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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 . . . But the Cubs Won!

Here it is, the very last day of the year 2016, never to be repeated. It is definitely a time to reflect over the year  and to look forward to the "new year 2017".

It is strange, but as I thought about the year and the positives and the negatives, the first event that came to mind was the Chicago Cubs and their World Series win.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs that is one of the things I always wished for -- of course it still is a pleasant event no matter the fact that it is some 60 years later . . .

And it is Home Sweet Home and of course we look to the 2017 season with renewed anticipation.

And speaking of "Home Sweet Home" congrats to Lisa and Bob who will move into their new home in Arlington, Washington in just a couple of weeks.

They are looking forward to the five acres that comes with the house and to arranging the inside to their liking.

Hopefully Gail and I will be able to make the trip at some point to "check it all out".

Lisa & Bob are enjoying their holiday time-off from Boeing and Lisa recovering from surgery.

For some reason the following photo caught my eye and so I'm including it here as it does tie in to the topic of "homes":

It is an example to me of how the pride of home ownership is clearly in view. We used to see these homes somewhat regularly when we lived in San Francisco, now it is mostly in pictures that we get to enjoy their beauty.

I subscribe to's "Word of the Day" and the word for yesterday seemed very apropos
for this time of the year and life in-a-way:

I can't recall ever noticing this word before but given the year end and other events lately, it gave me pause. So, none of us really know when that stage is for sure, but the adding of the years is a definite clue.

And then thinking along those lines led me to a book that was just recently recommended to me and one that I also had not really noticed before -- but should have:

Being that genealogy has been my interest for the last twenty to thirty years, I should have taken note of this book years ago.

Even though almost every day I use a "dash" while recording genealogical events, I never really examined it like this book refers to it . . .

Of course the dash, is representative of the hopefully many years between the birth and death of individuals.

And so, the writing and collecting of events relative to a person's "dash" is desirable and a lasting legacy. 

Sadly we completed the second dates to two of our tree members in the last ten days. Eleanor Hiles on 27 Dec 2016 and her brother Richard Sigg on 20 Dec 2016.  Both their "dashes" were filled to the brim!  RIP.

And that is a bit of our week (and year), see you all "in a few" !

Happy New Year 2017 !

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