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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marathon and other Moments

This week has been like no other. What should have been the complete relief of 100 days of the tax season ending on "Patriots Day" -- which is a holiday in Massachusetts and Maine celebrated on the third Monday in April just like the Boston Marathon is run on that date as well, partly in remembrance of Paul Revere's ride back in 1775 -- AND this year it just so happened that "Tax Day" fell on the 3rd Monday in April as well.
The relief of the tax season being over was being replaced by the events that occurred in Boston:

What should have looked like the above turned into anything but -- the images that we have seen on the news all week have been ingrained into our heads like many other horrific events in history that we have witnessed. Some sense of closure came with the capture of the second bomber late Friday evening shortly after which we had to stop watching for awhile. Enough is enough.

Distractions from the Events

Part of the process of dealing with the above events for us involved the "digging" into the tasks at hand. For me that meant mostly dealing with the computer issues of migrating one to another -- which continues still. And a break of attending a webinar presented by Legacy -- on Irish research -- even though we have not identified too many Irish ancestors, the webinar addressed methods of research that could be applied to any ethnicity or nationality.
For Gail, digging into the process of migrating the countless items from the old kitchen (spread around three rooms) into the spaces of the new kitchen pretty much filled most of every day since the end of the season.
For Dino:

When Dino gets "over taxed with issues" he takes to the nearest comfort zone, in this case his bed in the office. He may be on to something as I have always agreed with the notion that when those thoughts of "having to do something" creep into awareness it is time to take that nap until those thoughts go away . . . I believe that is what Dino is doing as he gets plenty of rest.

And surprise, surprise -- we now have an  additional orchid blossom arising from the chaos of the kitchen stuff . . .

A Memorial Day from Our Tree

Today, April 20 marks the 76th anniversary of the death of my (our Cousin) James Norris Gillett, the 22nd Governor of California. To me it always amazing that James who was born in Viroqua, Wisconsin (where we still have living relatives) found his way to Eureka, California (where we have living relatives) to wind up in Sacramento as Governor.

In the above you can see how James is related. After being in politics (he chose to leave) he returned to practicing law once more. He was married twice and at his first wife's grave is the "cenotaph" (a tomb where the deceased is buried elsewhere). His first wife Adelaide and his young son Horace are buried at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California. It is there that they list James as being "at rest" in Oakland, actually at the Chapel of the Chimes and from the picture a beautiful site.
I have mentioned James Norris Gillett in other posts -- most recently December of 2010 -- you can always do a search in the "Google search" at the top of this post for this information or other requests.

One Perspective View

Looking for things to relate to this week I actually "stumbled upon" the following. I guess a variety of reactions to the weeks events can be related to the picture -- which I found fascinating:

I found the above on "Stumble Upon", an interesting site that provides a huge variety of expression depending on your mood or interest.  In this case it seemed to mesh with how my mind was relating to the week . . . I'm not sure exactly what that means though.

That was a bit of our week, we sure hope that the next week brings us to where we want to be.

See you all in a few!

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