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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bed Bag Beg & Beyond in Wine Country

The week was filled with "things" to do and with excellent weather except for today -- what happened. All week there were bright sunny skies and warming trends. Today there was a marine layer (fog) plus noticeable mist in the early morning hours . . . jackets were worn on the way out this morning.
I continued to do volunteer indexing for to assist in getting the 1940 Census indexed and more user friendly. Since I have done pages from almost all of the states now, I am concentrating more on just the states in which we have relatives -- or the possibility of relatives. For the fun of it I did locate some folks in the 1940 Census who currently live in our town -- unfortunately they are not relatives. I also found some folks in other trees that I work on -- in the 1940 Census.All fun to do . . .

For my search on current folks going back in time I find myself -- I can only hope temporarily -- at a place many genealogists find themselves every now and again:

Do any of you recognize this place. It does seem to have patches and things and so that is a good thing. I hope to be behind this only for a short while . . . a brick wall pretty much means breaking through it or maybe climbing over it to move forward -- or backward as the case may be.

While I may be hemmed in a little in terms of linear research I have filled my days with a lot of "fleshing out"  of some of the folks that I have uncovered -- meaning I have dug into a lot of old newspapers and found numerous tidbits about a variety of folks from our tree. From time to time I'll share some of that info here and on my website(s).

Finalizing Other Projects

The back deck is taking shape. The removal of the hot tub and the replacing of the railings and slats and painting of all that are now complete -- we have brought the deck furniture out and maybe we will actually sit on some of it and enjoy the moment . . .

The above is a collage of the deck and free of all furniture -- for the moment. The French doors also got a new set of retractable screens installed as well. We are looking forward to the next project that is formulating in the minds of many as we speak . . .

Snoopy & Dino Meet

One of the neat things about GDB training has been the nice variety of training sessions that our leader has presented to us -- this week was no exception. All the puppies met on the grounds of the Charles M Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa. It is here that Dino got to stand next to the famous Snoopy.
The group went through a variety of exercises outside in the evening warmth -- then we all went into the ice arena to view the ongoing hockey game and to enjoy the fresh cool air.
Dino and the other puppies were all well behaved and actually appeared to be interested in the hockey players as they moved around the rink. After viewing the game we had a brief meeting in the Warm Puppy Cafe -- very nice!

We had been to the arena before -- but not as a group of puppy trainers. It is amazing to see even the 11 week old puppy behave so well with the rest of the group. Watching the skaters on the rink-ice made me think back to the days when I lived on Ruth Lake and in the winter we would shovel off a patch of ice and play hockey the rest of the day. This is where my younger brother took on the look of a "hockey player" by stopping the puck with his front teeth . . .

A Special Day of Thanks

It is the day we set aside each year to pay tribute to our Mothers and for all they do and did for us. Today I  paid tribute to my wife for all the "motherly" things she does and has done over the years.Since she is not one for "serious" cards the following was somewhat appropriate:

You can see that Dino and I actually worked together on this and Dino even inspired the gift that accompanied the card -- a new "bag" made especially to carry his necessities while we are out and about with him -- nice, huh . . . she likes it:

Above you can see Gail adjusting the strap on the bag AND can see Dino from his NEW bed watching. We are actually on our way out to a "Mother's Day Brunch" looking to fill up for two of the three meals of this day . . .

Opening Day at the Farmer's Market

Yesterday was hot and we avoided the afternoon heat by walking in the morning heat to town. Actually it turned out to be pleasant and we are glad to have gone early. We passed by the ball fields as games were going on and made our way to the market. We felt good about taking Dino because he is not a "pet" dog but a working dog, so he is allowed into the market. Prior to now we had to leave our dog at home when we went to the market. We did notice though three other dogs -- of the pet quality -- in the market . . .

The market was crowded with people -- not a whole lot of produce though as it is so early in the season. We did manage to buy a box of delicious cherries and looked at the mostly plants and assorted items. It was nice to see so many people out and we look forward to returning to get the produce when it arrives.

The Way Back Home

After sitting for awhile to rest we started back home along a different route and part of that we walked down one of the alleys in town. Much to our delight we found a "fence" that we'd like to duplicate in our yard -- and soon -- because the fence we have we are discovering is starting to crumble in places . . .

We are glad that we chose this alley to walk home a large part of the way. Besides no traffic at all we enjoyed the different view of things. The red garage reminded me of so many that I remember while growing up in the Midwest. The cactus is actually in the backyard of folks from our tree who live in town -- needless to say the walk home was nice.

Some Yesterday Ads

As I mentioned earlier when I ran into the brick wall I diverted by searching through old newspapers for any articles that I could find that were connected to folks from the tree. But along the way on some of the pages where I found articles I also took some time to peak at some ads. The ads from other eras really can be enlightening as to how life was at that moment in time:

The above ads are from three different papers and from three different time periods. I have always been interested in automobiles and the ads for them -- top left is an ad for a 1950 Pontiac and I remember that car well, the price is nice too. On the top right I personally do not know that car like I knew the Pontiac -- but some of you might. The 1929 Pierce-Arrow, a straight eight -- priced more than the Pontiac and it was twenty one years earlier -- right before the "crash of '29".

Speaking of Mothers and all that they do and did -- my Mother always bought Allsweet Oleomargarine.The above 1939 ad appeared in the Seattle Times but it probably appeared nationally and my Mother probably took advantage of the 10 cents off coupon. The interesting thing about the ad above is that it shows (I cut off most of the dealers) local dealers in the market that would accept the coupon AND one of those dealers in the Seattle area was a first cousin of Gail's -- see the highlighted Jack Bouldron owned store on Madison Street in Seattle . . . so on that page I got a bonus "hit".

The State of the "Net"

Someone must have been listening in, in my office this week. For some reason I have lost the "internet connection" many times in the last few weeks. I actually know though that it is due to the new router I added recently. Adding a new router is one of the all time worst activities relating to using the computer that I have grown to dislike -- a lot.

It is always amazing to me when I read a daily comic and it actually relates to what is happening now. The above desk and pile of wires could be mine -- and this week too, besides the router thing, I finally (at the urging of someone close to me) unplugged the dual keyboard and mouse that I had left attached because I did not want to face going in behind the desk to remove the connections from the tower. After unplugging the keyboard and the mouse everything was fine except that a wire got "jiggled" for the phone connection and service was disrupted -- luckily for me I discovered the loose wire in the cable modem . . . I just want these things "to work" the way they are supposed to . . .

And so went our week -- last night we enjoyed maybe the best burgers ever. Tonight, since we got to combine two meals into "brunch" we are having a form of pork for dinner -- most likely chops . . .

See you all "in a few".

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