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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pool Party, Moon Poodle Party, Playoffs

We were lucky for both the "super" moons this year. Last month quite by accident we were shown the "super" moon as we returned home after being out later than usual. AND last night we returned home late after attending a "family" get-together and as we got to our house -- the great big perfectly round moon lit up our neighborhood:

I took the camera out back -- by the pool -- watching where I put my feet and took a few photos of the beautifully round and bright globe. The night was really quite comfortable and a lot windy -- both pool balls had blown outside the pool. You can see our clock -- it reads 11:30, so the moon had a few more hours before it fully appeared, but we were not going to wait for that . . .  the moon was going to be the largest appearing for the entire year.

Once Again -- Hosting "Pool Time" with Lunch . . .

Kris and the girls were visiting from Portland as their Mother attended business sessions elsewhere. The weather in the Northwest is not always conducive to swimming outside, so it was a treat for them to take advantage of our 90 degree + weather.

We were glad that we had the pool and could welcome their visit. Grandma and Marv were attentive to all the activities. We all enjoyed the afternoon including Dino who was wearing his new harness for the first time.

The gallery included Olivia who was also on her way to "another" party before attending the third party of the day at her house . . . we all had to pace ourselves a bit . . .

The lunch was good and the dessert was a hit -- the first of two for the day.  We actually had time for a brief nap before the evening festivities.

Moon Party -- Why Not?

I don't know of any other "purpose" of the get-together other than to be able to view the "super" moon on the way home -- just kidding . . . out of town siblings bringing their kids for a good dinner and visit -- the real reason.

Dinner was really good as was the dessert. We stayed much later than usual, so Gail got to help clean up. But all three of us are "kicking back" today -- and the weather is changing from warm and sunny to dark, dreary and rain likely for the next couple of days.

It is Not-A-Party 'Til Ba Pa Dons the Poodle Skirt . . .

There were others who participated, but who doesn't "like pink" -- I mean you have to wonder what goes through someone's mind to parade around in something like that -- where's the lampshade.

I drove home with the women in the backwards hat . . . glad no one saw us.

Not All Fun & Games this Week . . .

While searching through old newspapers I found the following obituary and it was for someone I had just included in the last couple of posts -- my (our) Great Grandmother Elise Martin:

By now her picture is recognizable (I think the only one I have of her). The obituary appeared in "The Racine Journal Times" 15 Aug 1941.

Below the picture and obituary is an excerpt of the Federal Census for 1940 -- the last one available to be seen right now by the public and the last one that Elise would appear in.

If you click on the census you can see how many folks were actually living at the 1745 Chatham Street address in Racine that year. Having see the house I am amazed . . .

Another Webinar -- This One Sponsored by Flip-Pal Scanners

Thomas MacEntee was the presenter and as always did a great job explaining how to work with meta data and digital pictures:

As always, I learned a lot about a subject that I just never knew that much about -- meta data. I learned how to utilize this important piece to make dealing with digital photo (and other files) easier and more meaningful, not to mention useful.

From Our Tree -- Born this Day

We take a moment to recognize what would have been the 92nd birthday for Arline Marie Hamilton Dilts -- mother to Nancy and others:

This picture is actually one cropped from a picture taken around our dining room table. For this and other facts -- visit the HILES Website

And Lastly . . .

We have not watched NBA basketball games for several years, for whatever reason -- but for some reason we watched each of the playoff games this year . . . and enjoyed them. I think of our parents who did love basketball and what they would think of the way the game has progressed in the last decade or so -- not  to mention the changed appearances of the "body art" and "skin illustrations".

Game six of the playoffs was particularly spectacular as the Miami Heat was a few seconds away from losing but pulled it out to take the series to the seventh and final game -- which of course they won as well.

If you click on #11 above, maybe you can figure out the message of the skin art AND where does he take it from there, his parents must be SO proud . . . Dino was non-plussed with LeBron James rolling his eyes a bit.

That was a bit of our week. Hope yours is great, see you in a few . . . burgers tonight.

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