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Saturday, February 26, 2011

No-Show Snow, Two Nancy's

The promised -- or predicted snow fall for our area has not happened. It certainly is cold enough and we are not yet "out of the woods". It was in the mid 20s as I walked the dog this morning. There were patches of ice on the walkway, fortunately not the black-ice variety. I did manage to find an appropriate newspaper photo of folks playing in the snow -- but like many newspaper pictures the figures all look like silhouettes. But if you can read the description it is of some 2nd and 3rd cousins of our family -- the children of the Frank Hiles family in Zanesville, Ohio, in January 1968:

We would enjoy being able to play in the snow like the above cousins -- NOT. I think most of us are satisfied viewing the snow from a distance.

A big birthday shout out goes to two Nancy Hiles. The first is for my brother's wife Nancy who celebrated her birthday on February 23. The second Nancy actually was born on this date -- but 170 years ago . . .
She is the daughter of John & Margaret Hiles and eventually she married Abraham Lehman and 10 little 2nd cousin Lehman's followed. Here is a quick look at her part of the tree:

 Even though it is so cold outside (for here) there are things besides the furnace that give warmth in the house. Hanging over our piano in the living room is a painting that exudes warmth every time I pass by it. It was painted by a close family friend Bob Topor, thanks Bob for the added warmth!

And so ends another winter week -- again we look forward to Slider-Saturday Night . . .

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