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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Nostalgic -- Deja Vu

It must be all the searching back in time that is giving me this really strange feeling of nostalgia the last few days. And it seems to be a nostalgic feeling for something(s) that I may have not experienced which is really strange.

I can't explain it rationally, and I'm not feeling sad necessarily, but rather maybe escaping to a place that only appears in a mind's eye if that makes any sense at all. The word "prestalgia" just might be appropriate I don't know, I think I'll take a couple of Excedrin and see if that helps . . .

Even the flowers in the back yard bring about the same feeling -- but the bees are working the beds good . . .

Speaking of nostalgia and nostalgic photos:

That happens to be my younger brother, Jon, and our dog at the time, "Lady". This was about 1950 in La Grange, Illinois. My mom was always a bit upset when "Lady" would drink out of the kitchen sink while she was working there.

The dogs in our lives have made very memorable pictures and mostly positive images that bring back to mind the spirit of those times.

Most of this week, in my spare time I have worked on "cleaning up" the results of syncing the tree from to the tree at Family Tree Maker 2017.

These two companies used to be owned by the same firm -- but now Ancestry has sold Family Tree Maker and things have been really shaken up in terms of keeping up with saving facts to the tree.

A great feature of Ancestry's tree was that you could work at that site and add and delete folks and then when you were done you could push a button and have all the changes put into the FTM tree saving one from having to do duplicate work.

After several months of being promised by the new FTM program that they would continue the syncing process, we finally are getting to that point.

But. when I asked for the tree in Ancestry to be downloaded to a Family Tree Maker tree, after a few tries it worked -- however, there were several (a couple thousand maybe) duplicate entries that need to be dealt with and so that is what I have been doing.

At first, I thought it was a terrible dilemma but I have accepted the situation and it has allowed me to look at folks that I had forgotten about for several years -- and maybe, just maybe contributes to the nostalgia.

Again being nostalgic to some degree, baseball for our home team (SF Giants) has not been good this year -- we still watch the games, but just shake our heads in disbelief as the team keeps losing game after game when just a few years ago they were the world champs.

Now, in less than two weeks, pre-season football begins again. And looking to our home team (San Francisco 49ers)  we hope for major changes to bring a renewed respectability to their playing.
Last year for them was disastrous and for us the non-viewing fans was tiresome.

We can only hope that the political nonsense that preceded last year's games will have been replaced by returning to have football be a way to forget the world of politics and other ominous activities for the three hours of a game. Plus, maybe see some home team wins as well.

And if we did not have enough to be concerned about there is the fact that there are only so many more days 'til Christmas.

In a way, it is like having the income tax season upon us again. Besides the gift purchasing, wrapping and mailing there is the Christmas Card list that needs to be updated and attended to.

The rocking chairs that we do have on our front porch do beckon us, not so much in the heat that we are experiencing though.

When we do sit in those chairs we marvel over the fact that for some reason there are very few people that come down the street and very few folks make eye contact -- not like the days that I (nostalgically) recall sitting on my grandparents front porch when folks always seemed (in my mind anyway) to greet one another and exchange pleasantries.

Oh well, that is a bit of our week.

By the next post, it will already be August . . . See you all "in a few"!

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