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Sunday, December 4, 2016

♪ The Beat Goes On . . . ♪

And so does the decorating . . . so-to-speak. We have a wreath up (thank you Damian) and it is starting to look like Christmas. Christmas is 3 weeks from today -- amazing. We are starting to listen more to Christmas music around the house using Echo and Echo Dots.

It is that time when we have to decide the extent to which we'll go in decorating the house for the holidays. We'll do some things but gone are the days of the "huge" tree and all -- we're older . . .

One of these adorns our front deck and we have an additional one that is residing in the garage at the moment waiting to come out for it's once-a-year appearance. (it plugs in)

Besides decorating, what did we do this week. I listened to a very interesting webinar and it got me trying different approaches to the idea of multi-media story telling. I'm hoping that it will inspire me to "get out of the box" and I was certainly inspired by the presentation:

The above details the webinar that I watched on Wednesday and it is still "free to watch" at Legacy Family Tree for the next few days.

The "Upcoming Live Webinars" are the remaining webinars for the year 2016 -- there also could be some additional pre-recorded webinars that would be added as well. I find these webinars to be very well done and inspiring.

What would the holidays be without music -- pretty grim. One of the groups that we found really fun to watch and listen to is "Straight No Chaser" and especially their "Christmas Can-Can".

I hope that I have succeeded in adding the link to YouTube that you can click and hear:

At any rate, it is a great way to get into the spirit:

The group has a variety of songs for the holidays and
 is a great addition to our library!

This week I have really enjoyed the benefits of our massaging
 lounge chair. At first it was a bit almost painful, but not so any more.
 I guess I've adapted. Yesterday for example I spent an hour "relaxing" in 
the chair and fell sound asleep waking
 up to having Dino licking one of my hands to wake me.

Gail has enjoyed the therapeutic benefits as well,
 but not for the length of time that I do. Yesterday
I almost had a hard time walking after getting
 out of the chair . . . so a word of caution, I guess.

And last but not least I'm presenting (actually representing)
 a bit of humor. I originally posted this
back in April 3, 2016 ( you can do a search at the top of this post)
 but to me it is one of the best
cartoons representing the "way it is" in genealogy.

The version I had posted was a poor black and white version --
 thanks to my second cousin Melissa
for sending this great colorized version to me.

I won't follow Einstein's move to general relativity for obvious reasons
 but will "stick it out" dealing with 
the cousin relativity charts for now . . .
 ( I just accept the charts and do not try to really figure them out)

That's a bit of our week. We still have one
 more bit of turkey leftovers and then it is on to new.

See you all "in a few" !

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