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Saturday, January 29, 2011


When I want to answer that question besides looking in the mirror (I see a version of my father . . .) I delve into one of the many trees I maintain on our family history and I daily visit and usually work on my website, the link to which appears on this page.

But looking ahead this week there is the Season Two Premiere coming up for a show that started last year and was very captivating in that it revealed the very interesting family history of several celebrities. Facts were revealed that even the celebrity was surprised in finding out. The show actually visits the geographic roots and gives insight into how the material was gathered and proven.

So -- look for this show on Friday nights for the next several weeks featuring well known personalities.

So it looks like a promising week. As I have said that part of my New Year's resolutions include "filing" the over 4000 bits of information gleaned over the last year I can report that I have "handled" about 1000 of those items. These are screen captures of items that I locate while searching the web and have just lumped them into one folder -- so now I have the task of looking at them and determining where in the scheme of my family that they belong.

Among the items I have found new "cousins" and clippings and photos of numerous family members over a broad expanse of time -- late 1800s to the current times. Now I am slowly adding what I find to the people to whom they belong. So some new pictures will appear in the website and on various trees. Much of what I have stashed is of the "documentation" category, and so that material is "filed" electronically in that family's folder.

As I look out my window it is a gray rather "blah" day so far not like most of the days in the past week or so. We have been so spoiled here in Northern California lately. But always in the world of genealogy it is sunny and there is so much going on -- besides the aforementioned program there are numerous new offerings on the web and new apps for mobile devices -- all unbelievable and unlike the world of genealogy just a few years ago.

Have a good week!


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