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Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Fall -- Shuttle/Trains -- GDB Training

I can really tell that it is fall -- which began a day ago. The nights and the mornings are much cooler than they have been, but the midday is still often warm enough to warrant the a/c . . . so we have toggled that back and forth. The skies though have been much more interesting lately as well:
The above shows a late evening sky towards the west -- I just missed the sun as it disappeared quickly. The pelican in the middle picture is looking good . . .

GDB -- Training 

Dino's week really began with our weekly training session -- this week we had a session in the Rohnert Park 4H Center and it was a chance to say farewell to our Regional Trainer, Celeste, who had been
in this current territory for some 16 years. The territory has grown so much that GDB has to realign the

Above are some pictures relating to this training -- Dino is in the top photos with another handler, and
doing well. The other photos are mostly of the "new pup" that joined this week -- "Texas" who also is doing well AND she gave her initial bark upon joining the group, all the new puppies seem to do that, bark once and then that's it . . .

Last Call for -- Tomatoes

The garden has produced tons of tomatoes this year and we think we have come to the end -- though we do see some stragglers out there:

This is the last batch -- we think -- of tomatoes about to be turned into sauce this year for us. We had pasta that night and it was "really good" and we even had some the next night as well. We also have a lot
frozen for those cold dark winter nights a coming.

Nothing Says "Fall" like the Home Show (and Train Show)

Every year we try to visit the Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa and visit the shows -- we enjoy the Home Show a lot and this year the Train Show was an added feature. The train show definitely is mostly attended by the fairly old and the fairly young -- it is not big with the in between crowd. This year though there were some great exhibits.

Mostly in the above you can see that it was "all about trains" more than homes this year. We were looking forward to getting more ideas for home improvement but maybe next time . . . as for the trains it was fun to see them, and I even talked to the vendor to whom I gave my "N" Gauge layout to last year.

If there are any trains in my future that would be surprising but it would be the Z gauge or the even smaller gauge (that fit in a briefcase) for me. Dino enjoyed peering at the moving targets though.

Trains, Planes and . . .

Speaking of an era -- Endeavo(u)r was seen this week in it's final air times. It was exciting to see the final photos of Endevour flying by the scenes in California on it's was to being put on exhibit in Los Angeles:

I looked up the spelling and it is officially the English way of spelling the word. But most of the captions I saw used the American way. By however you spell it -- it was spectacular and I would not mine visiting the exhibit at some time in the future.

Trains, Planes & Webinars

I did find time this week to work on genealogy AND to attend two very worthwhile webinars. Both were sponsored by Legacy Family Tree and were hosted by folks expert in their field and most capable of keeping my attention for the roughly three hours that I attended.

The first one was on "Using Your Digital Camera to Copy Records" -- I thought that I knew a lot about using my digital camera -- but I really learned a lot and will be putting to use some of that information as I go about my research. 

The second webinar was put on by the folks that make the "Heritage Collector" software that I recently purchased. I plan to utilize this software to achieve a variety of ways to not only present our family information but to safeguard the voluminous documents and photos . . . 

And Lastly

I was not going to mention this part at all -- but I changed my mind after receiving so many well wishes and chances to reminisce . . . 


On the top is a "playlist" created for this event by my brother and his wife (she did the calligraphy, too) and I have not played the CD yet, but will soon. But the cover had a picture of me on it when I was 7 years old (taken October 2, 1949) in the back yard of what we called "the little house". I had not seen this picture for probably that many years until recently receiving it from Marv.

The odd thing too was that I received two birthday cards that were retro in appearance and sentiment. I am very happy and thankful for these 70 years. The other photo is me at one year . . .

Thank you all!

That was our week, we had burgers last night -- Salmon tonight . . . see you in a few!

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