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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Robin Pests . . .

For the last couple of years our silence -- usually in the morning, but sometimes in the afternoon, has been broken with the sounds of tapping on our deck area windows. After staking out the culprit we found it to be two large Robins. In the photo you can see one of their favorite resting spots in between the tapping.
The birds fly up to the windows and begin pecking while they flap their wings. We have tried hanging spangle type streamers to ward them off -- to no avail -- they just fly between them and peck away. This goes on for an hour or so almost every day . . . I think we have come up with a solution (after two years).
In my next blog I'll present our current solution that appears so far to be working at least for the last few days.

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday the kind of day that is crystal clear after a rainy period . . . we mostly will enjoy it while watching football . . .

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