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Sunday, July 29, 2012

OutBack -- Bee Rings -- Olympic Games

Everyday this week has been a beaut! And the weather has been also. This morning I took a collage of the backyard display. It is amazing that so many different plants provide such a diverse quilt like pattern for the pleasure of the eye, candy as it were. From the flowers for viewing to the garden for consuming and to the apple and lemon tree for the near future -- we love it. Dino loves it.

The photo in the top left was taken at night -- you can see the half-moon in the sky. Approximately the same scene in the morning sunlight and then a variety from cherry tomatoes, to full size tomatoes and to the hundreds of green apples (a large amount has already dropped and we then bob for apples in the pool).  We just hope that the display continues . . .

A Quiet Dinner for Four  (and Dino)

On Monday evening -- which happened to be the day before Dino's 10 month birthday -- we celebrated with a very nice dinner if I say so myself . . . Marv & Nancy came and we first toured the progress of our projects and then sat on the deck and had some cheese and crackers and fruit and favorite beverages while the late afternoon sun beat against the new shades and gave us filtered sunlight.

Dino was present, but as is the custom while we are eating he was "on his mat".  On the menu was roasted pork tenderloin topped with roasted peaches and plums & fresh (very thin) asparagus and "those potatoes" which were oven fried and covered with balsamic crusted onions . . . so good. I got so "into" the dessert that I forgot to take a picture of it -- but it was vanilla ice cream topped by freshly roasted strawberries and accompanied by "snicker-doodles" that Gail made over the weekend. So much for our diet selection . . . actually because of portion control or the lack thereof, no penalty was noticed.

Speaking of Status of the Projects

Okay so we weren't doing nothing about the projects -- actually WE were doing nothing -- it was all the many worker-bees that did the doing on the projects. For that we are so thankful. The simplest jobs get so involved we know why we are doing "nothing". We still have to answer an endless stream of questions though along the way.


Above are three parts of projects that are nearing completion. The left pictures show the "before" and the right photos show some sort of progress. On the top is the flooring in the bath, now in and usable. The sink area as it was a few weeks ago and now the cabinet and basin -- actually the faucets are installed and there is running water available . . .

The bottom photo shows the arbor -- lighted at night on the right. It is the things you take for granted in completed houses . . . eventually we will be able to throw a switch (from the house) and light up the back area so we can see the night creatures and all. What will they think of next.

A Fun and Interesting Blog -- Site

As I have shared before, like most , I wander throughout the web some days to wherever the prompts take me -- and I thought this site was and is most enjoyable. 

Each day they publish a different photo that many times evokes a sentiment that I can use to motivate me to keep looking into the times of our ancestors. Above are two examples -- I can only imagine what the inside to the two stores are like in the top photo -- I think I have been in them both and I think there is one like that near here . . .

The bottom photo brings up differing reactions -- I belong to the one that agrees with the sentiment, others I am sure would have different suggestions to help the economy -- but in the meantime we are doing our best!

Give the site a peek -- Old Photo of the Day

Dino on his 10 Month Birthday -- Week

We did not have a GDB training session this week, but each day we keep socializing and making sure that Dino is getting some educational needs -- we do this by taking him every place that we go during the week. But just as we do, he seems to enjoy so much the time that we "come back home".

The above are just some of the photos taken this week as he turns 10 months old -- he is getting large, he is almost 80 pounds and he is so full of energy and at times he does just "let loose" . . . he still gets a high amount of compliments wherever we take him and almost no one thinks of him as a puppy . . .

What is Taking our Attention 

Probably like most of you all, we are enjoying the Olympic Games. We watched the opening ceremonies (recorded for viewing the next morning) and are now recording most events and watching them through the day as we take the time. The weather in London seems to be cooperating so far and even the bicycling races were "fun" to watch (more so for some than others . . .).

Above are some of the attractions of the last two days. The fireworks were spectacular and the opening song by Paul McCartney a real classic from "our era" . . . and it was great to see our cousin (Elizabeth) doing such an outstanding job performing with "James Bond".

We look forward to the next couple of weeks as the gold is awarded . . .

Another Event (I found worthy of watching)

I suspect that it has to do with age maybe, but I found myself intrigued with something the other day that I can not imagine would have caught my attention some years back:

Now, if you enlarge the above photo you will be able to see a small brown object in the pool that was causing concentric circles to be sent to the perimeter of the pool -- at first I could not make out what was making the ripples in the water -- but eventually I saw that it was a large "bumblebee". It was furiously beating it's wings to try to make it out of the water.

This event could be on the scaled-down version of the insect Olympics.  The energy expended by this bug had to be extremely immense as it did impact the whole area of the pool -- eventually it did succeed in making it out of the water  . . . I guess the moral is to never quit trying.

That was our week, we had the famous and delicious burgers last night along with a bowl of cherry tomatoes for each of us (diet . . .) and tonight -- it is baby back ribs Sunday night along with fresh sweet corn. We are both making progress on our diets . . . albeit slowly.

Have a good week, see you in a few! 

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