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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Holiday Interlude . . .

This period between Thanksgiving and Christmas goes quickly. We know it and every year we are surprised when it happens. There is a lot of activity that takes place and those activities evolve over time.

But Christmas is two weeks from today. There still is so much to do to be "ready" for the big day. and then there are the everyday things that have to be done as well -- in years past that meant work, as in a job type things to do. Now it is things other than work that takes up our time:

There is the decorating to do and the watching of Christmas shows and events on TV and in person. There are other holiday functions like dinners to attend and give . . . and then there is the time to kick back and just relax -- like Santa in the above "ad" from yesteryear.

We have had some periods of rain and some of sunshine lately and guess what tree in our yard is loving it -- our Meyer lemon tree. It is way overflowing again this year -- I think I just finally pulled the remaining lemons from last season off when I find hundreds of brand new bright yellow lemons.

So now everyday, I pick at least six lemons from the tree. We accumulated a few and we turned those right into some delicious chocolate-chip cookies -- how?  We quietly gave our favorite baking neighbor a box of lemons and a few days later we received a box of cookies -- what a deal.

We brought a large bag of lemons to the medical assistant we see each week -- and she loves them -- she juices them and freezes the juice in ice cube trays for later use . . .

We're out of cookies, time to deliver another batch to maybe get a batch.

This week in between our regular chores I did get a chance to view this week's Webinar Wednesday:

I attended the weekly webinar which addressed "Becoming a Genealogy Detective" and enjoyed it very much. It is still available for viewing "free of charge" for the next couple of days.

And starting this week -- we can sign up for some or all of the upcoming 2017 Webinars by going to the above website and signing up -- no charge. Very nice and rewarding.

And, if you are wondering about gift ideas . . . the
well wrapped package to the right is appropriate in most cases.

We have finished a lot of our gift purchasing but there is always a few leftovers that need attention.

With the absence of little ones around our house gifts take on a different dimension.

But we still have a few tots that we give to and we try to keep up with what is popular -- that doesn't always happen.

Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets and Tinker Toys are not so much in vogue these days -- but I sure do remember the distinctive aroma of a brand new set of Tinker Toys . . .

And these days between the holidays are very much used for "bonding" with family and of course snacking with family:

The Zits comic says it all -- except I would be the one going for the genealogy session and be torn because I enjoy all the activities listed -- I'd have to figure out how to achieve both.

And with just 14 days left, it is important to remember who your friends are . . .

And so it goes, that is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few" !

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