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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Twenty Winks, And Then Some . . .

It's been that kind of week -- hot, air-conditioned and more of the same. Even the nights required some cooling. But each day this week was interesting from the standpoint of what the TV brought. We programmed several channels to the events in Cleveland and while we eventually did exhaust watching (some of us before others) we look forward to the next several days . . .

I remember my Grandmother (Mamie) saying on the occasions that I was visiting, that mid-afternoon she was going to take her "twenty-winks" . . .  I don't remember if I did as well, but I do remember that it usually was more than twenty that she took.

These days I recognize the value of "twenty-winks" and practice achieving that frequently. I actually like to wink long enough to actually get to sleep and then wake up refreshed and have it be only about twenty-winks, but sometimes it might be forty or more . . .

The search this week still is emanating from the chance meeting of our cousin from Norway who introduced me to the Madsen/Matson branch.

Brother-in-law of second great aunt (the sister of Samuel Martin). It turns out that Jacob and his wife, Louise must have had an interesting life at least from the standpoint that they appeared to move a lot.

They were both born in Norway and then arrived in the U.S. living in Chicago, Illinois, living in Wisconsin and ultimately, Eastern Washington (State).

In 1890, Jacob Matson owned and operated the store to the right. It was located at 518 Division Street in Chicago. (the picture and facts are courtesy of S R Colbert)

The store looks so reminiscent of some that I know I shopped in near my Grandparents home in Chicago -- though this one probably was not there in the 1940s or 50s.

At any rate I can envision the inside of the store and have a sense of nostalgia.

Later Jacob and family wound up as farmers in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State, Yakima specifically.  They were involved in fruit growing which that area was known for and probably still is.

It is amazing the stories that appear from searching -- I look forward to what else that I uncover.

So, guess what book is finally coming off our nightstand . . .

The book to the left is nearly 900 pages and we read all of them over the last three months.

I actually did not think that I would be able to hold the book to read it at night -- but managed to do so.

And I did not think that someone could write enough interesting things about Sinatra that would keep our interest -- but they did.

Since Sinatra basically lived during the life-span of our parents we could relate to the events going on during that period of time.

There were numerous insights into the political personalities of the folks during that period along with just plain observations of life in those days.

We now have the choice of picking our next read -- and we have several to choose from, that decision will come later today so that we can begin anew with our evening read -- but we know whichever book we choose it will not be 900 pages . . .

So, napping, watching the Giants games (they won their first game after losing 6, just yesterday) attending genealogy webinars, and of course the 2nd half of the political conventions.

Philadelphia is the site of the Democratic National Convention.  We will program the TV to record several iterations of that event and then choose which ones we want to watch.

I still find the process very interesting and am usually amazed at what people will do. I remember watching the conventions in the 50s while growing up and some of those images are still vivid in my memory.

At any rate, in a few months all will be determined and between now and then the news will be filled with any and all observations. We can't wait . . .

I guess that I am really out-of-luck because I did purchase a couple of tickets for the recent huge winning pots from the Powerball and the MegaLotteries to no avail.

Of course that would be my main reason for wanting to win -- i.e. finding all those "lost" relatives -- NOT.

It would be nice though to think that there is another value other than just economics in winning the lottery. . .

That is a peek into our week, see you all "in a few"!

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