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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hiles/Bumgardner,Bouldron/Rahman WWI

This week has exhibited a variety of weather types for us. Everything from semi-warm to quite chilly with both rain and sunshine. But there was definitely something in the "air" besides the weather changes. It became apparent to me when I was working at my desk one evening and I looked outside in the newly darkened skies (due to the time change) and was amazed at the sight:

Just over the roof of the house across the street was a very full and very bright moon. For some reason when I was still working at a career type job the full moon seemed to always bring about a "difference" in the way people and events happened. The sight of the full moon explained to me why the week was "feeling different" or it might just have been my imagination . . .

It is hard to believe that it is November already. And the fact that we have the interesting combination of the date -- 11-11-11 -- is fascinating. I have always enjoyed seeing unique number combinations and I have been known to glance at the speedometer every-once-in-a-while just to see if another "important" number is about to appear. But the fact that 11-11-11 is Veteran's Day got me to thinking about our two families and some events that occurred that were common to them and to most throughout our country. Veteran's Day or Armistice Day also known as "Remembrance Day" commemorates  the end of the first World War -- the "War to end all Wars"  . . . and now the day is a day to remember all military servicemen from all wars and thank them for their sacrifice and service -- which we do.

But in looking at my family and Gail's family our two sets of Grandfathers (all four) have a unique record that shows up when doing family military history -- the World War I Draft Cards. What is interesting for our four Grandfathers is that none of them served in the active military, but were registered in case they were needed. This registration came in the year that the war ended -- 1918:

If you click on the above you can see more detail that is presented on these cards. One thing that I find neat is the signatures of our Grandfathers. And then the addresses showing where they lived in 1918 and the names of their closest relative -- usually their wife's name. Also there is a brief physical description as well and I am always surprised that someone is a certain height and/or they had a certain color eyes -- things that  I had overlooked.

I have collected many WWI Draft cards for many of the folks in "our" tree and they can be found and seen by visiting the Hiles website --   

About the time period of the birth of the above Grandfathers was also the birth of some other memorable and recognizable icons -- the symbols used to designate Republicans and Democrats. There is a very interesting story about how that came to be -- and I found it in a website (History Buff) just click on this link to read the fascinating story . . .  Republican -- Democrat

I had always had other reasons as to why the symbols were used . . .

Just in time for the coming holiday . . .

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays -- besides the food it is just plain relaxing usually unless it is your responsibility to "fix" dinner. But I have always wanted to make the following for Thanksgiving but for one reason or another have not done it -- and probably won't do it this year since we have been invited out . . .

Now doesn't that look scrumptious -- I am getting hungry just looking at it. I can smell the aroma and anticipate how a large fork-full would taste and the wonderful "after-glow" that comes from a turkey dinner. I think back to the days when we were off to "Grandma's" for Thanksgiving dinner -- usually we ate around 3 pm -- which gave us time for turkey sandwiches later in the evening after some hours spent around my Grandfather's pool table . . .

If you are ready to fix the above here is the link for details:  Turducken  If you fix this please let me know how it turned out.

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Guide Dog Training this Week

We had another very interesting training session this week at the Guide Dogs for the Blind session. All the puppies went to the mall . . . The Santa Rosa Mall this time. We had a great time and the puppies were so well behaved. Since we do not have our own puppy (yet) Gail got to borrow "Scooter" for this training:

Here is Scooter and Gail cruising the mall . . . they went throughout the whole place including the food court. The public almost always "breaks out" the smiles as we walk by them and many want to share their puppy stories as we "work" . . .

Things To-Do In Healdsburg

One thing that might be fun to do during a Thanksgiving break would be the following -- as long as the weather permits.  It looks like real fun (I have always wanted to ride one of those things . . .) and there is NO peddling. Check it out here:    Segway of Healdsburg

And so another week has flown by, later we will be enjoying the newly made (now frozen) batch of slider patties. Have a good week, see you in a few!

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