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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rain, Birds & the Hiles-Giles Nuptials . . .

It rained most of the week with a few breaks of subdued sunshine. I used one of those breaks to refill the bird feeder in the back yard. The feeder attracts a huge variety of birds and several squirrels. So far the squirrels have been thwarted at their many attempts to "break-in" to the supply of seeds like they did on our previous feeder.
Here is a picture of the feeder and you can actually see a bird sitting on the ring to peck at the seed supply. When a squirrel sits on the ring it's weight closes the opening. Today when I looked out the kitchen window there were probably thirty or more birds around the feeder. Usually when the Jays feed they just throw excess feed all around and the Quail -- they come as families, maybe 10 to 20 of them at a time -- feed off the ground as do the other varieties of birds. Sometimes the birds empty this feeder in 3 or 4 days.

One of the nice things about the rain is that I am forced to "work" indoors, genealogy what else. Thinking about genealogy the discoveries that Tim McGraw made on "Who Do You Think You Are" last week was amazing. Like many others who saw the show I am pretty sure that my ancestors like Tim's came over with other German Palatines during the early 1700's -- only Tim got to identify his relatives, I have to do that as yet.

And I have to say that the new Family Search web site has caused me to delay my progress in filing my "previous finds" as I had resolved to do . . . Why? Because the site was so addicting that I found a large sum of new documents to follow up on, mostly numerous death certificates from the many collateral relatives from Ohio and in my tree.

Speaking of which,  it leads me to the Hiles-- Giles story. If Leno had been around back then he probably would have reported on the Hiles/Giles nuptials as well.  But, Rebecca Hiles, daughter of John Hiles Jr, met and married John James Giles in 1836 in Perry County, Ohio. From that union came ten plus children.

 So that's the Rebecca Hiles Giles story -- but their is much more and many more surnames that came from this marriage and that help to "leaf-out" the tree.

Tomorrow marks what would have been my Mother's 99th birthday . . . here she is in her "roaring twenties" look:

Have a good week! Sliders tonight . . .

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Carrie Scheiderer said...

Rebecca is my great, great, great grandmother. I'm interested in learning more about her and her family if you have more information. Thanks. Carrie Giles Scheiderer. My email is: