Elma Ann -- but I found one from her high school senior picture from Arcadia High School.

I never had the opportunity met Elma Ann, John Allen or their parents -- but I could have!

Since I was familiar with Arcadia, California, having lived there for several years, I looked up the 1968-1969 Arcadia City Directory and found the Green family.

And guess what -- they lived about two blocks away from where I lived in those years:

To me that is amazing that I was living with my wife and two children just two blocks from a first cousin, Dorothy and her husband and two second cousins, their kids. We may have been together in a supermarket or a doctor's office or even at Santa Anita Race Track . . .

How many other situations like the above will we uncover . . . who knows.

And Finally -- What is on our Nightstand?

Tonight we will begin reading a new book. We just finished reading James Garner (Bumgarner). The book was a memoir of sorts and it really verified that James Bumgarner was a truly nice person.

Everyone who wrote testimonies to Jim spoke highly of him and we are glad to hear that the way we always felt about him was shared by so many others.

We look forward to reading "Carl Reiner -- I Remember Me".

Just this week we saw Carl Reiner appearing on the "Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon".

At almost 92 years old, he was absolutely as funny and humorous as ever.

He apparently is the only entertainer to have been on "all" the
"Tonight Show" iterations since it began.

And the foreword of the book was written by another favorite of ours -- Billy Crystal.

It is a book I am sure that we will enjoy.

And, since it is Saturday, we will be having burgers fish for dinner . . .  see you all in a few!