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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Century Mark -- 3 to 5 Days

Hot and hotter. According to all the weather folks, our part of Northern California is to have several days of 100° days starting today with tomorrow being the hottest of the days.

The last two days or so it has only been in the 90s and the a/c has been on from 7 a.m. each day running til about 9 p.m.

As you can see on the thermometer out back, we are again close to the predicted temp -- later this afternoon I'm sure it will surpass it. Two of the flowers are loving it as is the flag shown from flag day this week.

We pretty much are thinking "this is sweater weather" as the coolness of the a/c hits us -- and keeping our fingers crossed that it continues that way.

And something new is added this week to the Healdsburg Heritage Hound -- the new widget seen off to the right.

I thought it might be fun for anyone to put in their name and see how many duplicates there are for your own name in the USA.

So that is there for you to try -- mine came back with just two of us. Gail's is a different story, there are sooo many of her name duplicated.

This week I actually got it together enough to start to tackle a major office project.

We are consolidating the filing system into one system and eliminating duplicate file folders and having (hopefully) just one location to store things.

Also, our shredder almost stopped due to the stacks of papers being fed into it as we went about the purging of overfilled files -- mostly medical and financial stuff. There is much to do yet as it gets overwhelming going through things and trying to determine what needs to go and what needs to be kept.

While we have a good start after three days, there is more decluttering needed. What a revolting development  . . . as one of the old TV sitcom characters used to express. (Life of Riley)

I was able to do some searching and I used that time to just forget about the office project and throw myself into another era and into a branch of the family that I peeked into at random.

To the right is the partial family of William Critchfield Bumgardner.

He is a 1st Cousin, three times removed, meaning 3 generations away from me.

I knew nothing about his existence before the search and as you can see I even found pictures of him and of his wife. I have several branches of the Bumgardner family that I have no pictures for -- like my Great Grandfather Charles Bumgardner and a lot of his folks. Actually, I may have some of them only I don't know it because a lot of pictures are not identified.

Slowly, but surely, I add names and families to the book that Snoopy is holding.

In my "Hiles Family Tree" I have over 15,000 folks listed.

The same is true for my Family Tree Maker tree and as soon as the software folks release the latest version of FTM,  those two trees will be identical.

But I'm not holding my breath as the original release date for version 2017 was in March of this year -- I still have not received it as yet, and they keep working on making it happen . . .

My website tree has a ways to go to catch up as it is much more time consuming to add individuals.

Tomorrow is Father's Day -- and as I remember from my days in the telecommunications industry -- it used to be the heaviest day of "collect calling" of the year. Things in that industry have changed. Do folks even use "collect calling" today?

The above is what we are planning for Father's Day dinner. A rack of baby-back ribs. What could be finer on a 100° plus day, a winning Giant's baseball game and the coolness of the a/c? We might have to settle for 2 of the 3 . . .

That's a bit of our week. Happy "Father's Day" and we'll see you all "in a few"!

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