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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Summer in the City -- Healdsburg, that is . . .

There were a few signs of summer this week. The sun was out every day and the temperatures during the day hovered around 70 -- WOW! There are other signs of summer that we use as well . . . the sign to the left  is one that I purchased on an eBay auction several years ago. The sign below is one that is still offered for sale on eBay.
Hiles "Home Made" Ice Cream, I wish I knew where that originated and the story behind the product. When I purchased that sign the seller did not know the origin -- if anyone knows, please fill us in. Both of these signs point to summer fun, I suppose it is a bit premature though as a few years ago similar weather was followed by snow in some local areas . . .

The search for relatives continues. As I have previously mentioned I am behind by several thousand "tidbits" of info gleaned from the internet and other sources. The fun is in the hunt, but the resolution of a few weeks ago is to clean up some of the "found" items by identifying "cousins" and/or filing appropriately. I have added several new branches of HILES folks that a few weeks ago I did not really know about.

I eagerly look forward to delving into more of the "stuff" that will ultimately leaf out more of the tree. What typically happens though is when uncovering a new cousin I find many associated folks as well.

In the meantime, it is football playoff time and I will hopefully be watching the championship games. The first game is one that I am particularly interested in -- having been raised in the Chicago suburbs I like da Bears. But the Packers have been an exciting team as well. As for the other championship game, I tend towards the Steelers. So as usual it will be interesting to see the outcomes. While watching the games, during the "slower" periods I will be using my iPad to explore the net and work on "tree stuff".

And now that it is Saturday night I am continuing a tradition from my childhood with a slight twist and that is hamburgers . . . now we have "Slider Saturday Night". Growing up Saturday night usually meant that after our baths we would have hamburgers and potato chips and it was the one night that we could count on having "pop",  many times "Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer". In the early days our entertainment was the "Barn Dance" on the radio, later it was "Perry Mason" and/or "Lawrence Welk" on TV.

So tonight my wife and I will enjoy our sliders -- I have found a recipe that pretty much tastes like the "White Castles" that I grew up with and so I make those along with some baked fries. We will enjoy that along with the "pop" of the day for us -- water. And we will watch some TV, maybe a movie too. We're old!

Have a good week!

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