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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Week-End ! !

Even though one is retired the week-end holds a special sense about it. While shopping today there was an excitement in the grocery store aisles as a lot of male shoppers were loading their carts with items directly related to the events of tomorrow . . . and there were many overheard conversations about plans to celebrate the "big game". I too am planning a "special" day -- armed with a recipe (from the Noble Pig) I selected several ingredients that would come together, hopefully, to put a holiday feel to the "eats" of the day.

I am not sure who I really want to win the game as I originally wanted to see the Bears play. I guess I lean toward the Packers but during the game I may change if one team or the other just is not playing "up to standards" and does not really deserve to win. Basically in our household we just want to see a "good" game and one that might just go down to the last few seconds.

So we are all set -- for either team and/or for any type of weather . . .
We know much of the country will be using snuggle-throws as they watch the game -- we expect to be comfortable and the outside temperature about 70.

 Meanwhile the search goes on for those elusive relatives in an ever expanding tree. I was contacted twice this week by other searchers who wanted clarification of folks they saw in my tree that were their relatives as well. What makes that special is that we could exchange information including a few pictures -- which are always fun to get and get to know one another not only as searchers but as members of the same family.

A special "Happy Birthday" to those of you in the tree who celebrated a birthday this week! One of the feature reports on my website is "Born This Day" which is fun to look at to see who was born on the particular day that you are visiting the site. It is amazing to look at the names and visualize them, their families and their celebrations, be it current or in the past.

Have a good week!

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