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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fallish Feeling -- Pretty Good

Pretty good,  it rained for a short bit this morning -- but only for a very limited amount. But how nice to hear the sound of those raindrops . . .

Pretty good for Gail too -- who is recuperating nicely from gall bladder surgery yesterday . . . in previous days having your gall bladder out meant several days of in-the-hospital care and often a lengthy recovery period as I witnessed my own mother going through years ago.

In the above collage, Gail is shown yesterday about ten minutes before we left for the hospital. She is proudly standing by the flowers that she just planted the day before.

So for Gail, it was leaving at 10:30 A.M. and arriving home at 6:00 P.M. All went smoothly and today is the time for many naps and resting and eating moderately. She feels "pretty good" . . .

Other News of the Week

We enjoyed watching the first of the Democratic debates. There was Hillary & Bernie and three others . . . and that really was the feeling we had.

How the other three can remain viable candidates,  I'm not sure. Apparently there might have been a difference if Joe Biden had announced and shown up, but then again maybe not.

The other news of the week was the Cubbies and their win to keep their drive towards the World Series alive. Catcher Kyle Schwarber lofted a huge home run over the scoreboard to help their winning.  Kyle is local to us here in Sonoma County and only a few months ago apparently was hitting home runs the likes of which are not normally seen around these parts . . .

We look forward to today's game between the Cubs and the Mets.

Speaking of Campaigning . . .

Here are a couple of  HILES candidates in different races.

I do not know if they are related but if they win and move on maybe I'll do more research to see if and how . . .

I'm sure that there are other HILES candidates and when I spot them I'll be showcasing them
as well.

Searching the Lemon Tree More

Last post, if you recall I revealed the horrible death of Stella Lemon who was the wife of Percy Lee Lemon who turns out to be my 4th cousin 1x removed.

The "Angel of Death" poisoned her while she was in the hospital and she died as a result of that poisoning.

The story led me to do more research on the "Lemon" tree.

The search led me to discover Willard Rueben Lemon, a 2nd cousin 3x removed.

The searching about Willard was very difficult because he apparently went by many variations of his name for a variety of reasons.

He even took the last name "Leonard" for awhile and at various times disappeared from whatever family he was living around at the time.

But I think we can piece together some semblance of his story.

It was reported that he served in the Army during the Civil War and that after the war while serving at Fort Riley, he deserted and disappeared from the Army & his family.

Eventually, things caught up with him, but he was all over the country, mostly in the West.

Willard can be seen in the chart to the left and he is the brother of Percy Lemon's grandfather.

So to Percy, he was a Great Uncle.

The picture I found of him was in the find-a-grave memorial and it must have been from a newspaper clipping.

What is fascinating is that I even found a picture of him at all, given how elusive he was . . .

To the right would be the Family Group Sheet
for Willard and family.

He married Nellie Maria Myers and had three children -- and if you notice all of them have the last name of "Leonard".

So, the marriage and family building came during the period of time that Willard used the last name of Leonard.

I would not be surprised to find other "Willard" families or at least wives.

And now -- what makes this story so compelling and unbelievably uncanny is the circumstances surrounding the death of Willard.

Above are two of the many newspaper articles that I found relating to Willard. It turns out that Stella who was poisoned while in the hospital was the second Lemon to suffer that fate.

Willard, as it is explained in the articles, along with maybe seven other men, were given a particular medicine while in the hospital and he and the others all died from that substance.

It all happened at the Los Angeles County Hospital during the first week of March, 1914.

In the coming weeks,  I may find additional interesting facts "from the Lemon tree".

And Lastly

Last post also I mentioned a property for sale in Hiles, Wisconsin that I thought amazingly low priced for the real estate involved.

This week I spotted an extremely similar appearing property both structure and amount of land -- except that this property is in Sonoma County California:

As you can see in the above, the properties ARE very similar -- but given the mileage between the locations the value is extremely different.

That is a bit of our week. It is Saturday -- but given the circumstances it looks to be soup and either more soup or possibly some poached fish . . . see you all "in a few".

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