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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Harvest Light/PicConnect/Hiles-Bouldron

I keep thinking that any minute day week I'll find out that daylight savings time is over and I missed it . . . but I guess I still have two weeks. It sure seems to be about the time though as I am getting up in the dark more than ever:

The above photo group was taken at 6:50 pm (see the clock) and it was already dark. The sky was very interesting as the "crescent" type moon peeked over the pine trees out back. Out lighted grape lights automatically come on at dusk and Dino watched me intently as I took the photos . . .

But it is not only the darker morning and evenings that make it feel like "winter", it is the changing temperatures as well. We even have purchased all the ingredients for meatloaf already because it seemed "like the time" but then it got back in the 90s and we put the meat in the freezer to be used later.

Harvest Time . . .

We have had a great harvest season. The tomato crop was phenomenal and the same with the apple crop. But there comes a time for diminishing returns and that time is now:

The above represents the last harvest of the season for us with respect to tomatoes -- and what a bummer that we are going to have to purchase "supermarket" tomatoes again. We have been so spoiled all summer and we do have a lot of dried tomatoes and several batches of tomato sauce for the coming months.

The  next upcoming harvest though looks like lemons and we have a huge crop of those in all different stages of color and size. Maybe lemon meringue pie is in order -- Gail makes a mean pie . . .

CHECK OUT THE NEW VIDEO JUST ADDED TO THIS SITE  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I made this a few weeks back and in it are some of the new pups that are in our "Guides to Be" Guide Dogs for the Blind group. I used Animoto to create the one minute video, I plan to make more videos from time to time and add them to the blogsite. Let me know what you think.

Activities this Week

A lot of my attention this week dealt with photos -- which is not unusual -- but it seems that my desk has a few more picture piles on it than usual (a good thing). What makes it really fun for me is that I get to share the photos hopefully with people who enjoy viewing (and having) them. Recently Gail went through a box of her old slides and old movies and we took them to Costco and had them digitized and have fun viewing them now that they are on DVDs as we would never anymore get out a movie or a slide projector to view them.

But in the bottom of the box was one slide in a large silver glass enclosed oversized slide casing that we were not sure what to do with. Putting it on the scanner we were able to make out that two of the five people in the picture were Gail's Grandparents.

We took that slide to just about the only film/slide processor left in the county (Shutterbug). They said that they would not process it because they were afraid that they would break the glass. So while I tried to remove the film from between the glass -- I broke it -- at first I thought that all was lost, but there was a perfectly good piece of film that now Shutterbug said they could print -- so we had them do that:

The above photo came out perfectly fine and is one of the few that Gail has in color of her Grandparents. They are the couple to the right -- we have not identified the others yet. It is an interesting view of what appears to be a picnic. I can't imagine today seeing women in dresses and men in hats sitting out on some large rocks enjoying what appears to be coffee from a thermos . . . in a desert terrain. Hopefully we will be able to id the others and maybe the circumstances -- if anyone can help, that would be appreciated.

Another Highlight This Week

For several years I have been saying that I would join a local genealogical society AND actually attend meetings -- this week I actually did that along with Gail and Dino. What piqued my interest at this time was the subject of the speaker (identifying time frames in photos) and the fact that someone that I recently communicated with online recommended the group:

We three went to Finley Center in Santa Rosa and were there for about three hours and enjoyed the lecture and meeting a few of the members. We did sign up and I may volunteer for some of the committees for various activities. I look forward to maybe finding additional resources to overcome some of the brickwall situations in my research -- time will tell.

A Cousin Connection

Last week I mentioned that sadly a cousin that I was hoping to reconnect with had just passed away -- now two weeks ago. But during last week I did connect with the sister of Judith, Deborah Clark. We had a really nice telephone conversation and I even was able (while we were talking) to send her a couple of photos and talk about them.

But more importantly for me, I found out a lot of facts about her family that I was not in the know about. For example, I thought that Jane & Whitey had three children, here is the tree I now show for them:

As you can see, they actually had five children however I only have pictures of two of them. Hopefully with my new connection with Deborah we can share more information and photos. I look forward to that.

Our connection came about all due to the internet -- we most likely would not have connected any other way. So I am thankful for that and it has been the same in other connections that I have made -- all thanks to the world wide web.

And Lastly

Between sporting events and political events, regularly scheduled programming has been strained. But last week I mentioned that I was looking forward to the football game and the baseball game on Sunday -- both of those turned out not the way we had hoped -- but maybe this week.

We did watch the second  Presidential Debate -- and as a matter of fact I am "one of those" that are anonymously grouped into opinion poll results -- and I just have to wonder what each candidate really feels about having to go through that debate process -- it reminds me of when I was in a career job and it was "goals and evaluation" time . . . so glad to not have that anymore.

There is one more debate (that is televised anyway) coming tomorrow night. It is supposed to be on foreign policies and knowledge -- that should be interesting, but so too should be MNF -- I hope to watch both.

That was a bit of our week, have a good week and we'll see you in a few!  We did have burgers last night . . .

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