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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Petals, Produce, Photos & Petaluma

This week was really pleasant in many ways. One of the ways was the weather -- foggy and sometimes really cool in the morning and then progressing to full sun but moderate temperatures the remainder of the day. The many things growing in the front and backyard I think loved the condition:

The above are some of the blooms in the backyard (Dino is on his bed this morning while I write). I wish that I knew the names of all the things growing around the yard and little by little I am learning them. Because the weather had been more moderate this week, the a/c has not been needed as often, but it is there if we need it . . .

So -- What about Produce . . .

While we do have a bumper crop of apples -- and we hear them bump as they hit the ground at various times of the day and night -- our main crop right now is TOMATOES and lots of them, cherry and full size. I spent a while harvesting the latest crop:

I brought two large containers out -- one for the red cherry tomatoes and one for the yellow ones. I fairly quickly filled both along with several full size and ripe tomatoes. The top pics show the mostly hidden fruit and there is still an abundant quantity close to being ready to be picked. There are a couple of garden creatures watching over the crop as well (we're old).

It means a variety of activities in the next few days are in order to process and preserve for future use. We haven't decided on which methods to use maybe even drying some as we do have a dryer if we can find where we have stored it since our move . . .

Petaluma, How it Fit into Our Week . . . First Way:

Probably the most fun sporting event for us to watch this year has been the Little League World Series held back in Pennsylvania this week AND going on with the final game as I write this. Petaluma is not a
town that we are often in nor do we hear about it very much -- usually it is a town that we pass through on our way to San Francisco.  We do though have relatives (Greg & Linda, from Gail's side) who live there and we do visit on occasion.

But this week the Little League team from Petaluma made it to the World Series playoffs and they really did well -- even though they just missed being in the final game with Japan for the world title. They were an exciting team to watch and as a matter of fact so were the other teams as well.

We watched three of their games (recorded) and were totally impressed with the professionalism that was displayed. The coaches on both teams were "miked up" so we could hear the conversations whenever the manager or coaches gave instruction or "pep" talks. We actually felt that these games were more enjoyable than many of the pro games that we have seen lately. The fact that we "know" Petaluma and that they are less than an hour's drive from where we live helped us strengthen the "rooting" for them.

Petaluma -- the Second Involvement we had This Week:

Having one event tied to Petaluma is a rarity -- but TWO -- is really rare. It is funny how some weeks go and how some things figure into our weekly lives. Dino turned 11 months old this week (on Friday, the 24th). And it just so happened that a training session for GDB was scheduled for that evening and night. And it was scheduled to be in PETALUMA.

This training was to be a little different. All the puppies in our group were to be individually evaluated by the regional folks. As they need puppies sooner than usual -- due to the Parvo virus of last year -- they are looking at the current crop to see which puppies will be eligible to be brought in early for the secondary training.  Dino is among this group.

So it was off to Petaluma on Friday evening, first stopping to pick up another puppy (Carsey) to bring to be evaluated as their raisers could not attend. The event was held in the very large park in town which included a pond or two with a few thousand or so ducks surrounding the water's edge. Two by two the puppies were examined and put through exercises that would let the trainers see where they were in the progression and if there were some problem areas.

Dino did well even though he was a bit timid going near the huge numbers of ducks nearby -- he had never seen ducks before nor been that close to that many "other" loose animals. They feel that Dino will be called in for a more thorough exam in 4 to 5 weeks (after he is a year old).

The evaluations took about 30 minutes each and then following those we were invited to stay and watch the outdoor movie that was to be offered on a large outdoor type screen while everyone sits on blankets or chairs and enjoys pizza. GDB had a small booth as well.

The problem for us was -- we were done with the evaluation about 6:30 pm, the movie "Lorax" was set to begin when it became dark which was going to be around 8:30 pm. We opted to skip the movie (and pizza) and head back home. We were tired anyway and glad that when we got home -- about 8:30 pm that we had made the right decision.

In the above collage, we have two dogs with us for awhile till another puppy sitter came to take Carsey for the evening.  Some of the exercises with the regional trainers can be seen and also the many ducks.

By the way, I looked up the word Petaluma  in Wikipedia because it is such an odd name -- apparently it refers to an old phrase meaning "hill backside" probably due to it's proximity to Sonoma Mountain . . .

The Photos Part of This Week

Wow! I feel like I have struck a gold vein with photos. I was the lucky recipient of a shoebox sized  container of photos from my brother Marv. They are family photos from my (our) side of the tree and from a variety of sources, mostly from my Mother's collection. I spent a few hours examining the photos one-by-one.

There are pictures of people and houses and dogs from my growing up days that I had not seen before. In my mind's eye I remembered a lot of them and I am really happy to be able to put them into the tree for all to enjoy.

But there were a couple of photos that I call mysteries. I have scanned those photos and given them back. But I have questions about them -- and I hope to be able to solve the questions.

The top photo above -- because of the note on the back which says "my Mother's Father, John Larson"
written either by Carrie Martin or Helen Martin or one of the Martin girls -- we feel that this probably is a picture of John Larson (before now we had no picture of him). The confusing part though was that there was also a reference to Samuel Martin as well. But we do have a sketchy newspaper photo of Samuel Martin and it bears no resemblance to the above.

I enlarged the photo, top right, and you can see where someone has "inked-in" parts of the facial features -- eyes, brows, nose and mouth. That explains why the picture looked "weird" to me.

The photo on the bottom left -- I think is my Uncle Stewart as a small boy, but I need confirmation. The lady "in the hat" we are not sure, could it be Hildred Nelson Bumgardner, to me it does not look at all like her . . . and finally in the last photo (bottom right) I would love to figure out the words tattooed on my Father's right arm. I believe it says Honolulu and a date. He was stationed there while in peace time service, but the word and date might help figure out his service days . . . (Army Records supposedly burned in the huge St. Louis fire a few decades ago)

And Lastly This Week

This week has been one of changing my approach to how I maintain backup of all my data and especially photos. I have gotten almost every file back that I lost but many of the file names have been altered in some way that it has been a challenge to find what I am looking for -- but I think all is there.

So, I plan to have a lot of things in the "clouds" so to speak and in trees that are "off prem". That is one reason that I am slowly going to add to trees like "WikiTree". I am going to put a lot of the dates and pictures of mostly only the non-living on that tree -- and keep it available for viewing only privately.

The above is an example of what can be done on WikiTree. I like the ability to have a tree showing the pictures of the key folks. This is me with my Parents and Grandparents. Anyone can do this on WikiTree and on the right column of this blog you can click on it and investigate. You can also check out the information about WikiTree at WikiTree

Eventually we could all link together and all be able to work together . . .

That was our week -- we did celebrate our twentieth last night with guess what -- burger Saturday night!

Have a good week, see you in a few!

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