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Friday, January 7, 2011

Recognizing Cousins . . . 69 years late

Another Cousin I did not know about growing up is Betty J Blair. She is the daughter of my Grandfather's sister, Bessie. I can not recall any family conversation about her or much about her family, a shame to be sure. While searching in old newspapers I came across this article telling about Betty being installed as the new Worthy Advisor for the Spirit Lake (Iowa) Assembly, Order of Rainbow for Girls in January 1942 -- some 69 years ago this week.

It seems in our family anyway, that not much was shared about the extended family members or at least to "us children". There is a whole branch of cousins probably still in Iowa that would be nice to be able to meet and or at least recognize in a fashion.

I often wonder how many times during my travels that maybe I have seen or maybe even talked with someone who was actually my cousin. It could happen.

Happy first week of the new year!

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