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Saturday, January 11, 2014

♫ Saturday, Rainy Day ♫ Thought it was . . . ♫

After many days of sunshine we finally got a day that started with some rain. It is not though enough other than to make it overcast and gloomy. The forecast is just a little rain and then by Tuesday it is supposed to be back in the 70s and sunny again. I know some parts of the country would love that . . .

The gloominess seems appropriate for the current moment for whatever reason and being all snug inside is perfect for the day as we plan to watch and enjoy some football later today. And some of our favorite teams will be playing.

In the meantime, Gail is enjoying very much her first week of her "second" retirement. Just knowing that she does not have to "be anywhere" is relaxing and soothing. And thinking about the poor devils that have to deal with the new tax season, well that is as it should be . . .

Dino Gets a New Bed . . .

Each of us is enjoying the shelter of the inside in this brief period of inclement weather -- Dino goes from one room to the other and takes a nap on the bed in that particular room. But when we returned the other day with a new bed -- he took to it immediately and even snores a little when on it . . .

He still though seeks out his old bed which we have put out on the deck for him to enjoy during those times when he prefers to lay down out there -- growing up I don't think any of the dogs that we had ever had a "real" dog bed -- mostly old blankets and things like that.

Gail's Projects

So to keep busy (this first week of retirement) besides the normal cleaning and laundry, and the complete rearrangement of the pantry Gail worked on finishing her holiday gift puzzle(s). And with success too. The puzzle showing where our house is located on the map was finally completed after many expressions that there must be pieces missing.

And the new challenging puzzle was started -- the brightly colored wooden pieces of a "double sided" puzzle. It is a small puzzle, but one that is really different in that either side of each piece looks like it "could" fit at times.

And the third "puzzle" is for her to put magnetic mustaches on a picture of yours truly (on our fridge). Oh well, what next . . .

Actually after the little wooden puzzle above there is a third wooden puzzle that is around 800+ pieces that will take some time and offer many hours of "fun".

My Project This Week

Besides the genealogy searching that happens every day, I have started a new hobby that will take some time and hopefully offer enjoyment as well.

A gift I received a few weeks ago now has occupied some of my attention, and that is the new "Fluval" fish aquarium that I found "under the tree". It has taken some time to get everything ready and right to add the living ingredients -- fish.

We went to the "fish-store" and looked at the many types of tropical fish and finally settled on three fishes of one species -- "Dalmatian Mollies" to start our community tank:

And so there you have a look at these -- just like you'd suspect -- black and white Dalmatian like fish. It has been fascinating to watch their activity -- especially at feeding time.

We have what we believe to be two females and one male which means that there could be additional family in the future. At least we have had them for three days now, and they are still swimming around . . .

Webinar Wednesday(s)

Besides the projects,  and everyday activities the second webinar of the year was on Wednesday. It was about the benefits of being involved in what they call "One Name Studies". The One Name Studies is different from family search in that it has to do with a particular surname and all references attached to that surname -- whether they are a family or not . . .

Above you can see the particulars of the webinar and the next five webinars scheduled. I have signed up for all of them and look forward to learning something from each one.

Birthdays & Anniversaries from our Tree (Next Week)

January does not seem like a popular marriage month so far for folks in our tree, though I know of many:

Of the four anniversaries coming up -- one is close to me -- and that is of my parents. Next week it will have been 83 years since my folks got married. The interesting thing is that I know very little about that event in terms of the details such as -- where it took place and who attended and things like that:

Above you can see the announcement that my mother's folks sent out referencing the marriage -- but it only gives Chicago as the place. On the left is a picture I believe was taken about a year (or 1932) after they were married, and the picture on the right was taken at their 50th anniversary.

I hope to find more details, and I continue to search for them. If anyone has some details, please send.

And Now for Some Football

It has been a little bit of withdrawal pain this week as there has been NO Monday night football NOR any Thursday night football -- we both enjoy watching the games.

So it is with a lot of anticipation that we look forward to the games this weekend. We especially are going to root for Seattle to win today and of course the Niners to win tomorrow.

The other two games we will watch, and I'm sure enjoy. The season has sped by this year and the Superbowl is only a couple of weeks away -- it seems just like yesterday that we watched last year's game.

Anyway -- that is a bit of our week. It is Saturday, and it will be burgers tonight! See you all "in a few"!

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