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Saturday, December 21, 2013

'Twas The Week-End Before . . .

This is the 355th  day of the year, AND it happens to be the shortest sunlight day as well. For us at least there is a feeling of calm -- our shopping is done, our mailing of boxes is done, our decorating is done, our cards are rolling in and the weather is moderate.

It is the first day of winter today -- though earlier this week here in our town one weather report showed us at 81° -- I never felt like that was accurate but it was warmish at times during the week.

As one of the pics shows there is a wide range of weather across the U.S., but there is no doubt that today we officially welcome winter. The bottom four pics show books relative to the subject, and if further research is desired they can be ordered from Amazon . . .

Birthdays & Anniversaries

I somehow neglected to include birthdays and anniversaries last post so I am including those from last week AND those to be celebrated next week.

And for the first time two days for next week show NO birthdays for folks from our tree . . .

So congratulations to all!

This Week -- Grand Parent's Night -- 21st Annual

For about 21 years or so we have hosted an event for just the Grandparents and the Grand kids to share the holiday spirit. We though that maybe since the two principal grand kids were currently in college that there would be little or no interest -- but NO -- there was popular demand . . .

Above are some of the pictures relating to this year's celebration. It was originally planned when the kids were infants so that the parents could get away and do their shopping -- but now it has morphed into a mutual gathering of adults -- some younger than others . . .

A fine time was enjoyed by all, and we do look forward to next year's event.

Health Issues at this Time

It seems that it is a mine field for a lot of us as it refers to health -- but it is not only for us -- Dino has to be considered as well. This last week Dino exhibited some distress as it relates to digestion and to be on the safe side -- a visit to the veterinarian was in order.

Dino, being a full lab, means he is capable of eating, and semi digesting any object that he finds interesting or for that matter available to him. It was decided to have him checked out and x-rays were in order.

The above shows Dino -- before, during the exams and afterwards. The middle picture was taken at the vet's and Dino has the leaded jacket on and the technician's glasses. He loves going to the vet's and as it turns out, thankfully, he appears to be just fine.

We are taking the precaution though of putting him on a different diet -- that is one for dogs with sensitive stomachs and are currently making that change in his diet. He has never lost interest in eating, and that continues now as well . . .

Webinar Wednesday

The last of this year's webinars (from Legacy Family Tree) was held on Wednesday. They have had 52 this year and they have begun listing those for next year as well.

This week it was all about finding those lost records using some of the new technology available. The webinar was great and it ended the year on a positive note -- one that we can maybe still find records that have been lost due to fire or other disasters through other means.

And on the bottom right are listed the next five webinars coming up -- all at no charge for live viewing . . .

Happy Holidays ! !

We are about to venture into town to view last minute shoppers (and wine tasters). When we return we plan to have "slider Saturday night"  for a change.

We wish all the very best Christmas ever! !

Last week we posted 10 days 'til Christmas, now it is:

See you all in a few !

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