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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Football/Genealogy/Weather -- A Good Week!

The Super Bowl lived up to it's excitement with the game in the balance right up to the last possession. The game was so good I may even remember it throughout the summer months. Genealogy even ran the genealogy of each of the two quarterbacks -- interesting. In tribute to the winners -- Green Bay -- here is an old logo representing them: great colors almost like Da Bears.

Speaking of football and genealogy, growing up in Illinois I remember that I never heard our name -- HILES -- really ever outside the immediate known family with one exception >> Hiles Stout.  I remember that name of course because it was odd to me -- how could someone have my surname as a first name . . . I continued to hear of Hiles Stout over many years and then later a long time after moving away and raising a family I came across that name again on a web site. I obtained an address and I wrote a snail-mail letter of introduction and asking him about his first name. A few weeks later a response came back -- sadly he had no idea how he got that name -- he was pretty sure it came from his mother's side of the family but he did not have any specifics. He was very cordial and it was nice that he took the time to reply. So I pose the question to anyone to answer -- can anyone shed some light on the Hiles Stout family history with respect to his first name. To bring back memories here is an old picture of Hiles Stout from his glory days of football:
So football and genealogy are a nice thread. A lot is happening in the world of genealogy with more and more available on the web and also on TV -- a week ago we saw the premiere show (2nd season) of "Who Do You Think You Are" and that first show was exciting with the story of Vanessa Williams and some of her ancestors.
Another exciting TV/genealogy related show is also about to premiere. This show is appearing on the new OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) this coming Monday night, February 14. It is about a professional investigative genealogist and her work and success. It is going to illustrate some of the details "of the search".
It, oddly enough is named >>> "searching for . . ." and it looks to be excellent.
So with an exciting week coming to a close -- not to mention the warm, sunny weather we've been enjoying here in Northern California -- there is a lot to look forward to as well (just no football . . .).

Have a good week!

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