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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who's Your DNA ? Y, that is . . .

What would be more fitting on Father's Day than to go all the way back . . . to "DNA Adam", who's before him is someone else's determination . . .

But before we go there, we, Gail & I & Auggie on our morning walk, spotted this beautiful Magnolia tree in bloom. The weather here has been beautiful all week with a few days near the 90s mark. Today though it is cooler and that is better for walking.

Lately after walking Auggie has shown two traits -- one, he heads for the water bowl and then if he determines that no treats are in store, he heads for some place to rest . . . two weeks ago we bought him a new bed which he really loves.

This is Auggie's new bed -- but as you can see, Ms Kitty likes it too -- he never would ask her to remove herself, but calmly waits for to be done and then he slips in. They each still have alternate beds to sleep in and throughout the day they play musical beds.

Now, to get back to Father's Day weekend and the recognition attached to that. Each of us has a paternal line whether we know the participants or not -- part of what I do is to seek out the players for my paternal line and for those of others around me -- e.g. Gail. Both of us know pretty much back 7 or 8 generations who the "father" is in the line. Beyond that there are means to go farther back and then really farther back.

This is my paternal line -- I actually know a couple of other generations out on each end but for today's post this will do.

This is Gail's paternal line and we also know additional generations for this line too.

So, for those of us still searching for the "way back" paternal line we have to rely on another source for now.
Several years ago I turned in my cheek swabs to have my Y-DNA tested with respect to genealogy. I continue to get matches and near-matches which some day will provide us with hopefully direct links in the paternal line. The thing to remember about Y-DNA testing is that it shows only the links from a father to a son. (only males carry the "y" chromosome) There are tests that show the links for mother to mother to mother -- but this is a Father's Day post . . .

This is the company that I used for my testing -- I believe that they are the best in this field and through their testing and through the sharing of results we stand a high opportunity for success.

To me -- this whole DNA testing arena can be be very confusing very fast. I am hoping for some real matches that are close enough to build the branches out in the paternal lines. At the same time there is another perspective to think about -- and that is -- more anthropologically in scope -- in other words "from where did we originate" . . . and that leads to "DNA-Adam":

As you can see here -- "DNA-ADAM" originated in Africa how many ever 10s of thousands of years ago
The HILES line is estimated to be in the J1 group and that has it's origin estimated 25,000 years ago. So that is a big leap from the 1700s that I now know for sure to whatever date that would be . . .

To get my arms around all of this I have read some books and now I am attending a series of three webinars put on by the folks at:

I attended the first webinar this week and the two remaining will be next week and the week after that. It takes me about that long just to digest this material -- maybe, just maybe after revisiting this subject over and over I'll be able to feel more comfortable with it . . .

One thing I am more comfortable with is some of the other addresses that I personally have a connection with:

Here are some that have meaning to me and to many in the tree . . .

So went my week, it is Saturday night and soon we will be serving "sliders" . . . see you in a few.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, i can place three of the house numbers, but can't recognize 1745 ... any hints? Marv