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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Under the Palms -- Pelican's Back . . .

While the rest of the country seemed to be enjoying all the heat, we in Healdsburg finally got a taste of summer. There were a couple of triple digit days but with the use of a/c the three of us weathered the waves.
We had a variety of things going on this week including a major outing for GDB. Since Dino is now one of the older pups (at 9 mos) in the one group we are now part of the "older" puppy group which means among other things we meet at 7:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm on meeting days:

The above is the site of our most recent outing with the pups. Because we started at 7:30 pm by the time the session was over it was getting dark. But the palm trees were especially beautiful at that time and they were wrapped in lights. Our evening started actually with a shopping trip at Costco and then we met at:

Scandia the Family Fun Center in Rohnert Park. We have driven by this for the ten plus years that we have used 101. Since we had no children at home we just never thought it would be a place for us to visit -- but now with Dino in training it was a nice outing. We played 18 holes of miniature golf and had a great time doing that. None of the pups misbehaved and all went well. Not sure how many "mulligans" were taken and not sure where we came in on the score card . . .

Status of Projects

This was a week of progress for many projects and we hope to get some "buttoned-up" soon. The main one we have been waiting on has been the door for the pool house. Since the old door was removed several weeks ago -- and replaced with plywood -- we have not been able to check out progress on the inside as we like to do.

On the top left (click to enlarge) I took this photo at 6:15 am. Around 1 pm the workers came with the door and then by the time they left at 3:30 pm the new door was installed as pictured in the bottom right. Now we can have access again and see what is going on inside. And inside a lot of progress has been made with completing the bathroom . . . that progress we'll report on in a week or so . . .

Other Various Projects

There has been several minor projects updated this week as well. All these things take coordination and of course staying nearby to answer questions. We will be glad when we will have our house done -- at least for the time being.

One of those "minor" projects was getting the pelican back on it's roost -- and it is. It is looking a bit cleaner as well and it is hard to imagine that when we moved here (11 months ago) the pelican was hidden in the heavy vines growing on top of the old arbor.
Dino can be seen stretched out on the new rug for the spare bedroom, he loves it . . .and two windows got new blinds and the master bedroom got new drapes over the recently installed slider.

Status of the 1940 Census Indexing

Huge advances are being made and now 30 + states are completely indexed and able to be searched. This is so nice. The prediction is that by the end of summer all names will have been indexed -- already some 120 million are finished.

Both of the above organizations are offering the capabilities of searching the 1940 Census. and -- check them out and see who you find from your families.

Status of "Eats"

Who doesn't love eating their favorite foods. We have categories of favorite foods so this last week we focused on specific categories -- salads and stir-fry. We love them both. I have a "goal" in mind so staying on track is important and that requires a mind-set and discipline -- I was rewarded with a -4 for the week.
And that is a good thing. Gail is needing less results and has been awarded appropriately.

The above are examples of the salads that we have enjoyed this week. We team up and cut all the needed produce for both the salads and the stir-fry and then use them at each meal as needed. So far so good.

Neighborhood Events

The first annual "block party" was held yesterday late afternoon and evening. It was very enjoyable and we got to meet many of our neighbors from the neighborhood. Many are original folks who have lived here since the beginning -- about 20 years or so -- others like us have moved in more recently, at least three families have moved in after us . . .

The mood was relaxed and the weather was perfect -- the heat has dissipated some . . . Dino enjoyed meeting everyone as well. My guess is that there will be more of these in the future -- we hope so.

The Status of Bouldron(s) (in the 1940 Census)

First, when I went searching for Gail's parents earlier in the 1940 Census they remained hidden. I found her grandparents, but not her parents. I knew eventually that I most likely would find them -- and I have.

If you click on the above you'll see that Myrtle & Jim (Millard) were living in Ellensburg on South Ruby Street. They were paying a whopping $29 per month rent and Jim was driving tanker for a gasoline company. They had recently been married (February 18, 1939) and Gail would eventually be born in Ellensburg . . . so the mystery of finding them is over.

BUT, a new mystery has appeared. While looking for Jim & Myrtle I found another Bouldron family that I had not seen before -- and when I showed them to Gail, she had NOT seen nor heard of them either.

The above are some of the clues that I am looking at. It seems that a "Lutrell" family married into a "Bouldron" family (but whose Bouldron family?). It looks like a "Jessica" or some other name which is highlighted in yellow above must have been married to a Bouldron and had three children: Charlene, Tommy & Richard -- these three especially may be still living.
The other documents above are related to -- I think the father of "Jessica". I hope that I can uncover some clues as to the status of the family.

These are some of the events that make genealogy fun, for me anyway. It is like detective work and when the results are hopefully found there is a huge satisfaction. So this week and the coming weeks I'll be searching for the details of this new found Bouldron family. There just are not very many families with the name "Bouldron" left in the U.S.

And so that was a bit of our week. We hope you have/had a good week, see you in a few!

Salad Sunday Night . . .

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