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Monday, December 20, 2010

Honoring the Governor

This week I'm sure that there are events planned honoring our current governor who leaves office in the next few days.
Coincidentally it was exactly 100 years ago this week that a previous governor of California was being honored as he was preparing to leave office.
James Norris Gillett was the governor AND he happens to be a cousin, a first cousin three times removed. He was born in a small town in Wisconsin -- Viroqua and made his way eventually to Eureka, California and ultimately to Sacramento.
What makes this special to me is that growing up I did not know of James Norris Gillett, it was only after pursuing this hobby of genealogy that he was "discovered" to be family.
Apparently, according to the article featured above, he was very well respected. There were letters from President Taft, Vice President Sherman and many other ranking dignitaries of the day praising him. He thought long and hard about serving a second term, but after much debate he chose to retire . . . some say after listening to his wife . . .
If you'd like to read more about Governor Gillett please visit my website where I have this article and many others about him and his family. He had two very active daughters -- Effie and Ethel -- that were frequently in the news.

This week it seems the news is mostly about the weather here -- rain and more rain, yesterday mixed with lightening, thunder and hail . . . and more slated for the rest of the week. The ski areas are loving it.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

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