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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Post Leap Day -- Pre DST -- Saturday, Again . . .

I can not imagine what the tornado riddled part of the country is like this day in real terms. What happens to all the displaced families and how does the rebuilding process begin. Looking at photos of the destruction is almost unreal. In the midst of all the rubble are lifetimes of personal things. Being a collector of things and a hobby genealogist would mean that so many physical representations of memories would be lost. Of course being alive after the storm would be the most important -- everything else can be replaced and redone.

Locally, the weather here has been some rain, some clouds and today lots of sunshine and the temperature should near the 70s. Trees and shrubs are starting to bud. We can see the progress of the roses starting their cycle and growth. With the arrival of March it seems like spring. The potted geraniums are a pleasant welcome to the front steps and a quiet reminder:

The other very tragic news of this past week was the incident in Chardon, Ohio. The website for Chardon says it is the "Home of the Maple Festival" sadly from now on it will be known for this weeks events. I think back to my high school days and I remember some concerns about certain kids -- mostly recognizable "hoods" as we referred to them then. I can not imagine being a student in high school these days with having in the back of your mind that maybe some unstable kid that has gotten possession of a gun -- automatic or not -- has the mind to randomly take revenge for something real or imagined.

Ohio is the state so many of our family tree came from after coming from probably Pennsylvania or other more Eastern States. The website -- Chardon, Ohio  I do  not think we have relatives from Chardon or living their now. It is going to take a long time before this event will begin to fade from our awareness. It does though bring up the memories of Columbine . . .

Other Events Last Week

There were some events last week that were not tragic and one of those was "Leap Day" which occurred
on Wednesday, February 29th. This day occurs every four years or so with some exceptions . . . I searched throughout our tree to hopefully find some anniversaries or birthdays that happened on this day to no avail -- if anyone knows differently please give us a holler . . .

I did find folks though from our tree that were born on this day -- 3 Mar . . . so we wish them a "happy birthday" celebration!

The leap day info graphics and explanation came from Dick Eastman's blog, the Our Family History came from my website:   Our Family History

Another event that happened last week was the Oscars presentation and while we have not seen a single movie of all those nominated, we will eventually. And now we have some idea of which ones we want to see. Plus we love the hoop-la that goes with the show. We also had pizza as is our tradition . . .

On the same day as the Oscars -- last Sunday -- we made the trip to San Raphael and reclaimed our guide dog puppy -- Dino -- from the Vet's Clinic there. It was a fun time and Dino seemed to really be happy to be home. In honor of his return he got a new toy and an additional bed to sleep on when he is in the office with me -- like at this moment.

In the above can be seen his new bed, toy and the pre-Oscar nap that Dino and I enjoyed . . . someone shot a couple of pics very quietly . . .

Coming Events

One of the most exciting genealogical events is coming in just 30 days. I have been looking forward to this for several years. As you know the federal census is taken every 10 years since 1790. While the information is used in the aggregate for a variety of purposes, the individual personal information gathered by a census taker usually at the doorstep of -- our ancestors -- and other folks is kept private for 72 years. So this information gathered 72 years ago (1940) is about to be released to the public in just 30 days.

The information will be released on April 2, 2012, but locating it will come probably sometime later. By that I mean, there is no existing index of the people in the census UNTIL one is generated -- and that can take time for the 132 million some names in that census. So if you would like to assist in creating the index you can -- I have done this for other censuses -- it is rewarding and fun -- plus you never know if you'll actually index some of our own ancestors and currently living relatives . . .

Here is the link where you can learn more AND even download the indexing software:

the 1940 Census Project   check it out and volunteer to help.

Another event coming very soon is the return of Daylight Savings Time (DST). So, next weekend, actually Sunday March 11 at 2 A.M. push your clocks ahead one hour (Spring Ahead).

For some of you it will mean that coming home from work just may be in the sunlight . . .

Just for fun Genealogy

The automobile has been a major factor in my life and in the lives of many of our ancestors.  Just this morning in our local paper there was an article about the "10 worst cars" ever produced. I have carefully avoided any that were on the list -- but I sure remember some of them -- e.g. the 1958 Edsel.

So I happened on a website that has a genealogy of automobile companies and it is quite fascinating. So many of the old photos that I see in our family's albums include someone proudly standing in front of their auto.

So click on the above and then for detailed info visit their site:  Automobile Companies Genealogy

They actually have a ton of great charts -- some you can even purchase . . .

So, that was some of our week. Tonight we are borrowing a "page" from my childhood and are going to have just regular hamburgers -- along with some fries (sweet potato) and some slaw . . . we just won't be watching "Perry Mason". We will be watching (among other shows that we have recorded during the week) "Who Do You Think You Are", Reba McIntyre and probably the "Amazing Race" from last Sunday. Ain't time shifting grand . . . TV the way we like it!

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