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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Where Did "That" Week Go . . .

Almost everyday this past week was partially filled in with MLB games -- and since we record them we can, if necessary, speed them along for whatever reason or take another peek if we want. At this moment in time the St. Louis Cardinals are going to the World Series to play either the Detroit Tigers or the Boston Red Sox, the determination will come tonight or tomorrow . . .

And there is a full moon the last couple of nights and mornings. In the early morning hours the western sky out our back window has a very bright moon hanging close to the horizon. This morning I was able to capture it -- along with a pensive Dino, waiting for his breakfast.

Dino has a built in clock -- he gets fed usually close to 7 a.m. and then again near 7 p.m. AND his timing device works well. If we are up before 7 a.m. he just sits like above until the "time" and then he starts to stir a bit. In the evening usually within 15 minutes of feeding time he comes and sits close to me . . .

The Path to the Series

We have enjoyed watching the ALCS and NLCS games and we have a pencilled--in chart that keeps us on track as to the standings -- only it didn't. Somewhere along the line we must have forgotten to chalk up a win for St. Louis because shortly before they won the game last night (the nail biter that it was) we realized that they were definitely on their way to the Series . . . it seemed like LA's heart was just not in the game.

We are pretty certain that we are "on track" with the Red Sox leading the series 3-2 meaning that the Red Sox only need one more game to make it into the Series. We'll be watching (eating our burgers) later this evening -- we love it when the season "is on the line" . . .

Thursday night we recorded both the baseball game and the NFL game which were on at roughly the same time -- we kept switching back and forth and speeding up where necessary, and we managed to see both games -- the marvels of recorded TV . . .

Webinar Wednesday -- Again finally . . .

After a couple of weeks (withdrawal pains) Legacy Family Webinars returned from their annual genealogy cruise and we shut-ins got to participate in another great webinar -- this one on "scooping the news" on your ancestors in the newspapers . . .

And as you can see in the above -- the presenter was Lisa Louise Cooke (hosted by Geoff Rasmussen) and as always Lisa did a great job -- I always have learned  many things from her webinars and her podcast -- Genealogy Gems.

While I have a couple of paid subscriptions to online newspaper sites and I frequently search those looking for bits & pieces of interesting facts about folks in our tree -- Lisa introduced a new site that I had not really searched in before --  -- so when I had some free time I did follow up on that site:

You can enter a variety of search terms in the above -- I used a variety of surnames from our tree and I used the advanced search button to pare down some of the results. I did find a lot of results for various surnames but one caught my eye more than others:

Click on the above to read the details. When searching in newspapers a great deal of the found material is from small tidbits of "social" type information like so and so attended a party at so and so's house . . .
but as in the case above -- this was "front page" type stuff.

I recognized the name "Guy Bumgardner" but I wasn't sure who he was or even if he was related.  Checking in our tree I confirmed that Guy is related:

Guy Bumgardner is my 1st cousin 2x removed (two generations apart). He is the son of my Great grand uncle George W Bumgardner (the brother of my great Grandfather Charles Bumgardner).  Growing up I never heard anything about Guy or his family.

If it had not been for the "elephind " site I would not have probably ever known about how or why he died at such a young age. The story as reported is amazing to read about -- and of course we probably will never know the cause of his death at 24 years of age.

There are numerous unanswered circumstances surrounding Guy's life and death and facts about the rest of his immediate family -- he was not married but his father was still living as were his two brothers at the time that he died:

How did Guy come to be farming in Goodland, Kansas. I had never even heard of Goodland, Kansas before seeing the newspaper article.

And for Guy's final resting place:

It looks like a typical cemetery and the grave has a substantial marker. If one just saw the marker, or even just the entry of born & died, it would be easy to just accept the dates and "move on" to another entry.

So, thanks to Legacy Family Webinars and thanks to Lisa Louise Cooke for presenting another vehicle that provided "one more" peek into the life and death of someone from our tree.

I hope to uncover other facts about the tree folks using  in the future.

Still Working on Pics

I continue to work on the many new pictures that my brother shared with me -- for all of us. Because partly of our sports related viewing I did not get to edit very many new photos this week -- but did manage a few.

The following are also of the Bumgardner family because after all the scrapbook came form Hildred Nelson

On the left side is Buster Keaton Dayton Bumgardner with my mother Ruth and I believe Tada (Elsa) Bumgardner.  On the right is Dayton & Hildred Bumgardner. I'm guessing the year was about 1915.

And Lastly -- Dates from our Tree

There were numerous birthdays this past week along with anniversaries for five couples:

Clicking on the above you can see more in detail. For even more detail visit:  The Hiles Website

I have been adding some of the photos to that site and updating information as I can.

That is a bit of our week and we hope that your week was meaningful as well -- see you all in a few!

Burgers tonight . . .

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