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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great Friends

In a recent pose, Auggie, 11, and Ms. Kitty also about 11, sit for the camera at the top of our stairway . . .

It is hard to believe that Christmas is three weeks from today -- have you finished your shopping yet? We have a lot to do yet, like getting the holiday decorations up and out. And there is the selection of that "perfect" tree which we plan on doing in the next week.

The weather is suitably wintry right now in that there is rainy days forecast for the next several days. The leaves on some of our trees have dropped in earnest now. I have the Christmas channel  "Holiday Pops" playing on the "XM" Radio as I work in my office.

AND -- still no pesty  Robins pecking at our windows ever since the employment of the "snake". I might think about additional snakes for other pests.

We made a fruitless run to several box stores yesterday looking for a "hot" product to no avail as each of the four stores we visited were "sold out" . . .

So we look forward to the coming week -- one of us is teaching a class, one of us is "working the home front" and Auggie & Ms. Kitty are always right by our sides whenever they can be.

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