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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorable Times

This springtime has truly shown us a variety of weather changes. This week it has been A/C, on again, off again . . . today it is in the middle range -- do we or don't we, probably we won't . . .

It is Memorial Day weekend and of course, Monday is the 29th of May and the 4th Monday in May,
so we commemorate.

Originally, Memorial Day in the U.S. was Decoration Day and it was mostly to remember those who lost their lives in the Civil War. It was commemorated on May 30th, whatever day that happened to be.
These days, it is Memorial Day, 4th Monday in May and it commemorates all those who died in all the wars we were involved in -- that changed in the 1970s. In my mind, I hadn't remembered that it changed in the 70s during the Vietnam era.

To me, what would Memorial Day be without the "Indy 500". Though I've never attended, I've enjoyed watching for many years.

These days though, since I record the race, I usually watch the beginning and the ending and maybe some of the middle. 

I can't imagine watching for almost three hours. Maybe it would be different to attend in person, but we're happy to watch from the couch.

With some of the cool nights this week Dino was enjoying his "nighttime bed".

Dino is fairly good-size and weighs about 85 pounds -- in this snapshot, he is exposing maybe one pound or so.

He comes to bed when we retire and he crawls into that bed and stays most of the night that way. 

He absolutely loves that bed and the comfort that it gives him.
We love seeing him enjoy it!

Also during this week, Gail finished working on one puzzle and started a new one.

These are great puzzles and we have several of them and just might find the need to purchase another or two.

I've enjoyed putting puzzles together since I was young. Sometimes it is just relaxing to struggle with finding just the right piece or series of pieces.   Lately, we listen to the Giants lose another game while working on the puzzle . . .

And this is the season to celebrate the memorable occasion of graduation.

I am aware of three graduations in a close branch -- there are probably more that I don't know about.

But, congratulations to Jessica Hiles, Amanda Willmes and to Olivia Hiles for completing this stage of their education.

We look forward to hearing great things from each of the graduates.

And lastly -- What is on our nightstand currently:

We are currently about halfway through reading Megyn's book:  "Settle for More". Actually, it might very well be an excellent book for each of the current three graduates to read.

We are enjoying the book very much. Recently, Megyn is settling for more by moving from CNN to NBC. And her new show "Sunday Night" begins June 4th.

So, that is a bit of our week.  See you all "in a few"!

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