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Friday, October 10, 2008

First Results from new "sour dough starter"

All looks fairly successful, but since this was whole wheat the loaves were tasty but somewhat dense in texture.

I added white flour to the next "feedings" of the starter and switched to a white sour dough starter. The results were much better and I baked the loaves longer than these -- almost twice as long -- half at 450 degrees and half at 400 degrees.

I used the left over bread to make croutons for the "chef style" salad we usually have at least once per week.

I now have a "resting" starter in the refrigerator awaiting it's next feeding.

On another front -- it felt cold today until about mid-afternoon -- tonight is the football game -- hope it is not too cold . . . looking forward to those bleachers though.

And the week goes on . . .
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