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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A New Set of Downs . . . 1st & Ten

This week it feels like a new set of downs are coming our way . . . besides the fact that it actually rained one day we sense that "fall" is almost here.

Autumn is such a pleasant time and we look forward to the change in the season.

There is still over a month before the "time" changes back from Daylight Savings time to Standard. (November 2nd)

We have divided our time between NFL and MLB. The Niners/Bears game was a "wake-up" call as was the Seahawks/Chargers game this week.

And the Giants looked good in some of their games this week and hopefully will be in the playoffs.

Also this week we enjoyed the premiere of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), that show continues to be so entertaining. And the finale of AGT -- America's Got Talent -- which is also a very entertaining show, brought us a magician as the winning act which was refreshing to see.

We actually did do some other things besides view TV this week . . . but not a whole lot.

Dates Next Week

September is a "busy" month for birthdays for folks in our tree. And as it turns out September is the busiest month for birthdays for a lot of folks -- more details coming up.

What I found interesting is that I pretty much felt that all months were fairly even in the number of birthdays -- but not so!

For example, a study conducted by the NYTimes regarding this pointed out that September had the top 11 most common days for birthdays.

My father's birthday is in September (the 9th) which happens to be the second most common birthday of the year.  My birthday falls next week (the 23rd) and that is the third most common birthday of the year. And my father's father's birthday is in September (the 6th) but that day does not rank near the top (111th).

So, if you click on the chart on the left you can see all 30 days of September and how each one ranks. And the 16th of September turns out to be the most common birthday of all.

The facts and figures came from a variety of sources -- Dick Eastman's blog for one: Dick had the main article that caught my interest. The NY Times put together the chart at the left for every day of the year.

And if you wanted to see the month of September shown graphically  as a "heat map" for the days, check out

What I found to be fascinating is that I always thought that September was a very busy birthday month but I never really gave it much real thought -- until now, and it makes a ton of sense.

When you count back from the days in September by nine months some of the reasons are more apparent -- those days would be in the "holiday" period when "things were lookin' up" . . . so-to-speak.

For my own personal "day" I came along just about nine months after "Pearl Harbor" . . .

One of the Butchers in the Tree

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the "Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker" and that all three could be found in the tree -- so today I quickly mention one of the "butchers" who can be found in our tree:

While it is a "stretch" to say how I am related to Vern, I am kind of like a "shirt-tail" cousin. Vern is actually -- from the description listed by Family Tree Maker -- a first cousin once removed of the wife of a first cousin once removed of mine . . .

So there you have it, Vern is related, he was a butcher in 1959 per the above city directory for Faribault, Minnesota at Harry & Fran's Red Owl Store in town. And I'll divulge another butcher from our tree -- yours truly -- in 1959 I was starting my apprenticeship as a "butcher" at the Hinsdale IGA store.

For me, I worked as a butcher -- meat cutter -- for six years, the last three as a journeyman at various stores in California while going to college -- providing me with an ample income while also being a "poor student" . . . in a financial sense of course.

Status of other Searching

I am still searching for the details of my own parent's wedding (if anyone knows, please give me a clue . . . thanks).

But in the meantime I did find some details of another HILES' wedding that I did not know previously:

Leland Blair Hiles, a second cousin (once removed) lived in Viroqua, Wisconsin and ultimately was buried in the Viroqua Cemetery and my wife and I visited there in 2003 when we visited with my nephew, Jeremy who with his family lives in Viroqua.

However, this week while searching for HILES' wedding information I stumbled across Leland and his wife Mildred's information.

If you click above you can see that they were married in Iowa on 26 July 1934. At first I did not think it was the right HILES because they lived in Viroqua, Wisconsin and why would they get married all the way over in Iowa . . .

Until I checked the map:

Waukon and Viroqua are less than 50 miles apart and even in the 1930s it would not be such a great distance away.

I still don't know "why" they chose Waukon, Iowa as the site of their marriage but perhaps there were some extenuating circumstances that made Waukon appealing.

So, that was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and I have a craving for maybe "taco salad" tonight as we watch the Giants play the Chargers . . .

Tomorrow we plan to watch NFL football and the Niner's in particular along with one or two other games as well . . .

See you all in a few!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back Into the 90s . . .

That decade was pretty exciting for us . . . we both were still working at our career jobs, we got married, we moved from San Francisco, and we retired and began life in Healdsburg. Our families were off and running in their directions and we worried about things like "Y2K" . . .

Actually I was referring to the 90s as in the weather . . . it has been in the high 90s most of the week and the a/c has been running all that time. The mornings have been starting out as if it would be an overcast and/or rainy day and then -- boom -- the hottness hits and stays around late into the evening.

But back to "Y2K" . . . it was predicted that all the world's computers would cease to function after 31 Dec 1999 due to the new century dating and all -- well, we all know that that did not happen. Only some of the computers ceased to work -- fortunately ours were among the ones continuing to run.

We actually did venture out a couple of times during the week -- mostly to run to Costco or Trader Joe's or to Safeway all for needed supplies and medications . . .

Dates Next Week

There are many September birthdays next week and among them James Norris Gillett who was born 154 years ago on September 20, 1860. A little more about Governor Gillett later in the post, but it is fascinating to me that he was born in Viroqua, Wisconsin where we have relatives still living. He then made his way to Eureka, California where we also have relatives living -- small world . . .

And we have nine couples celebrating anniversaries next week -- best wishes to all!

More Back 2 School

I sure do love and their collection of yearbooks and I found another relative among those pictured:

Fay Adele is a 1st cousin of mine and I always had good feelings about her. Above you can see her pictured in Wheaton College's yearbook in 1944.

Wheaton, Illinois was not that far from where we lived in LaGrange, Illinois at the time,  I believe that I only saw Fay Adele a few times in my life -- but she did attend my first wedding in Glendale, California as she was a school teacher in nearby South Pasadena, California.

The Search this Week

Mostly I found myself working on fleshing out some of the details surrounding the life and family members of James Norris Gillett.

In looking at the information that I had accumulated over the years about the Governor I realized that I was missing various details -- e.g. the date that he and his first wife, Adelaide Pratt got married. I did not readily see anyone with a tree showing that date.

After searching through, eventually I found the information -- James Norris Gillett and Adelaide Pratt were married in Alameda County, California on Christmas Eve 1886. She was 23 years of age and he was 26.

It is always a "high" when I find a document proving a life event and this case is no exception. On the bottom entry above is the proof of the marriage.

The unfortunate facts are that Adelaide only lived til the age of 33 as she died in 1896. She and James had three children at that time, two daughters and a son. James would marry again later and have another son, James Jr.

I found other items for many of the James Norris Gillett branch which I'll share in later posts.

Lastly this Week

Thank goodness for the NFL. It has provided us with many hours of enjoyment this last week. We watched several games -- and some I actually can recall the scores . . .

I know we actually watched five games last week but I can not recall the fifth game at the moment.
We also watched two Thursday Night games as well as Monday Night Football . . .

We look forward to watching da' Bears and the Niners tomorrow and we'll peek at the Raider's game too and see how their new quarterback is doing after losing the first game . . .

So, that was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday Night so it is burgers Salmon (poached) tonight . . .

See you all in a few!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

RUB - A - DUB - DUB (All 3 in the Tree)

The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, all three are found in our family tree. We'll identify  each in future posts -- but I know some of them . . .

It felt like November this morning when I went outside with Dino. The late nights and early mornings have definitely cooled.

The activity at the school by us has certainly made us aware of the schedule and the voices at recess bring us to another period of time and is pleasant.

Next Week Dates

Several birth-dates to celebrate in the coming week as well as a few September weddings:

Best wishes to all!

Speaking of Dayts

Growing up it was a treat for us kids to visit with our Grandparents in Chicago AND every once in a while we would be treated to a ride in their auto and often it was for the purpose of taking us to the store for clothes.

My Grandfather Dayton Bumgardner kept his car in their garage behind their house. Most of the time when visiting we would go with my Grandmother, Mamie, to shop for groceries and for that kind of shopping we always walked pulling a cart to carry purchases in.

We would go to an individual meat market, an individual bakery, an individual produce stand and an individual grocery store -- not at all like the super stores of today. But my Grandparents usually knew all these folks and the trips were mostly pleasant.

But for the times that we visited and did other shopping -- Dayton would get the Pontiac out:

That is Dayton in his finest and that is his (I think) 1937 Pontiac Deluxe touring sedan. Actually the picture of the car is one that I took after my brother pointed out to me that someone had a car just like our Grandfather's close by in town.

I hustled over and took some photos and while the car is being restored I have started to restore some of the pictures. The car needs a lot of body work but all in all it looks like Dayton's car and has brought back some very nice memories. Who knows, maybe it IS Dayton's old Pontiac . . .

The Status of the Searching

I did a lot of searching this week and a lot of it wound up related to the Gillett family. I have taken to working the "hints" in and have been having a lot of luck filling in and documenting tons of folks.

What happens is that when I find a relative and work the "shaky leaves" I find more and more relatives and details.

Above are just some of the Gillet cousins that I updated this week. The interesting thing about their name is that so many of the records report an "e" on the end when there shouldn't be one. And I have to think that after a while families just let the "e" stay.

Also the above four cousins had pictures associated with the information that I found -- either for a school photo or possibly an obituary photo. I love being able to see the folks that we are related to which makes the connection that much better.

My process is usually to work the tree then put the info into Family Tree Maker and finally into  Hiles & Related Families Genealogy Pages. Sometimes as well I put some into GENI.

I look forward to starting the day doing the above and working at various times during the day finding "just one more" relative.

Housing Projects

We have been somewhat lax in doing any major improvements the last several months. Earlier we did so many that we took a break for a bit.

But now more out of necessity than anything else we are going to replace all of the fences around the home. And five of our neighbors also have gotten together and we have agreed on style and height and we have a company putting together an estimate for each of us five homeowners.

It is so nice that our neighbors all agree and want to move forward with replacing these original fences -- all the homes were built about the same time and all of the fences are the originals and all are in risk of total collapse.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be looking at a fence like the above. They are higher than our present fence and needed agreement from all the families involved -- which everyone did.

Lastly This Week

We were so happy to see the football season begin on Thursday night this week -- and the game was a thriller -- probably not for the Green Bay Packers though.

Once Seattle took the lead they kept it and won a very convincing game. The Packers are having to reexamine some of their playing . . .

We are hoping that the Forty-Niners do as well as the Seahawks when they play the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow -- we'll see.

After I finish writing this I'll check out the USC / Stanford game which we have recorded and is usually fun to see,

So, that is a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and that means burgers Salmon Steaks.

See you all in a few!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall is Near -- Some Fell Last Week

Of course, what else could be the BIG news of the week other than -- QUAKE! Both Gail and I were abruptly awakened in the early morning hours last Sunday and we both said:  "Earthquake" and I listened for sirens or other signs of imminent danger and then went back to sleep . . .

The above shows just a sample of the destruction and there are hundreds of red-tagged structures. Fortunately there does not seem to be any fatalities relating to this event.

This is the largest California earthquake since Loma Prieta in 1989 which was 6.9 compared to this one, 6.0.
I was fortunate enough to miss Loma Prieta as I was visiting my son in Germany at that time.

We look at this quake and immediately think about the possibilities here in Healdsburg of such a quake -- from time to time we do feel small quakes as they hit locally.

There is no mistaking the feel of your house shaking for what seems like "forever". The "wake-up" call sent by these quakes are soon forgotten to some extent and we continue our everyday lives hoping NOT to experience additional events . . .

We received calls from concerned relatives the next day and as we had slept soundly after being awakened we had not seen the news about Napa and were surprised to see all that happened.

Dates Next Week

There are a ton of birthdays next week, though some of them represent just the month as I did not know the exact day:

There are also many wedding anniversaries including Marilee & Bill, my sister and husband. So we wish all the very best on these dates!

Now, Even More Back to School

Last week I posted a couple of "back to school" mementos and I have four additional ones this week -- all courtesy of and their "School Yearbooks -- 1880-2012" collection:

Top left is Gail's mom from her senior picture at Bremerton High School in 1937. Top right is Marv Hiles in 1951 pictured in the Lions Township High Orchestra photo. Bottom right is Marilee Hiles singing in the Hinsdale Township High's Chorus in 1954. And lastly -- me -- in 1963 at PCC, Foreign Language Council.

I will continue to seek other yearbook photos from Ancestry and post them. I know that there are a lot more to discover and they are adding books all the time. Maybe I should donate my old yearbooks to them . . .

Now What is on Our Nightstand . . .

Actually we still are finishing up (one more night) reading "Taking the Lead" by Derek Hough. His book has been very upbeat and a pleasure to read. I am sure that he will write follow up books as he is still a young man -- and we look forward to them.

But our next read is sitting next to Derek's book and we'll probably start tonight:

This book was finished being written this year and has great reviews. John Wayne of course was a legend for our generation and we look forward to reading this book.

One thing I remember from my days living in Orange County -- besides the "John Wayne Airport" -- I remember seeing his yacht in Newport Beach -- the "Wild Goose".  What makes this so interesting to me is that the ship was a Navy Minesweeper, used in WWII and then converted to a personal yacht.

My younger brother served in the Navy during Vietnam on the USS Gallant, a minesweeper that had a complement of about 70 - 80 sailors. I believe that the "Wild Goose" and the USS Gallant were similar.

Speaking of Reading . . .

I have always enjoyed reading and usually I read some before going to sleep every night and I have done this since childhood.  For whatever reason just yesterday I was reminded of a night almost exactly 53 years ago this Sunday night -- September 1, 1961.

I was still living in Hinsdale, Illinois and on this particular evening I was reading while on our "jealousie" porch which has the kind of louvered windows that allows for a lot of air to be let in. This night was the afterglow of a stormy day and the air was fresh.

While reading in the wee hours (around 2 am) I heard a horrendous crash off in the not-too-far distance. Since we lived about a mile from a major Interstate (Route 83) I quickly assumed that it was a major truck accident.  When more and more sirens began to wail, I got up to see about investigating:

It turned out far worse than I imagined -- at the time it was one of the worst single-plane disasters in the U.S.

My older brother, who happened to be visiting at the time got up also and we ventured out a couple of miles to the scene of the above crash. We were fairly early onto the site and of course the fires and the smells were unforgettable.

We walked a bit out of curiosity along with others until we were sickened by what we saw. Even today, 53 years later I can "see" the images in my mind's eye.

The plane pictured above looks small compared to current models and of course it was "prop-job" not a jet. But it was large plane for it's day and after the investigation was concluded it was determined that the cause of the crash most likely was a missing bolt . . . 78 folks lost their lives in the crash -- no survivors.

Find-A-Grave has created a virtual cemetery for many of those folks at a site there for TWA Flight 529.

Current Sports Viewing

We still are watching the Giants play baseball, but now mostly if there is NO football game. Next week the regular season NFL games begin and we are anxious to watch.  It is amazing the difference in watching a pre-season game and a regular season game:

Above you can see the schedule for Week #1. We'll be recording several of the games to view. This week during the last pre-season games we watched both the Forty-Niner's and the Raider's games even though they were being shown at the same time live -- thank goodness for the DVR.

And I have to say that the Raider's first-time quarterback, Derek Carr was impressive to watch even though I have a hard time getting "into" a Raider game . . .

After the Niner's had a two and two pre-season, we hope that they can move forward with a winning style -- it makes it sooo much more fun to watch.

And, Lastly

It is hard to believe that 242 days have already gone by in 2014 with 123 remaining. And it is hard to believe that we are in a major holiday weekend:

However you celebrate -- have a great day! It is Saturday and that means burgers tonight!

See you all in a few!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Burgers -- Baseball -- Apple (Sauce)

It is that time of the year when the apple trees in our yard keep dropping tons of apples. Since most of these are damaged and heavily pecked by the birds, if we wanted to make applepie applesauce we then pick the amount we need and begin processing.

Gail is peeling, cutting and getting the apples ready for slowly cooking to make the sauce. Dino is watching patiently in the event anything were to hit the ground -- but he would not like the apples anyway . . .

Dates From the Tree for Next Week:

Again a fair amount of birthdays next week and for some recognizable folks . . .

Gail and I celebrate an anniversary next week as do seven other couples.

Best wishes to all!

More Back to School

Last week our local public schools started their "fall" classes. I wandered around some data bases and in and found a couple of school related items:

My mother always said that "High School" was a very pleasant experience for her. She was raised in Chicago and graduated from Lake View High in 1929:

I always find it interesting to read these old yearbooks and even though I do not have the yearbook above, did. And the above shows my mother's senior picture and one other of her in the "home economics" club.

So there are three references to Ruth Bumgardner in the book including a "Verse or Worse" relating to certain folks, my mother being one.

The caption on her senior photo mentions "Moser Business College" which did not happen as she enrolled in Nurses Training instead.

When graduation came that year the U.S. economy was still very much in a boom -- but by the fall the Wall Street crash happened and the class of '29 was the first to experience the beginning of the "Great Depression".

My mother's younger brother (by 14 years) is Stewart Bumgardner and I happened across him in a year book from the University of Illinois in 1948:

Pictured with his fraternity -- Delta Chi -- he is in the top row, farthest right.  By this time, 1948, the depression was over as was WWII (which Stewart served in) and the boom years were starting again.

Stew was always a favorite Uncle and was considered to be very studious. He was someone that the kids in our family looked-up-to.

I managed to find a few other of our folks in various yearbooks -- thank you -- and from time to time I will refer to them.

Some Cousins in Indiana

So many of our cousins come from Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia and several other states but only a few have shown up in Indiana.

Above is the obituary for George William Hiles, who is my 4th cousin once removed ( a generation apart).

George seems to have led a very interesting & rewarding life including raising 5 children, playing the drums in various bands and enjoying car and motorcycle racing.

Here is how he is related:

George comes down the line from Christopher Hiles (brother to our 3rd Gr Grandfather John Jr). I do not know the reason that they wound up in Indiana, but it looks as though George's Grandfather, David Martin Hiles was the first to live (and die) in Indiana.

To see a slice of  George's tree (data from the obituary):

There are lot more things to learn about the cousins in Indiana and over time we'll probably uncover facts and maybe even meet and communicate with some of them -- I hope to.

WDYTYA -- This Week

I have been relating a bit about the weekly shows from Who Do You Think You Are. This week I felt was a particularly strong show -- featuring Kelsey Grammer. It was truly amazing to see and relate to his astonishment as some of the details of his family were revealed to him.

I am not sure who will be featured next week, but I know that I'll be watching. As a matter of fact I believe all the episodes can be viewed in a variety of places as well as rerun on TLC -- check it out.

That was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and it will be burgers tonight!  See you all in a few!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

School . . . Bleak Week For Some

Unbelievably, school started in the public schools here in Healdsburg on Thursday, August 14. We know that means a lot of things to different folks. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago we never went back to school until just after labor day.

There are a lot of kids in town that have not gone back to school as yet because they go to private schools, lucky them.

Since our backyard backs up to an elementary school playfield, the sounds of recess have begun to waft across the fence and brings several emotions to the former school-teacher (Gail) who lives here, plus she has great fondness for her days at the University of Puget Sound . . .

Dates Next Week

Many familiar names are on the list for next week:

Best wishes to them all!

Bought on eba Recently

I like to check eba for items relating to our family. Several years back I managed to outbid someone for the "HILES ICE CREAM" sign which now hangs outside on our pool house wall along with several other family items.   Joining them soon will be my latest find:

The red sign to the left came from the HILES FIRE DEPARTMENT in of course Hiles, Wisconsin. I am happy to be able to put it up with the other memorabilia "out back".

I actually have been to Hiles, Wisconsin -- several years ago, and while I have yet to tie us to the founders of the town (there are actually two HILES, Wisconsins) I feel a close identity. How many Hiles branches  can there be anyway . . .


This week's program featured Valerie Bertinelli. Her story was very interesting in that she was able to learn quite a bit about both her father's line and her mother's line. Her father's line is Italian and her mother's line is English -- but SOME English!

It turns out that her mother's line links directly (through the Claypooles) to King Edward 1st . . . very impressive. And how nice it would be to find something like that out . . .

Next week -- Kelsey Grammer will be featured. I look forward to seeing his story.

So What is on Our Nightstand (and our iPad . . .)

We finished reading the book "Behind the Curtain" all about Jay Leno and the Tonight Show. We found the book to be excellent and we enjoyed reading it together.

So, what is next?

Since one of our favorite TV shows is "Dancing With the Stars" it was a natural to select the above book written by one of the stars of that show. Even though he is still a young man he has a lot to share about his "take" on life and we are enjoying his book.

While the above is a book we are reading together, I have a couple that I have on my iPad that I am reading whenever I grab the time:

Having lived through the "Watergate" period I purchased the Audible version of "The Nixon Defense" by John W Dean. When I take the time the book is read to me and I can stop and start whenever I want to and the book is bookmarked for me to pick up later . . .

Then, on my Kindle app on the iPad, I have the book "David and Goliath" by Gladwell and this book I do the reading one page at a time. I also can start and stop whenever I want to and can enlarge the print or look up words etc.

The iPad using Audible and/or Kindle is really nice. While physical books are great, the ability to carry several with you on an iPad is a bonus. I have many books on the iPad and so I can pick and choose which one I would like to read or be read to . . .

Lastly, an update on found-stuff

I did manage to find tons of little clues here and there across a wide spectrum of the family tree. While browsing through an issue of "The Spirit Lake Beacon" -- Spirit Lake, Iowa (on I spotted this ad:

Since our family never really talked about many of the Iowa relatives, I never knew about "BOYD'S , THE MEN'S SHOP" until now.

A couple of posts ago I had published the information about Penn Blair and his unfortunate story and this shop was owned by his father Boyd Blair, a first cousin of mine.

That is a bit of our week. It is Saturday, burgers tonight!  See you all in a few!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Taking Care of Business

Often lately our business has had to do with the health care system with respect to us -- this week we attended to the needs of our faithful pooch Dino. He never complains (nor ever barks) but we did notice that he had a little redness in the corner of one eye.

We waited a couple of days to see if it got better, but it did not. We made the appointment and took him into see his favorite vet place. The first event -- just like with us -- they weighed him. Oops, it looks like age is catching up with his metabolism so a "slight" reduction in feed is called for.

In addition, after a thorough examination Dino got medication for the eye infection, medication for an ear infection AND medication for the rash on his belly . . .he is a lab.

The hood he is wearing is a hassle and he isn't totally smooth on his navigation through the house, not unlike others I know. But the pill pockets that we put the antibiotic pills in are a huge hit -- he loves hickory . . .

His prognosis is good and he looks better already. He is so patient though with that hood -- we take it off for him to eat his reduced rations.

Dates Next Week

Lots of birthdays, few wedding anniversaries. There are a lot of familiar names on the upcoming birthday list. For those names that you do not recognize, if you'd like check them out at

Who Do You Think You Are -- This Week

It was another week highlighting the amazing things that we can learn about our ancestors, or in this case the ancestors of the McAdams sisters, Kayleen & Rachel.

A few generations back on their maternal side the sisters uncovered a gr gr gr grandfather who happened to make his living as a "footman" in the service of others. First they learned what that occupation entailed and then they actually visited the house in-which he was employed.

Unfortunately there often was a high risk in that profession and their ancestor died at an early age of that related risk factor. If they had only just seen the dates and geographical references they would never have found out the circumstances surrounding this part of their heritage.

Things Found in My Search -- This Week

I found a ton of small details for a variety of folks in our tree -- but I'll mention really just one for now. I have talked about a favorite cousin of my Mother's before, Charles Keith Bumgardner. I had only ever heard of him as "Keith Bumgardner" from my Mother, I never met him.

This week I stumbled across a form that he filled out in 1950 when he was applying to receive some military pay due to him pertaining to WWII:

Above you can see both his relationship to me and the form that he filled out. It looked like he was applying to receive $415 due him for his service. The amount is interesting but what I found more interesting was on the second page he listed the name of his current wife -- a name that I had not seen before -- Dorothy Bumgardner with her address in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania..

I will have to do more research with respect to that "new" name, which is often the case when finding new documents . . .

The other piece of information that I found this week for Keith was his final resting place. I knew that after WWII he had returned to Japan, married a Japanese lady and had at least one more daughter, Mariko. But I did not expect to see his gravestone -- that comes courtesy of Find-A-Grave:

Apparently this cemetery is primarily for those from other countries who have died while living in Japan. The grounds look very well attended.

Sporting Choices This Week

As soon as Thursday came about this week, baseball quickly took a backseat to football. Preseason football began for real and we watched (most of) the game between the 49ers and the Ravens, a battle between the brother coaches named Harbaugh.

Above you can see this week's preseason NFL action some of which is taking place tonight. We did watch a bit of the game between the Vikings and "that other team" just enough to convince us though that we had better things to do.

Preseason NFL, while fun to watch, probably will not take us away from watching the SF Giants play until the real season gets started in September -- then there are only so many sporting entertainment hours available for us . . . we are also anxiously awaiting (a week from Sunday) for the first game that the 49ers will play in their brand-new Levi Stadium.

Lastly -- A Sad Farewell

Sadly Gail and I lost a friend of many years this week and may she R.I.P. !

The above photo was taken on February 28, 2014 . . .

That was a bit of our week. See you all in a few.