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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apple Pickin' Time in Healdsburg

It is that time of year again . . . and we had all the best intentions. We had the apple pickin' tools out and somehow the schedule was changed and the apples find themselves STILL, on-the-trees. So we are flexible and it looks like next week is a good prospect for the harvesting of the apples in ours and what's hanging over the fence from the neighbors yard . . .

Instead of apple harvesting we plucked the tomatoes and the cucumbers from the garden. Gail just ordered a new produce truck to handle our crops this year -- actually the truck is the new needlepoint that she just received and will be working on the remainder of probably the new football season . . .

The above does show the "yellow" watermelon that we just brought home for slicing and a pleasant surprise to find a new color -- and it is sooo good. Maybe we'll plan to plant yellow melons next season -- Dino again is non-plussed.  The pickup truck is a radical departure from the normal needlepoint projects that Gail works on . . .

What's Some Detail Behind the Dates . . .

It's easy to go about searching and listing dates and geographic details about folks in the tree. AND it is easy to look at those listings and just move on to the next set of folks . . . BUT it is also surprising to uncover some unthinkable details of some of those that came before us:

The above shows some of the details of one of Gail's relatives -- a 1st cousin (2x removed) and one who grew up in the Seattle area with her family -- Lydia Pride Atkinson.

Lydia was born in the late 1800s and when she was about 21 years old (1907) she met and married a young man her age and they lived in Seattle. Both Lydia and John came from well respected families and lived in upscale neighborhoods.

Above, a portion of the Federal 1910 Census is shown. Lydia's husband and his birth family are listed in the census with John living there without Lydia (nor their baby). The census taker came around and reported these facts around the middle part of April of 1910 -- by the end of May that year there would be a huge change in the status . . .

The map with the red marker shows where the house in 1910 was located -- I do not believe that it is still there as Google Maps shows that it is the Seattle University area now . . .

So -- What Happened?

The events late in May of that year were the culmination apparently of things gone-wrong from the very start of the relationship between Lydia Atkinson and John Tripple. The events made the front page headlines of the Seattle Times then -- and probably would now as well if they occurred today:

The above shows (a rearranged version of)  the newspaper article that came out on May 31, 1910 regarding the happenings of May 30. The article details the events and the things that lead up to the murder-suicide that took place that day. Events like this impact the majority of family members around them and I am sure this is no exception.

When I was a volunteer on the Seattle Suicide Prevention Hotline, that was one of the questions we asked of those calling in -- whether or not they had considered the impact to others in their families of a possible suicide or worse. I don't know in this case and since it is over one hundred years ago, few folks are around that can share their sentiments -- we can only surmise. 

So, there are stories like this in most families and many times they are completely hidden from others -- and maybe rightfully so . . .

Other Dates from the Tree

There are six folks from our tree that celebrate a birthday today -- August 10. One of those is a half-Aunt of mine (ours) and that is Adeline Jane Hiles. Jane as she was known to me was born in Hollywood, California in a period of time that escapes some detail for me:

Let me explain. Jane's father -- Lloyd Hampton Hiles Sr., (my Granfather)  had married Anna, his second wife after his first wife died in 1925. At that time the family was living in Chicago as the 1920 Census proved. Again in 1930, when the Census was taken Lloyd, Anna & Jane were living in Chicago . 

So, between 1925 and 1930 -- what happened to their geographical living -- since Anna and Lloyd married in 1927 and Jane was born in 1928 (in Hollywood) most likely late in 1927 or early in 1928 the Lloyd Hampton Hiles Sr's moved to California AND by 1930, they were back in Chicago . . . I don't know whom to ask as to why. Just curious though. 

A side story to the Hollywood era for Lloyd & Anna -- my brother on a visit to Southern California a few years back was curious as to the address of where Lloyd & Anna lived and went and was taking some pictures when the current (at that time) residents asked as to why he was taking pictures and then invited him in to see the house. And the residents did have a Hollywood connection themselves -- Martin Landau was the young lady's father . . . there are I'm sure many more interesting tales "from our tree" waiting to be told.

So What is Coming-Up This Week

Actually, probably "more of the same" as this week. There was a webinar on Wednesday this week all about recording life events and how to do that . . . very interesting and worthwhile. 

And next week there are two webinars that I have signed-up for: one on Wednesday sponsored by Leagacy Family Tree and it is going to cover a variety topics relating to digital research guidance, presented by Geoff Rasmussen, who is always good with helpful material. 

The other webinar has to do with scanning -- a topic that is near and dear to me -- I have a variety of scanners, at least four of them -- and I am hoping that I will get more tips on how best to use them. My latest acquisition is a "high-speed" desk scanner that I am planning on using to reduce my "paper foot print". We'll see, so far I have scanned and thrown away the paper copy of several things that came in the mail.

What has to happen now though is to scan some of the "files and files" that take up so much room in the office (and house). Computer and cloud saving capability is very attractive. 

And Coming on the "Tube" This Week

Last week on WDYTYA, Chelsea Handler surprised (me) with a story that looks to have shown a more serious side to her. The discovery that her Grandfather had been a Nazi party member and a German soldier in WWII while she was raised in a Jewish home and all. The long story-short was that her Grandfather became a prisoner-of-war and held in Iowa.

After the war and he had returned to Germany because of his really humane treatment and education in Iowa, he returned with his family to live in America -- who knew.

This coming Tuesday it will be Zooey Deschanel's turn to uncover some of the mysteries in her family.

And finally -- what will keep our attention on the tube this week -- why we already have watched a couple of pre-season NFL games -- they will only get better we're sure . . .

We have purposely not paid much attention to any football news -- up til' now. We enjoy having the game on and can actually multi-task  to some extent while watching AND since we record each game, the total time allotted to each game is cut by about one-third and sometimes even more if the play gets really such that we can't justify spending anymore time on it . . . we love to use the "fast-forward" when appropriate.

That was a bit of our week. We hope your's was fine too -- see you in a few . . .  burgers tonight!

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