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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sun, Societies and Sliders

The major news in our part of the world this week was the weather! Was it different than the previous two weeks -- you bet. Monday started the 70s & 80s trend (degrees that is). There was a report that a special Spare-the-Air day was called as a result of the many BBQs brought out and put into use . . .

While our animals did essentially the same -- this pic was found on StumbleUpon and depicts life in the sun.

Last week two HILES ancestors were featured with their involvement in the Civil War. It is amazing how much reference there still is to that war. As I have mentioned when I was in grammar school we pretty much chose our alliances based on the colors Blue or Gray. But I also recall hearing my Grandfather, Dayton Bumgardner, talking about an organization -- a Society -- referred to as the GAR. I did not pay that much attention in my younger years as to what that was all about -- but since then I have learned a few things about that society and a couple of others:

The GAR was established April 6, 1866 in Decatur, Illinois. Membership was limited to veterans of the Union forces, honorably discharged. Posts were established throughout the country -- five U.S. Presidents were members. The organization was very politically active in addition to working to gain benefits for the veterans including soldiers homes, relief and pension legislation. The actual meetings and induction rituals were very much like the Masonic rituals. Because membership was strictly limited, the GAR encouraged the formation of other groups. The
last member died in 1956 at 109 years of age.

One of the subsequent groups formed was the  Sons of

Union Veterans of the Civil War. This group was 
formed in 1881 in Pennsylvania. It functioned much like the National Guard and actually served along side state mlitias in the Spanish American War.When first formed it was known as a Corps of Cadets. Later this group evolved into the actual Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW). There was some involvement in WWI and subsequently the group became a "training company" of the U.S. Army. In recent years the mission of this society is one of historic, ceremonial and commemorative. Prior to disbanding, the GAR officially designated SUVCW as it's successor and heir to its remaining property.

The Masons  -- is another group that my Grandfather not only talked about but was very active in and I'll give more details in a subsequent post.

This week also kept me busy with my class on "Social Networking". I have learned a lot and have actually joined some sites that I had been reluctant to before.  And I joined the "Perry County, Ohio Genealogical Society" because so many HILES ancestors lived there.

Another exciting addition to my genealogy tools was obtained this week.

With this device I hope to add some videos not only to this blog but also to my family website. I have only had this for two days and I need to perfect producing the right quality of video for publishing. So far it is very easy to use and it takes great videos -- it is just that the user (me) needs to overcome the learning curve.

Thanks to cousins Elaine and Bruce for their newsy and interesting and informative emails this week! Elaine informed me of a book just coming out that may contain HILES facts -- and which I have ordered. Bruce related several  "squirrel" stories and revealed that he is the holder of some Hiles information that would be a welcome addition to the tree.

And now, as the sun is out once again (it might rain today) I am getting the pieces together for another Slider Saturday Night . . . here is what they will look like, mmmmm :

See you all next week!

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