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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Can't See Clearly Yet in Healdsburg

Here we are another week and the day today, Saturday so far is almost identical to last Saturday. Heavy rains this morning with gusty winds and cool temperatures , , , but inside the house there are plenty of things that "warm the heart and soul" . . . nothing like a fever to bring your temperature up and what bigger fever have we had as a country in a long time -- LOTTO FEVER -- that's what . . . $640 Million up for grabs. I have resisted checking my ticket just so I can maybe think that "I might have a winning ticket" . . . the drawing was last night.

Several states reported that their sales per hour ran in the $Millions. California was no exception, the chance to become a half-billionaire for risking just $1 . . . there were some stores with long long lines waiting to buy. The store I went to had no one in line and no waiting. The evening news was covered with numerous what-if stories.
Even people that usually do not buy lotto tickets, did. I'm sure everyone at least said "It could happen . . ."

But if that were not enough to get your temperature rising the other anticipated "big winner" is only a couple of days away from sending millions into a frenzy also. It is even rumored that the web could be slowed down or even halted if the gurus are not careful come Monday morning at 9 A.M. EDT (6 A.M. here in the Pacific).

The above (click on to enlarge) is all about the long awaited release of the 1940 Census. That information has sat in the hands of NARA for 72 years and it is about to be set free. What could cause the internet to stumble is that if everyone tries to gain access to the data right away and at once. I plan to give it a few days maybe even a few weeks before trying to get access. Since names are not indexed yet (I am volunteering to do some of that indexing) finding your relative will take extra effort and planning. But when the indexes become available it will be so much fun to find your tree members in 1940 -- post Depression, pre WWII.

The first five states that will be loaded and released for indexing are: Delaware, Virginia, Kansas, Oregon and Colorado -- I personally have only a few to look for in those states. In the above,  the article on the lower right, it details what the procedure will be starting Monday. I am so glad that I am a member of because they are the most likely to have an index ready for use before any other site . . .

So, What is NOT Happening in our Town of Healdsburg

Today was to be the opening day of Healdsburg Little League and the dedication of the new Rec Park. But due to the weather that is not going to be today:

I went over to the park -- two blocks away -- earlier this morning. You can see the rain soaked grounds and the totally empty stands awaiting another time. The newly re-done stands and grounds are beautiful even in the rain. I decided to check out the Russian River to see if the "creek had risen" but it is far below flood stages -- and that is a good thing. So while the water table is being replenished we have to cool our heels for the opening game. I have to say that the teams are probably ready as they have been practicing sometimes even in the rain in the ball fields behind our house.

Project Status & Dino's Week

One thing that the rain did was to put aside any outside project work -- but we had one new wall to finish in the master bedroom --  and that received new paint and trim yesterday bringing that project nearly to completion. We are happy with the work and now will have to decide on new window coverings.

You can see Dino checking out some of the work. But Dino too had a busy week with respect to GDB. On Tuesday evening we attended the weekly training and this week it actually was a combination of us -- the puppy raisers -- and Dino learning some things. This week we got to find out a little about what it feels like to be a blind person using a guide dog. We did some exercises where we were blindfolded and were led through a simulated dog-led walk. We also did some everyday tasks like counting money and selecting food items. Dino did a series of exercises as well.

During the week -- it rained most of the week -- Dino participated in various activities around the house -- most having to do with resting up for the next activity or feeding, whichever came first.

Dino is now over six month's old and he has turned the corner so-to-speak on being the "cute little puppy" he is now the "good-looking dog". And I have to say a very well behaved dog -- we have only heard him bark twice, he is just very mellow and well mannered -- most of the time.

What's Happening in the HILES -- BOULDRON -- and Related Surnames Tree

As I mentioned last post, I never know for sure what branch I will spend most of my time on during the week -- and that makes it interesting as well (for me anyway). This week I did spend a lot of time on some more of the Gillett branch. But I have two newspaper subscription sites that I use -- and  So this week I found myself getting lost in reading old newspapers -- and even some of the old ads as well -- but while searching through some old Seattle Times papers from almost a hundred years ago -- I stumbled upon a relative of Gail's. Since there are not many Bouldrons around then (and fewer now) I wondered who and how this person was related to Gail. I had some of the basic information about this person -- but because she went by her middle name I wasn't sure
if I had everything correct about her. The article was a wedding announcement and from that I -- got a picture (which I always like getting) and dates and new family members that I did not know about before. As I dug into the folks -- one name would lead to others and then to others as well.

It is surprising to me that when I do identify these people I wonder if our paths had ever crossed as I used to wonder when I traveled a lot through airports -- whether I had known any of the travelers in a previous life. We not-too-long-ago had someone tell us (another relative of Gail's) that they could not believe that we lived in Healdsburg and that they had had lunch here . . . since we would not have recognized them, we could have been sitting right next to them . . .

So, above is some information that I updated about Mary GENEVIEVE Bouldron. She is a first cousin of Gail's -- one generation removed. I don't even have her parents pictures -- I'll keep looking though.

The above is a screenshot from my website:  Dan's Website

When you visit my site a good idea is to start at the "What's New" page to see what I have recently updated or added. I have a lot more information than what I have had the time to put there.

And when looking at Mary Genevieve Bouldron go to her individual page to see the family data -- both her parents information and her spouse's info.

There are a lot of choices that you have of using this page -- Individual -- Ancestors -- Descendants and others. Check 'em out.

Born on this Day

While March has a huge amount of birthdays and many in the past week -- just two were born on March 31 -- so a "Happy Birthday" wish goes out to them.

So This Just In with Regards to the LOTTO

The drawing was last night so the results are now in -- at first they reported one person won, thank goodness it is now confirmed that three persons won -- let's see, 3 into 640 . . .

But others won too -- here are some details:

If you are holding a ticket -- and who isn't -- check out the results. You can see my ticket and how it fared -- actually better than normal . . .

Another GDB Puppy

To end up this post I could not resist showing another photo of one of the other puppies from Guide Dogs for the Blind. I know that they don't have an exclusive on "good-looking" pups, but this one is up there with the best . . .

And so ends another week -- I used to say that "if only I won the lotto" I could leave this chicken job. But it is unlikely that I will ever win a lotto and I don't have a job to leave . . .

So tonight instead of having our traditional "burger Saturday night" we are invited out for dinner and I am sure what we'll have is equally as good or maybe even better . . .

See you in a few!

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