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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mixed Days/Transformation in Healdsburg

Another different type week -- maybe it has to do with the changes implemented at home, e.g. "both of us home" all day again -- nice, but a change. The kitchen up and running but not quite put together yet totally. Gail has been going room to room, as is her custom this time of year -- Spring cleaning only this time the added challenge of putting things away from the remodeling. And a chance to reassess things like storage in the garage and all. Some of what the week is like can be expressed in:

That is kind of "how it feels" . . . the above is a "Wordle" and is rather fun to do -- if you'd like to do one yourself go to WORDLES and have fun . . .

Speaking of Transformations

I finally was able to put the kitchen transformation into a video of sorts -- if you are interested in viewing that,
continue on down to the bottom of this post where you see the following:

Click on that link and you can view a short (7 mins) "video" of the process of our kitchen transformation. The process is still going on what with filling the cabinets and rearranging them once we see how they work or do not work . . .

So Why is this Post a Day Late

And maybe a $ short too . . . but the reality is that I was "away from my post" most of the day yesterday. I have a written excuse though -- I was attending my first "social" event since the GBS incident.  I was driven there -- to the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa for the annual "Spring Seminar" for the Sonoma County Genealogical Society:

Above you can see the schedule for the day and while it was only from 8 to 4 I was fairly tired when I did get home from sitting all day listening to lectures . . . It was a well spent day for me as I like to listen to "things" genealogical AND I met some very nice folks and hope to meet up with them again at the Society's monthly meetings.

As is customary, I look for one or two good ideas from a meeting to deem it beneficial and in this case I found several. The speaker -- Barbara Renick -- was excellent and had many good ideas that I can use in my day to day searching, especially her "ZLinks" . . .

Also This Week/Genealogical Efforts

I contributed several new Scandinavian (Norwegian) relatives into GENi. Those connections have been hard for me to follow because of the naming convention in that country . . . but I am mostly taking the researcher's word from Norway on the spelling and the relationship for the folks. At any rate it is fun to look at the possible relatives:

GENi has recently been bought by "My Heritage Company" and many enhancements have been made. You can check out some by logging into the site:    GENi   AND look at some of the recent "tree" changes.

And now for some of my other research this week:

As I have written about in earlier posts, John Hiles Jr is my (our) Gr Gr Gr Grandfather and it was his misfortune as a father to have lost three sons in the Civil War. In searching for records of those sons, one of them -- George -- I have found the request for a pension by his widow, Martha Angeline Lacey Hiles:

Here is the Pension Request:

A lot of important information can be gleaned from this document. It is always amazing to see things about our relatives from sooo many years ago.

And the next document is one that I really value. While I do not have photos of John Jr and many other HILES ancestors -- I do have something that I value nearly the same:

On the above you can see the "signature" of my (our) Gr Gr Gr Grandfather John Hiles Jr. To me that is special, seeing that. Often during this period we only see "Xs" for where signatures go . . .

And From the Lighter Side (Sign)

Somewhere probably close by, this arrangement may be found -- I have not actually seen the location but I found this while looking at "Stumble Upon" . . .

I may have missed the turn . . .

And Lastly, Birthdays from the Tree

There were several birthdays from our tree and from several different branches:

Click on the above to enlarge

That was a peek at our week -- enjoy your week and see you in a few . . .

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